How Healthcare Sectors are Using 2D & 3D Animation

how healthcare sectors are using 2d & 3d animation
Whether you want to educate the audience about health or launch a medical device, Animated videos are the best medium for communication.

With time, the healthcare sector is also evolving. The latest medical discoveries, new pharmaceutical inventions, and more are part of medical advancement.

Medical breakthroughs are always tremendous and affect most of the population, and to communicate these achievements to the whole world, there should also be an excellent medium.

Television and the internet are doing a sufficient job, but grand inventions need a grand announcement, which can only be achieved by animated videos.

2D & 3D animated videos can be a great resource for the medical sector to educate the audiences, healthcare staff, doctors, sales reps, students, or the general public.

What are Healthcare Videos

In today’s world, video marketing is used by practically every business. There is no exception in the medical industry. A healthcare video is a new approach for organizations in the healthcare industry to communicate more effectively. Additionally, explain complex information in a more memorable and impactful manner.

Patients and doctors alike benefit from video content when shared with them. As a result, video is being used in the healthcare profession for various objectives like:

  • Education
  • Awareness
  • Research
  • Presentation
  • Marketing
  • Introducing breakthroughs

These videos take a complicated concept and break it down into easy terms and understandable pieces of information. Animated video in communications makes healthcare workers’ tasks a lot easier.

Animation and Healthcare Organizations

The healthcare units and pharma companies serve the public in various ways, but the patient doesn’t prefer irrelevant technical information or medical terminological descriptions. They usually want clear and understandable information.

This is the reason why 2D & 3D animated videos are best in presenting medical information to the patient.

Not just for the patients, but animated videos have entirely changed the way hospitals, healthcare staff, and medical schools teach, work, and share information.

Training & instructional videos are used to train medical students and staff (nurses, midwives, etc.) for medical activities (surgeries, survival tactics, first aid, etc.) and how to use medical equipment.

Bulky and massive documents can be very boring for people to read, and most of the viewers prefer video content for learning and gathering information.

With animated training videos, you can always go back, watch them again, and refresh your knowledge anytime and anywhere you want.

Why Use 2D & 3D Animated Videos

Companies and various organizations use animated videos for promotional and informational purposes. The animated medical videos are beneficial for:

  • The animated explainer videos can be used to demonstrate how medicine and drugs work at the molecular level.
  • It is used for disease education, to communicate the treatment, medication, and care with doctors, nurses, and patients.
  • Pharmaceutical videos help the consumer and prescriber learn what quantity should be sufficient to cure some ailments.
  • Animated awareness and educational videos are used to educate the patients on wellness, personal hygiene, healthy lifestyle choices, and treatment options.
  • Sales training videos help the sales reps to demonstrate the medicine and medical devices efficiently to the consumers and prescribers.
  • Corporate training videos communicate the purpose of the medical setup, NGO, organization, and companies to the audeince.

Complicated Healthcare Ideas & Animation

Animated videos have become an excellent tool for the medical sector to communicate medical knowledge to the targeted audience.

Around the globe, the entire medical world is now getting benefits through animated videos. You can easily communicate complex medical ideas and complicated concepts in an awe-inspiring and captivating way through 2D animation.

If your animated video is informative and entertaining enough, the audeince will definitely going to share it and may even watch it multiple times.

With an engaging animated medical video, you can show your viewers a quick rundown of what your hospital or organization has to offer. You can elaborate on why your services and practice are unique and make them perfect for your patients, staff, and stakeholders.

The versatility of animated videos allows medical & healthcare organizations to create videos for various aspects of their service, brand goal, and business.

Many medical organizations hire animation studios to produce medical training videos for the betterment and productivity of the organizations.

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Healthcare Illiteracy and Animation

The findings suggest that, compared to written documents, spoken messages about colorectal cancer screening significantly increase recollection and attitudes among those with low health literacy.

2D & 3D animated videos considerably boost recall when coupled with spoken content. When exposed to spoken animations, persons with low health literacy recall the same amount of information as those with high health literacy.

Medical Animation Cost

The cost of medical 3D animation is frequently calculated by the minute or by the project’s requirement. Prices can vary a lot from one studio to another.

When you hire a studio, the project cost includes:

  • Internal costs
  • Management fees
  • Insurance
  • Employee benefits
  • Artists, animators, illustrators, voice-over artists (whether these artists are senior or junior level)
  • The number of hours with the number of specialists (require to complete a project)

These factors are calculated before quoting the final price to the client.

For example, if a project that takes 5 hours to complete and only requires one artist will have a significantly faster turnaround and cost much less than a project that takes 1-4 months to complete and requires 800-1400 hours of labor and multiple artists.

3D Animation can cost anything from $600 to $30,000 per minute or $6,000 to $50,000 per project on average.

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