The Top 16 Video Editing Companies (Review)

best video editing companies
16 best video editing companies are here to help you out with your video editing project with their outstanding work and experience.

The world is changing, and with the world, conventional trends are also evolving. The meaning of product marketing has also changed from a typically written billboard to movable content – Video.

With time, the market of competition has grown more. Digital marketing has taken branding and promotion to the next level. After the cybernation, all the digital platforms are used to do marketing, put ads, run campaigns, and bring awareness.

A few decades earlier, the means of promotion were written billboards, printed advertisements, newspaper ads, radio, and television commercials, but now after the advancement in the digital domain, the written content has been replaced by video marketing.

The social media platform has also opened doors for various marketing strategies. People use social media for some insight, news, shopping, advertisements, awareness, and education. Companies also stay active to look for customers and investors and keep an eye on their competitor’s social engagements.

Video marketing is a top choice of companies for detailed and creative branding. Before uploading the video, companies bring compelling content, mix it with marketing strategy, and create an imposing video.

You must be thinking that creating a video is a piece of cake, but in reality, it’s not. It needs focused shooting and perfect video editing, and it cannot be done without professional assistance.

Video editing is the most challenging part, which requires high video editing skills and services. With video editing skills, a list of video editing software is also essential.

Technology has eased our lives after providing almost every computer software replacement in the form of mobile applications. You can find the video editing apps list and use it on your phone for small video editing projects.

For mega video projects, you must need expertise in video editing, which can only be done by someone who is a master in this skill. Many video editing companies are out there that have mastery in video editing skills and provide video editing services around the globe. But how will you know that this is the right company for your project?

Here in this blog, you will find a video editing company that will match your requirements. After reading this blog, you will know everything about hiring a video editing company and what points you should keep in focus.

Hire a Video Editing Company (Tips)

There are some amazing and important tips you must know before you hire a video editing company. Take a look at these tips and tricks:

  • Is video editing popular?
  • Must know the editing duration.
  • Keep cost and budget in mind.
  • How does the task gets done?

#1) Is Video editing popular?

Youtube is an online video content sharing platform, and videos of almost 400 hours duration (all together) are uploaded every second, and due to this massive number of video uploading has rapidly increased the demand for videos too.

The video will look more attractive and engaging if a professional and expert editor has created it; otherwise, the video of low quality and poorly edited will never be the center of attention for your targeted audience.

Make sure that you choose a video editing company that will edit your video in a presentable form and is competitive with the competitor’s work.

#2) Video editing duration

To edit a 120 seconds video, almost 5 hours are required, and the changes in requirements can also affect the editing hours. But if you choose a company with excellent video editing skills, then you might not get delayed in the video project due to a minor change in requirements.

#3) Keep cost and budget in your mind

Before proceeding to hire a video editing company, must calculate your budget. About $75 to $150 per hour is the cost range of video editing (changes with the change in requirement).  The cost also depends upon the company’s services and skills.

#4) How will the project get done?

The video editing process includes:

  • Segments cutting or trimming.
  • Re-sequencing of the clip.
  • Adding of transition.
  • Music and voice correction.
  • Special effects.
  • Merging the clips.

In video editing services, there are some types that you can use for your video editing project, like:

  • Linear video editing.
  • Non-Linear video editing.
  • Offline video editing.
  • Online video editing.
  • Assemble editing.
  • Insert editing.
  • Simple cutting.
  • Bespoke editing.

Now, videos have taken over the marketing domain, and companies are making videos in different styles to increase business. The visual and movable-visual content has a different level of popularity among the audience.

Research has shown that video marketing attracts up to 300% more traffic and leads, and 72% of the audience prefer to watch a video for a better product or service understanding. Social media videos generate 1200% more sharing than image or textual posts.

People usually get bored by reading long and dry text blocks. Video delivers messages more effectively to the audience instead of written text. If made correctly, video is a powerful tool and can bring sales to your business with a high conversion ratio and less bounce-back on your website.

Good marketing has always been a great asset of a company. The popularity of the product and the name of the company also depend upon professionally created videos. But if you do not have editing skills, how will you achieve the success of your product? Simple – hire a video editing company with a skilled team and experience in the editing field.

But choosing a company without proper research will bring no good to your business. You should know that the company you have selected for your task has the potential to create a splendid video for your business.

Do not worry, we have shortlisted the 20 best video editing companies that have proven their work and received trust from the clients. The list will surely help you find a good match for your business video.

List of 16 Best Video Editing Companies

16 best video editing companies are here to help you out with your video editing project with their outstanding work and experience.

#1) BuzzFlick – A video production company

BuzzFlick is a video editing and production company providing services in New York, Houston, and Dover. The company has a team of editors and animators who create videos for all sorts of businesses.

BuzzFlick has a team of experienced and professional artists who put creativity in your video. The company has been providing 2D animation, explainer, whiteboard animation, storytelling, product video, and video editing services.

BuzzFlick is an award-winning video production company and one of the best video editing companies, which has created hundreds of videos for its clients. The company prioritizes client satisfaction, and because of their dedication toward work and clients, they have made their trustable image.

#2) The DVI Group – video making company

Since 1999, The DVI Group has been providing video production services and has created numerous award-winning videos. The team at DVI has expertise in 2D & 3D animation, motion graphic, video editing, and live-action motion.

The company has been awarded from Muse Awards for television advertisements and commercial animation and Telly Awards for best videography.

The DVI Group has worked with companies like Mercedes-Benz USA, Doosan, Hansgrohe, AT & T, and Kodak.

#3) Yum Yum Videos

The Yum Yum Videos is a video production company that has received awards and appreciation for services like 2D animation, explainer videos, whiteboard animation, motion graphics, commercials, educational videos, and video editing.

The studio has provided its services since 2010 and has worked with big names like DocuSign, Fox, Walmart, and Red Bull. Yum Yum videos welcome all businesses, whether it’s a start-up, institutions, organizations, or established enterprises.

The team fully customizes the video to deliver the message, ideas, awareness, or market the product and service. The company has experience of working with more than 300 companies.

#4) VeracityColab

VeracityColab is a California-based video production and editing company. Since 2008, the company has been providing its services of 3D animation, explainer video, motion graphics, video editing, and live-action video.

The studio is popular among companies due to its customization and creative animation. VeracityColab has worked with mega-companies like Microsoft, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Adidas, EPSON, Adobe, and more. You can check their portfolio for their outstanding and innovative work.

#5) Kyro Digital

Another California-based video animation company is Kyro Digital. With affordable prices and excellent services, the studio has made its name on the top. The team at Kyro Digital has skilled animators, videographers, video editors, voice-over artists, directors, and photographers, who are passionate about creating stunning video projects for their clients.

Kyro Digital is a perfect choice to elevate your brand marketing and beat your competitors. The companies that had put their trust in them are Targus, Beats, Bose, and Netgear.

#6) Sparkhouse

Sparkhouse is famous for its video-making and editing services. Their team of animators and editors specializes in brand videos, commercials, advertisements, explainers, and storyboards.

The company is located in Irvine but provides its services all over the world. Many multinational companies have worked with them like Honda, Entrepreneur Magazine, YouTube, and more.

#7) WOW-HOW Studio

The WOW-HOW studio is an America-based video production company and has franchises in UK and Ukraine. They have worked with corporations like Google, SONY, Bayer, Hallmark, Grammarly, Amnesty International, CBRE, Mercedes-Benz, TED-Ed, and Oettinger Davidoff.

The studio has mastery in explainer videos, promotional videos, educational videos, product videos, crowdfunding videos, awareness videos, advertising, reels, commercials, game art, demo videos corporate videos, video editing, and animation.

#8) Blend

Blend is a video production company located in Los Angles. They aim to create the best marketing videos for their clients to boost business goals. The team is skilled in video editing, content making, idea development, and foundational work.

The studio has worked with renowned companies like Porsche, AARP, Verizon, Mastercard, Red space, Carmine, Blowfish Malibu, DLA Piper, and Heartland Bank.

Blend is also ranked in Fortune 500 and serves disruptors and mid-tier brands. They offer motion graphics, voice-over, and color grading services too.

#9) Fix The Photo

FixThePhoto is a professional video editing agency that offers all sorts of video and photo editing services. The company has services of portrait retouching, body retouching, newborn photo editing, high-end retouching, wedding photo & video editing, clipping path, photo restoration, product photo, real estate photo editing, and more.

More than 9 million photos have been edited by FixThePhoto and have clients in over 70 countries. The company is located in the USA, but with photographer’s collaboration, they operate their business in Canada, China, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

With affordable prices and quality work, this is the best choice for video editing.

#10) Ruckus

Ruckus is a video editing company located in New York, United States. Their excellent work and dedication have made them one of the most popular video editing companies in the United States. Ruckus has made its place among reputed companies like CNN, ABC, The Wall Street, and other famous television channels.

They create videos and do video editing with the perspective of marketing and promotion to help brands boost their business. Porsche, Harley Davidson, and HSBC are the names that have utilized the video editing services of Ruckus.

#11) Blue Chalk Media

Blue Chalk Media has always focused to portray a story through its video projects. The studio is an award-winning company in Brooklyn and has been working since 2013. The company provides services in 6 continents and has made almost 700 films and 900 short videos.

Blue Chalk Media has video services like video and television production, documentary filmmaking, and motion graphics. The studio has been awarded with Telly Awards, W3 Awards, Webby Awards, Silver Anvil Awards, Realscreen Awards, Asian Film Festival of Dallas Awards, and more.

#12) D-Mak Production

D-Mak Production is a video editing company in Arizona. They create brand videos, event videography, cinematography, post-production, 3D animation, video marketing, video editing, motion graphics, aerial photo & video, and photography.

Giant companies like Intel, MillerCoors, Tenet Health, HP, Artesyn Technologies, CBRE, Casino Arizona, Neff, Pet Smart, US Foods, Men’s Health, and Denny’s has worked with D-Mak productions.

#13) Futuristic Films

Futuristic Films is a media production and video editing company operating from Denver. The team at Futuristic Films focuses on delivering the story of the client to its targeted audiences. They have experienced filmmakers, video editors, videographers, and cinematographers.

The team analyzes the mindset of the client and turns the requirement into a masterpiece. Not just in the US, but Futuristic Films has provided its services worldwide.

#14) GKV

GKV is a video production agency and has been working for the past 30 years. The company gives services of advertising, brand development, broadcast, video & audio production, and more.

They have experience in the video production domain and have worked with companies like Frank’s Red Hot, Maryland, BGE Home, MJHS, Seafood Nutrition Partnership, Sprint, Bob Bell, Hills Bros, Molina Health, Columbia Association, Bridgestone, and more.

#15) Flikli

Flikli is a Canadian animated video production company and has provided excellent animated explainer video making and editing services. The team at Flikli creates unique content and aims to the client’s message must get heard by the audience.

Companies like Wired, The Huffington Post, and The Atlantic Post have worked with Flikli and trusted their work. They know how to explain a complicated concept easily and understandably.

#16)  Final Frame

Final Frame is a video editing and video-making company in New York. They help clients to do marketing in video format. The studio focuses on understanding the client’s brand and boosting audience engagement through video content.


Even though video editing has quite a few fruitful benefits when it comes to your business or brand marketing. However, it is worth noting that choosing the right company for editing services is essential. Choose a company from the list wisely according to your need and budget.

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