10 Best Corporate Videos Examples of All Time

Corporate Videos Examples
We now have it finalized! The 10 best corporate video examples for 2023 that you can take major inspiration from and get started on your own corporate video!

When a business uses corporate videos in its marketing strategy, it can help it achieve up to a 49% increase in the amount of revenue it generates annually. So if a business is not making corporate videos actively, then it’s losing out majorly on an incredible conversion tool.

Not a very long time ago, corporate videos were thought to be too boring to be able to engage users or customers in any meaningful way. But that certainly isn’t the case today as many brands are making top-notch corporate videos that are not just going viral but are also bringing in tangible conversions for their respected brands.

A corporate video should eschew your company’s culture and the way you work, making others become more willing to work with you. Following this idea, you can make killer corporate videos for your next brand campaign with the assistance of your corporate video production company and if you want inspiration for it, then here are the 10 best examples of corporate videos made by brands from across the world:

1. Dollar Shave Club

If we had to declare a winner for the “Best corporate videos ever made” category, then we would put at the top of the roost.

This brand churned out some incredible corporate videos, each of which had one thing in common i.e. they combined humor with power-packed information about their company and what they do.

It was these very corporate videos that led the brand to achieve so much in such a little period of existence. Next up for their growth journey was an acquisition by-product giant Unilever.

This brand shows what can happen if you manage to put out your corporate videos in the right manner and how much benefits you can reap from them.

2. Thai Life Insurance

Titled the “Unsung Hero”, this is not your conventional corporate video. Thai Life Insurance’s main aim behind this video was to show how their products embodied care and growth for their customers and how exactly, everyone was a part of a larger family.

This corporate video hits all the right chords and tells viewers about Thai Life Insurance is about creating good and betterment for everyone around them.

Also, this video wasn’t made in the way that conventional corporate videos are made, The creators built the premise around a very emotive concept that led this corporate video to gain millions of views and it still appears on Facebook video feeds every once in a while. A truly remarkable corporate video.

3. Spotify Running

A corporate video that lets you everything that a certain product or service stands for in less than 60 seconds is definitely a winner and Spotify Running’s corporate video is just that, a winner!

Using everything ranging from some really cool motion graphics to a very powerful voiceover, this corporate video by Spotify does everything right and by the end of the video, you know what Spotify Running is all about, how it’s perfectly primed to be used during running and how many cool features it really has. One of the best corporate videos ever, indeed!

4. Canal+

A corporate video that doesn’t feel like one, Canal+’s corporate video is super interesting for anyone to watch. They did this video to promote their new campaign and made a bear rug the center of attention. The video shows the bear rug emoting on just how much passion he has for movies, direction, and cinema and how he just can’t stop. For those of you who haven’t noticed, the video includes a very subtle subliminal message in the way it chooses the bear rug to be the start of the whole corporate video.

The bear rug signifies the comfort of home and the surroundings one finds itself in when watching cinema or movies at home. Truly remarkable, the idea is the story of this corporate video.

5. Risual

If a company has won uncountable awards on every front and has worked with top clients from all across the world, then mentioning them in a corporate video can appear quite cheesy. If you too have such an agency with so many accolades, then you might want to take inspiration from this incredibly humorous corporate video by Risual.

This brand did everything in a single corporate video; show their hard-working and friendly staff, their super fun work culture, their accolades, and their brand ideology, all rolled up in a video spanning just over two minutes.

6. Rackspace

Another example of an excellent corporate video is the one made by Rackspace. This video has a lot of less humor than the one by Risual, but it embodies the same “brand vibe” as Risual, which is so important to feel in a corporate video.

Rackspace’s corporate video premise involves a day in their office which includes how their office looks, who works there, how they work there, what drives them, and what special benefits do they offer.

This corporate video is fast-paced so you don’t get bored at any point and above everything else, it “humanizes” the whole experience of Rackspace as a workplace. The creators did a splendid job in not just executing this amazing video but also in coming up with its premise.

7. Red Bull Racing

It’s not every day that you get to see the inner workings of how a top draw Formula 1 team works and brings in results, so this out-of-the-box, concept-driven, corporate video by Red Bull Racing certainly hit the right nerve.

The main star of the video is the Milton Keynes race factory, of which an exclusive tour is given in this video. Hosted by Christian Horner, the main man running this whole setup, the video shows the remarkable, never-before-seen footage of places like the state of the art gym, the corporate offices, the machine shop, and even the executive bathroom!

The energy presented by this corporate video is undeniable and lets people know why Red Bull and a sport as extreme as Formula 1 racing are meant to go together.

8. Shopify

Suppose you’re planning to showcase how innovative your company is. In that case, the corporate video of Shopify could be a great example you can follow. The video emphasizes good working ethics and environment and team spirit – a perfect video for recruiters.

Moreover, this video’s branding is a perfect example of how you can create memorable corporate videos for your audience. There’s not a single mention of Shopify’s services in the whole video. Instead, their logo appears in the ending for a brief time. However, one thing to remember here is that such videos have a higher chance of being successful when tailored for a single goal.

9. John St

It can be really risky to be subliminal in the message you want to give your users but John St. pulled it off perfectly in its corporate video. The video which focuses on “Catvertising” is one of the most humorous corporate videos out there, but don’t think that there are only humor and no information in there.

This corporate video gives the subliminal message that modern-day advertising needs to be done in an altogether different way, one which customers are looking to engage with like cat content, which has gone so viral till now.

Getting the message out, this corporate video by John St. is definitely one for the archives.

10. AirBnB

Corporate videos or even marketing videos, in general, have become increasingly devoid of any great human story in recent times. Brands often forget the fundamental fact that “hearing from the other side” is still one of the most interesting things out there and one that can really engage people to no bounds.

This corporate video by AirBnB shares just this trait and in a brilliant way indeed. No fancy graphics, no heavy voiceovers, no nothing, just a simplistic video showing montages of real AirBnB hosts telling about their experiences with the service and how it has benefitted them. Sure it looks promotional but seeing real humans in a video for a change was definitely a great idea and one that perfectly gels with what AirBnB offers as a brand.

Ready To Make A Corporate Video Of Your Own?

Through all of these examples, you saw brands being humorous, trying to be emotive, using different visual and messaging cues just to try and ensure that the consumer understands their journey and message.

No matter what your own industry or brand represents, you too can make an incredible corporate video, but only if you really believe in the power of providing value to your consumers by making it and not just because you have some money leftover in your marketing budget.

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