The Inspiring Styles of Video – Use them, When You Need Them

different styles of video
Present your content to enhance business marketing with different inspiring video styles like live-action, motion graphics, live streaming, typography, and more.

If you are new to video marketing and looking for some inspiring video styles, then my dear, you have landed on the right blog.

Through this blog post, we will explain the importance of different styles for different businesses and how you can expand your business’s marketing circle.

Let’s Begin!

Newbies in digital marketing find branding and promotion very challenging and mostly get confused with the various video styles.

It is essential to evaluate and choose an appropriate video style for your marketing video before jumping into the video production phase.

Now just imagine that a company wants to train its employees and make an explainer video instead of a training video. What will happen?

  • The goal will become impossible to achieve.
  • The audience will comment bad reviews.
  • Increase bounce back and decrease sales.

In short, the collapse of the marketing and company’s business.

Let’s not worry! We are going to introduce some incredible video styles that will make your marketing journey bumps-free.

List of 9 Best Video Styles for Video Production

We have listed 9 fantastic video styles that you can use in your video project.

1) Live-Action Videos

A recorded video of static and moving objects is known as a live-action video. Instead of animated video, real actors and locations are used in the video.

Live-action shows a video host and revolves around a subject. These videos can be entertaining and informative.

Where Can You Use Live-Action?

Tutorial Videos

If you want to build an emotional bond with your audience, then the combination of live-action and tutorial videos is the best execution.

Tutorial videos are the best to teach and convey information to your audience. People feel valued when a person makes a live-action tutorial video to tuition his audience.

Welcome Videos

Due to digitalization, we can see fewer human interactive websites. People appreciate websites with human interaction.

Adding a live-action welcome video to your website will boost the friendly image in front of your audience and catalyze them to take action, buy, and contact for the services (you are providing through your website).

About Videos

You can represent your business, company, and brand with a live-action “about” video. A real human face and storytelling can have a significant impact on visitors.

Live-action videos can raise the feeling of a company’s credibility and authenticity.

Sales Videos

Adding live action to sales videos can enhance your marketing campaigns. With sales video, you are not going to sell a product but a whole brand.

You can build trust among your audience through storytelling sales videos, and you will see how it will impact your revenue growth.

Tools for Live-Action

Recording live-action is the same as recording any other video, but the thing you have to focus on is: quality equipment.

The requirement of the video recording tools depends upon the nature of the video. Some videos are get done with high-level recording equipment and some with just a simple smartphone camera and microphone.

2) Animation

Animation is a way of making a video, clip, movie, or footage using the motion sequence of images. The illusion is created with static images.

It includes drawing, designing, illustration (2D & 3D), and movement of photos. Animation lets you bring your imagination to life.

You can create a video or even a complete film using animation, and the best thing is that you don’t need crew assistance while making it.

One of the best examples of silent animation by Iris, Footprint – a gullible man quest to find out the mysterious monster.

Another great example of animation is Work with Nest. Simple 2D animation that illustrates how the Nest appliances are helping people with everyday tasks.

There are three different animation styles, you can use in your animation project and marketing illustration:

  • 2D animation: a two-dimensional art like a cartoon or comic illustration.
  • 3D animation: a graphical technique to use moving in order to bring objects, characters, and props to life.
  • Stop motion: capturing the images of real-world objects in different frames and combining them to illustrate movement like Claymation.

Note: If you want to start your project in 2D animation and want to learn more about it, then check out the 2D animation guide.

Where Can You Use Animation?

Promotional Videos

An animation is an innovative approach to making your marketing and promotional video attractive. With animation, you can reflect your brand’s core message to your audience.

Explainer Videos

Companies use explainer videos to demonstrate the product or service’s features. The addition of the animation makes it engaging and entertaining to watch.

If you want a professional-looking animation, check out the top 12 animated explainer video production companies.

Tools for Animation

· Biteable

You can now create professional-quality animation at home using Biteable. It allows you to make easy, impressive, and inexpensive animation.

Biteable is an easy-to-learn animation software with a starting cost of $20 per month. Now create compelling video content for your marketing campaign.

3) Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard videos are consist of hand-drawn illustrations and content on a white background. The style shows the audience that static art is being drawn on a whiteboard or paper.

The video has narration that walks the audience through the animation, story, and video. Whiteboard is simple but very engaging. Whether it is just a stick figure or complicated animation, whiteboard animation explains all the processes efficiently.

Companies use whiteboard videos to integrate videos n marketing strategies. It makes a striking impact on the audience and makes the content memorable.

With a bit of cost, you can actually make a big sales difference using whiteboard animation in your business marketing.

Where Can You Use Whiteboard Animation?

With whiteboard animation, you can advertise and market your product or service. You can use whiteboard videos for process presentation, demonstration of diagrams, and explanation of charts.

Tools for Whiteboard

· Doodly

Doodly is the best whiteboard animation tool that allows you to demonstrate your art on white, black, green, or glass boards. You can create fantastic whiteboard animation in no time at just $39 per month.

4) Motion Graphics Videos

Motion graphics is a style where you use icons, texts, and shapes to communicate your business to your audience. These videos deliver quality information with simple animation and icon movement with voice-over. Motion graphics is a powerful video style for promotion and marketing.

Where Can You Use Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics are ideal for comprehensively communicating complex concepts and ideas, whether it’s a product, service, or brand.

You can demonstrate the how-to process and how-you-did-that process through motion graphics. It is a great video style that can be used as a process explanation.

Tools for Motion Graphics

· Biteable

Again, Biteable is one of the best animation tools that provide studio-quality animation at an inexpensive cost.

Whether it’s character animation, graphics designing (static & motion), or typography, Biteable let you get it done in just $20 per month (starting plan).

· Powtoon

Powtoon is the best in creating engaging and innovative animation content. The tool has a user-friendly interface and hundreds of simple templates.

You can start creating eye-catching and captivating motion graphics for your brand at just $16 per month.

5) Typography

Typography is the arrangement of your message or text in the form of art. It can be a kinetic or moving formation of the text.

This style of animation is popular among people who prefer the written word instead of silent art. It is the easiest way to grab the audience’s attention without putting in a lot of animations and art.

Typography lets the viewers understand the message clearly. The moveable text with sound adds weight to the content. With the motion of the text and variation in styles can make it aesthetical to watch. Check this video.

The video above has showcased some kinetic typography styles that reflect emotions. Typography is the simplest way to elaborate messages in different and simple text formats.

Where Can You Use Typography?

Companies use typography in advertising and coming soon promotions. It is a fantastic technique for sharing ideas and concepts with the audience.

Fast typography is the perfect choice for sharing a load of information in a short duration video.

Note: make sure while choosing a typography style, the content, color scheme, transitions, and meaning of the video must match. The style should reflect and match the tone of the objective of the video.

Typography can deliver all the information to the audience without displaying a story or character animation. It does all the talking and makes a powerful impact on the audience.

Tools for Kinetic Typography

· Animaker

If you want to create an animation or typography, then Animaker is the best choice for doing the task. It is an online DIY animation tool/software that gives a stunning visual representation to your video.

Animaker is a trail-free tool, and at $39 per month, you can avail all its exciting features to make your project look like an animation company’s product.

· Moovly

Suppose you want to create a professional-looking video for your brand or company, then Moovly – a cloud-based animation platform is the best to create content for a website and social media marketing campaign.

You can create animated videos, presentations, infographics, typography, and motion graphics using Moovly. Subscribe to the service at $25 per month for all exclusive features.

6) Screencast Videos

Most YouTubers use screencast video style for gameplay streaming or teaching. It is the digital screen recording with a voice-over to narrate the ongoing work on the screen.

Teachers and trainers usually use screencast video style to educate their audience in a step-by-step manner.

Other than that, the companies use this style to demonstrate the working of the software, service, and product.

Where Can You Use Screencast?

A screencast is an excellent way to explain the working of specific software, tools, applications, and products.

Explaining the working of an app or software can be challenging through text and animation, but the screencast makes it easier and informative by showing the actual working of the tool. It makes the instructions manageable and easy to follow for the viewers.

You can make it more interactive but adding the instructor’s video screen at the corner of the main screen.

Tools for Screencast

· Camtasia

For creating tutorials and presentations, Camtasia is the perfect tool for the job. You can create follow-the-process videos, demo videos, and training videos via screencast. The good thing is: Camtasia is free.

· Screenflow

If you are a macOS user, then Screenflow is the best for screencasting and video editing. You can record the audio and video from the computer, edit the video, and add other effects through Screenflow.

7) Live-action Screencast

The combination of live-action video and screencast is known as a live-action screencast. For better understanding, check out the following video.

Live-action screencast video lets the host handle both flavors (live-action and screencast) to give an interactive essence to the audience.

Where Can You Use Live-action Screencast?

A live-action screencast is usually used for how-to-do and tutorial videos. Video creators post these videos on YouTube due to high audience engagement.

If you want to add divertissement to your educational or training content, then a live-action screencast video is the right choice for you.

Tools for Live-action Screencast

· Zoom

Zoom is not just a video calling software but a staunch cloud platform for conferencing, collaboration, and screencast recording.

You can record a screencast video through desktops, smartphones, and other devices. It’s free to use.

· YouTube Live

You can stream your live-action screencast, and it is free.

8) Live Streaming

Gamers and social media influencers use live streaming to broadcast a live video where they stream gameplay and communicate with their audience.

You can live-stream anything:

  • A discussion
  • Gameplay
  • Talking session
  • Product launch

Where You Can Use Live-Streaming

You can use this video style on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. It is an excellent way to interact with your audience and respond to them live.

You will be needing a live audience and views for your content. Live-stream can be used to cover an event to get an audience response to it. This style works a little differently from the conventional way of recording videos.

Tools & Platform for Live-Streaming

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Live are best for broadcasting a live stream.

9) Photomontage

Photomontage showcase the content in the collage formation with music and background sound. You can make a collage of event photos to gather all the memories in a video.

Where Can You Use Photomontage?

You can use this video style in anniversaries, birthdays, memorials, and reunions. Photomontage videos can show emotional content that connects the audience to the video.

This video style can be used in social media posts, “about me/us” videos, and “reviving memories” videos.

Tools for Photomontage

·  Animoto

You can produce a video from photos, images, arts, and clips using Animoto – a cloud-based video production service.

Animoto lets you create video slideshows, presentations, and other photo-merging content. Subscribe it at $8 per month.

Choose a Video Style for Your Project

After knowing the various video styles, it’s time for you to choose one that suits your project’s nature. Keep the following question in your mind while selecting a video style.

What do I want to do?

Before making a video, the best practice is to know what subject do you want to cover in your video. Once you know the genre of your video, it will be easier for you to choose the style.

If you are thinking of animating your video, then check out the 15 best video animation companies that can get it done for you.

What content will I make, and whom will I be talking to?

There are two points that you must keep in mind:

  • The nature of your video and the objective of making a video affect the tone a lot.
  • You decide your content and video style according to your targeted audience. So, learn about your targeted audience first.

Knowing your audience is a vital thing in video making. You create content according to the mindset of your audience and the genre of the video.

If you are demonstrating an application to a tech-oriented audience, then you must choose a technical tone and explainer video style or product demo video.

How much does video production cost?

If you are planning to create a video, you will need resources. For example, you will need an animator for animation and motion graphics. In Short, video production can be a little challenging and costly. The video production cost depends upon the requirements of the video and the style you choose.

The Writer’s Choice

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