Top 5 Freeware Video Editing Software, Watermark-Free

Top 5 Freeware Video Editing Software, Watermark Free
Check out the 12 best free video editing software for Windows without watermark. Today is a good day to modify an easier version of anything for you.

With the proliferation of video-sharing services, everyone now requires the ability to create and edit videos. In today’s competitive environment, marketing professionals are attempting to attract audiences to their products and services by transforming raw footage into stunning videos; ordinary users are encouraged to share what’s happening on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo with their friends.

All of these tasks are simple to complete if you have a high-quality video editing program. Although the market is flooded with video editing software, many of them claim to be free, the exported video clips will contain a large watermark, thereby making the software free to use.

As a result, we’ve selected some of the top video editors that are completely free to use without a watermark after exporting and have strong video editing capabilities for creating professional-looking videos. When it comes to free video editing software no watermark these video editing software are your light in the dark.

For instance, you may need to transform video clips into an astonishing short film for sharing, a humorous movie for amusement, or an educational movie, among other things. All of these tasks involve the use of a video editor.

Many of you are looking for a free editor to submit your application to. However, freeware always automatically adds the software’s name or logo to the video, which is not intended. Given that, I’ll present you with ten free video editing tools without a watermark.

Which video editor is not equipped with a watermark? You can determine this from the list below. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert using Windows or Mac, you’ll discover the free editing software you need without the watermark.

#1) iMovie

Platform: Mac OS

Apple developed iMovie, a free video editing software without a watermark, for macOS and iOS devices. One of the most popular free video editor no watermark out there.

Simple and easy, iMovie is one of the most user-friendly video editing programs available. Although it is free, iMovie does not automatically add a watermark to the object you edit.


  • Editing capabilities for video, audio, and images
  • Permit the addition of transitions and effects.
  • Provide trailers and themes that have been pre-programmed.
  • 4K resolution support
  • Multiple video/audio tracks are supported.

In comparison to other comparable products, iMovie is unique in that it includes an iOS app version. This means that you can edit videos on your mobile device as well if necessary.

Final Cut Pro X is a more complex editor that Apple also creates. In comparison to iMovie, it offers more advanced features and is better suited to professionals that require professional tools and wish to create high-quality videos.

Final Cut Pro X, on the other hand, is a paid tool that costs $299.99. If you’re using a Mac, you can pick between a free and a premium program, depending on your needs.

Visit the website to download

#2) Shotcut

Platform: Windows OS, macOS, and Linux

If you search Google for “free video editing software without a watermark,” you’ll come across numerous recommendations for Shotcut. Indeed, when it comes to completely watermark-free video editors, Shotcut should be considered.

Shotcut is an open-source and cross-platform video editing and creation tool. It includes sufficient capabilities to enable users to transform video clips into beautiful videos.


  • Support for a broad variety of file formats
  • Demonstrate exceptional compatibility with video and audio recording devices
  • Provide a user interface that is adaptable and intuitive
  • Provide one-of-a-kind video effects, filters, and templates

Shotcut does not support watermarks, add-ons, trial versions, plug-ins, or irrelevant bundled software, as the freeware mentioned previously does. Unlike other free programs, Shotcut does not require file import because of its built-in timeline editor. Again, if you’re a newbie looking for a simple video producer, Shotcut is a viable alternative for free editing software with no watermark.

Visit the website to download

#3) DaVinci Resolve

Platform: Mac OS, Windows, and Linux

If you are a newbie, the features of DaVinci Resolve will overwhelm you. Personally, I believe that DaVinci Resolve is one of the most versatile free video editors available.

This free program has a greater range of functions than you might imagine and is well-known for having the professional-level capability. Whether you want to create a high-quality video or movie, this program may help you accomplish your goals.


  • No-watermark video editor for free
  • Provide both basic and advanced editing capabilities
  • Provide sophisticated editing modes for auto-syncing and editing clips.
  • Provide built-in retiming, stabilization, and transformation tools
  • Permit the creation of projects with a variety of frame rates and resolutions.
  • Conversion of frame rates and motion estimates are supported.

DaVinci Resolve is a cutting-edge video and audio editing application that includes incredible features such as cut pages, visual effects, motion graphics, and color correction. If you prefer free access to professional video editing and production tools without a watermark, DaVinci Resolve should be your first pick.

Visit the website to download

#4) Lightworks

Platform: Windows, Mac, and Linux

If you’re looking for professional-grade video editing software, Lightworks has a slew of intriguing features packed up for you. You’ll be pleased to learn that this program has been used to edit Hollywood blockbusters like as The Wolf of Wall Street and Pulp Function.

Lightworks does not impose any restrictions on the duration of videos; also, its thriving online community supports newbies with top-rated tips and methods for creating high-quality projects.

The free version of Lightworks has almost all of the functionality included in the commercial version, with the exception of output formats. Lightworks Pro is $24.99 per month (no Boris FX available).

#5) Blender

Platform: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Blender is a free and open-source software that has gained popularity for its 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing, and motion tracking—as well as its 2D animation pipeline. However, they also have a robust video editor.

Editor, visual effects, sculpting, and 2D animation are the primary editing sections. Needless to say, Blender’s VFX, 3D, and 2D animation capabilities are on a par with those of professional editors. Each clip has 32 slots for components, animations, and effects. If you have a low-spec PC, you can preview your work live or via proxy rendering.

The luma waveform, Chroma vector scope, and histogram allow monitoring the composites easier. However, its capabilities do not end there. Lens correction, stabilization, speed control, Chroma-Key, tracking, and character rigging are only a few of the numerous features available. Additionally, a robust rendering engine enables ray-tracing and features many layers that work in concert to bring the animations to life.

Blender’s editing platform is updated on a regular basis. Due to its features, it has earned a place among the industry’s greatest editors. Not only is it free open-source software, but it also does not leave an obnoxious watermark. However, newcomers should use caution! To navigate its perplexing UI, the significant editing experience is required.

However, for experienced editors who do not wish to spend a fortune on an editor or are simply seeking for a privacy-friendly open-source option, Blender is an irresistible offer! Blender is an amazing free video editing software without a watermark out there.

Visit the website to download


1. Is it worth purchasing a high-end video editor?

Answer: The all-too-obvious reality is that premium video editors have a number of major benefits over free video editors. The resources required to create improved effects, the resources required to fix show-stopping bugs, the resources required to ensure the app runs on the latest hardware, the resources required to polish the interface, and the resources required to create help files and tutorials all come in various forms. Clearly, this comes at a cost. Final Cut Pro X costs $300 in this example.

2. Is open-source video editing software sufficient?

Answer: It is possible. Over the years, films created with Apple’s iMovie have impressed audiences at film festivals, and some people have created perfectly excellent films using only iMovie and an iPhone.

While there are several good free video applications available, there are a few factors to consider. Performance, particularly encoding and exporting, isn’t always up to par with the industry leaders, and you’ll frequently discover that features are either available via in-app purchases or are completely absent. Some add a massive watermark to everything you publish; few provide any technical help. Pro-level capabilities are rarely available, as these programs are not intended for video professionals.

3. How do I pick a video editing program?

Answer: There are numerous critical aspects to consider, and money is not always the most important: if it were, every Hollywood film would be created using Apple’s free iMovie!

Let us begin with the conclusion. What type of video do you want to create, and for what purpose? There is a world of difference between rapid editing for home films that will be viewed on television and editing for Netflix or theatrical distribution.

You’ll need to examine the formats the program must export in, the degree of quality it must generate (HD? 4K? 8K?) and if the software is capable of delivering the visual effects you desire. If you’re cooperating, your app must also be compatible with the applications of others.

Additionally, there is something to consider. Are you an expert, or would simpler software that walks you through the entire procedure be more beneficial? Do you want total control over every pixel, or do you prefer to let the machine do the majority of the work? How future-proof does your application need to be?

And then there’s the matter of cost. Most, but not all, inexpensive or free applications are quite restricted; the majority, but not all, high-end editors are prohibitively costly. It is possible to spend too much and wind up with an overkill software or to pay too little and end up creating new and colorful hate words when the app refuses to perform the task at hand.

Ending Note

The final selection of video editing tools is actually determined by the user’s basic requirements. These five free video editing programs are equipped with interactive features that may help you create more useful marketing films while running profitable internet marketing campaigns.

All of these tools are available for free download from their official website, and the best part is that they leave no watermark on edited video projects.

In general, OpenShot is noted for its user-friendly designs, with the former offering access to professional-level functions and the latter limiting users to the basic interface.

While Lightworks excels at Hollywood-style editing, the free edition has limited output possibilities, and video editing newcomers may struggle to get started.

Shotcut can support a large variety of functions and formats that editors frequently require. Additionally, Lightworks is too hard for novice video editors to learn how to edit video (even you have some editing experience).

If you’re planning to edit videos yourself, it’s a good idea. However, if you ever get stuck and you need professional video editing services consider BuzzFlick, a video editing company that offers animation and video production services at a very affordable cost.

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