How To Make YouTube Videos: The Only Tips You Need As A Beginner

how to make youtube videos
If you are a beginner who wants to learn how to make the best YouTube videos, this guide is for you. Learn everything you need to know here!

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YouTube is a famous platform for watching videos around the globe. Hardly there will an individual who doesn’t visit YouTube for searching for a different type of video content available.

There are 1.9 billion users per month who are visiting YouTube around the world. Isn’t it interesting that over one billion hours of YouTube videos receive in a single day?  Strange it is, no?

If you want to do the video marketing strategy then YouTube is a great platform in current times. Brands consider YouTube as a way to create a healthy brand image, spread information about the products they are working on or services they are providing.

Creating an effective video also helps in creating brand recognition. Want to create your first video then here are some of the tips that might help you in it.

The tips are well researched, so they’re bound to help you create great YouTube videos from here on out.

How Do You Make A YouTube Video – Tips And Guide

When you start making a video, it’s not just about creating content and uploading it on YouTube; in fact, even for a YouTube video, you need the right expertise, skills, equipment, and the best video editing apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad. In short, your YouTube videos need to be optimized to reach your audience.

10 Tips For Finding Content For YouTube Videos

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The first set of tips I have for you is about creating the right kind of content. Now, I can’t tell what your content should be about, but I can give you tips on how the content should be. YouTube videos are all about unique and exciting content.

1. Study Competitors Relevant To Your YouTube Channel

Before you start creating YouTube videos, the first thing you need to do is study what your competitors are doing. YouTube is a wide platform that has numerous brands and vloggers posting videos on a daily basis, and in order to compete with them, you need to learn what they’re doing.

Studying their content will provide you insights on how to make a YouTube video better than them and make it popular. Note down their flaws, and work from there.

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2. Study Blog Posts That Have YouTube videos

You’d think that reading material won’t be helpful, but you’re mistaken. Yes, YouTube videos are about visual content, but have you ever seen a blog with videos embedded in the content? That’s the kind of content you’re looking for to make your videos.

The second reason why you should be looking at blogs is for inspiration. Read about interesting topics and see if you can create a compelling video on the topic. After all, videos are much more interesting than a written piece.

3. Mingle With Online Communities

Another great way to get content inspiration for your YouTube videos is by participating in online communities like Reddit or Quora. The platforms are famous for topic-based conversations between users online, and there are two ways you can leverage the platforms for your benefit.

The first one is searching for what kind of YouTube videos your target audience wants to see. Search for relevant questions that have the words tutorials, explainer videos, or guide in them. Once you see a list of questions, pick a topic, research on it, and if you can’t find a video on it, then this is your chance to create a unique video and share the link on the platform.

The second way is by learning about your target audience and asking them questions instead of waiting for them. You can strike up an interesting conversation online to understand what your audience is looking for and get some YouTube video ideas and tips.

4. Start A Poll For Your Audience

Here’s another easy thing you can do, which will give you content ideas and provide better insights on what your audience wants from your YouTube videos – start a poll.

A poll is basically a question that has options listed for the audience to choose from. Start by posting it on your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram because those platforms offer features that help you create polls within minutes.

Users can select their preferred option, making it easy for you to get feedback and give the viewers what they want in your next YouTube video.

5. Research Relevant Keywords

Did you think keyword research was only for writing content pieces? Think again! Keyword research has proven to help YouTubers make effective YouTube videos that get reviews in billions.

The success of your YouTube videos depends highly on your keyword research. Let me explain how. The most common queries viewers search for start from “how-to,” and if your channel has some focus on tutorial videos, then you need related keywords. A common example is “how to make a playlist on YouTube.”

For example, you own a smartwatch brand, and you’ve decided to market using YouTube videos. The first step should be to create product YouTube videos, which are pretty famous among customers because they always want to see what they’re spending on before purchasing. Make keyword assumptions like “smartwatch unboxing” or “how to activate the smartwatch.”

The other thing you can do is research the assumed keywords on YouTube, and if a list of videos from your competitors pops up, you can be assured you have the right keywords. Add those keywords in the video description and title.

6. Keep The Mood Consistent

Imagine you’re watching a serious documentary and you’re very invested in the movie, then out of nowhere, the camera points at an actor who starts singing a jingle. How would that make you feel? You would lose interest in the movie because the course of the movie’s tone changed suddenly, which you can’t appreciate, and no one blames you for it. More than not, brands make mistakes in their YouTube marketing videos, which can kill the entire mood.

There are videos out there that go from black and white to colored pictures, but they build up to that point, so it’s not annoying, and that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about YouTubers who steer away from the topic of their YouTube video – that’s a mood kill.

As a beginner, make sure your video is clear, simple, and monotonous from intro to outro. Keep to the point, and create a short YouTube video that’s interesting and engaging.

7. Find The Best Setting

If you’re a beginner who travels a lot, then finding the right location to shoot a YouTube video is extremely important. I’m sure, as a traveler, you’re aware of the best locations because you’ve done your research before embarking on a journey. However, it’s important to know which location is the best shoot.

When you research competitor travel vloggers, you’ll find that they don’t shoot themselves talking while they’re visiting places; in fact, they shoot the best sights, then combine it in a YouTube video. How this works is, the vloggers record the highlights of their journey, then make a video talking about their trip and show clips from their trip.

Apart from that, if you’re not a beginner travel YouTuber, then that means you need to find a space where you can shoot all your videos. Find a corner in your house or a bench in a park. However, plan to record your YouTube videos when it’s the quietest, whether it’s at home or outdoors, you don’t want unwanted noise in the background of your videos.

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8. Follow A Scrip

Often YouTubers think, “it’s just a YouTube video, I don’t need to read from a script,” and that’s wrong. You need a script whether you’re a professional or especially when you’re a beginner. The simple reason is to avoid stuttering and losing focus on the video.

A proper script will help you stay on track and relevant to the topic of your video. The script will also ensure you are talking continuously instead of going “aa, mmm, uhm” because that can be annoying to the viewers, and they won’t wait around for you to finish your sentences.

Similarly, if your video is an animated one, you still need a script to know what the video will be about and what you want to show your viewers. Without a script, your video animator won’t know how to make a YouTube video.

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9. Make A Brand Account

Now that you’ve decided to use YouTube videos as part of your marketing strategy, the next step is making a YouTube brand account. Use your personal channel to promote your brand by creating a brand account.

Create your brand account, add the logo, and then start marketing using compelling YouTube videos related to your products, services, and brand image. Additionally, the brand account will help your brand gain a presence on YouTube.

The platform will allow you to manage your YouTube videos, add more managers to keep your account active, and track the performance of your videos.

10. Draft A Compelling Channel Description

Would you buy anything online without reading the description? The chance of you turning away from a “description-less” product is higher than you buy it. That’s because why would you engage with anything without a description? It seems shady.

Much like that, your channel needs to have a compelling description that has an inviting tone for the viewers. The channel description is the text which appears on the “About” page of your YouTube channel, which helps viewers understand what to expect from your channel. If you get this part right, you’ll attract more viewers to your content.

Additionally, a nicely written channel description can attract traffic to your YouTube videos from Google when people search related keywords. You boost views on your videos and the ranking on search engines.

4 Tips For Choosing The Right Equipment

Tips For Choosing The Right Equipment

Now that you have your content, strategy, and location in place, the next step is deciding the equipment you need to start making a YouTube video.

1. Don’t Buy A New Camera

Since you are a beginner, I would highly suggest not investing in a high-end camera right away. Yep, you read that right. YouTube videos don’t have to be expensive to create, so leverage the camera you have at hand, even if it’s your iPhone or if you have to borrow from your sister.

The reason I’m discouraged about getting a new camera right now is that as a beginner, your biggest concern should be to engage your viewers and get exposure. Once you can engage viewers, you can upgrade your equipment down the line.

However, if you don’t have a camera that offers crisp video quality, then consider buying a new one or renting one until you find the camera you eventually want to buy.

2. Make Sure The Audio Is Crisp

The most annoying aspect of a YouTube video is the low-quality audio. How am I supposed to understand what you’re saying if the video’s audio is distorted or making you inaudible? Speaking from personal experience, I tend to stop following YouTubers if they start having audio issues because it’s annoying.

Your next big concern is to ensure your audio is as crisp as possible, even if you need to buy an external mic because it’ll be a worthy investment to make a YouTube video.

3. Find The Right Lighting Angle

Imagine watching a YouTube video where you can barely see the person speaking because the lighting angle is horrible. This is a major concern, especially if you’re reviewing products because viewers want to see each accessory and component in an unboxing video.

The best practice is to test the lighting, make test videos, and find the perfect video angle where everything can be captured nicely.

4. Pick The Best Editing Software

There is a wide range of editing software available in the market. Some are paid, some are free, and you need to pick one for your videos.

It’s important to pick one that can do it all, especially if you’ll be using various types of marketing videos. For example, pick software that is suitable for animated videos and allows you to edit other videos too.

I would suggest starting with a free of cost, open-source editing because it will come with a large community that will help you understand the software better.

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3 Tips For Creating An YouTube Intro Video

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If your YouTube video doesn’t start with a great introduction, your viewers will abandon the video within seconds. Let’s look at some tips you can use to make the intro of your video appealing.

1. Make It Delightful & Short

Of course, the best tip is to ensure your YouTube video picks up from a delightful tone that is welcoming and appealing. If it starts with dull lighting, bad audio, or with you talking robotically, the viewers will lose interest.

The next thing you need to do is keep your intro short. You don’t want to give away everything in the intro; so, keep it short and sweet. Start with an amazing punch line, a five-second overview of your last video, and then a ten-second overview of what to expect from the video.

2. Briefly Explain The Purpose Of Making The YouTube Video

Have you ever seen a movie that doesn’t follow the movie title in the first ten minutes during runtime? Imagine when you watched Avengers: Infinity War, but all they talked about the first ten minutes is the background stories of the superheroes. That would be a little annoying, no?

From a viewer’s perspective, they like to understand the message of the movie or video in the first few minutes. So, make sure you give an overview of what they can expect from the YouTube video that you’ve uploaded. Give them something to look forward to.

3. Add Elements Of Your Brand

Your YouTube videos are a reflection of you and your brand, which means they need to showcase your brand. Most brands market their brands in their YouTube videos; however, sometimes they tend to overdo it, which can be a mood killer.

The right strategy is to market your brand in a subtle way, like using the colors associated with your logo, placing a logo in the top left corner, or adding a CTA button at the end of the video. Doing so will increase brand recognition and bring in more business for you.

3 Tips For Creating An Outro Of Your YouTube Video

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Much like the intro, the outro of a YouTube video is equally important because you can’t leave your viewer hanging. Here are some YouTube video tips to create the perfect outro.

1. Keep The Goal In Your Mind

Like I said before, some vloggers or marketing videos tend to lose focus of the video by the end of the recording, which can be a turn-off for viewers. The audience enjoys a YouTube video with a delightful intro, informative content, and an outro that sums it all up.

Your outro needs to be a small summary of what you’ve just shown in your video. Additionally, you can also hint at what your next video will be about to leave the viewers curious. Remember, the goal is to keep them wanting more so that they keep coming back for more.

2. Stay Consistent

Another key to making a great outro is being consistent throughout your YouTube videos.

Here I don’t mean keeping the story because we already talked about that. What I mean is, make sure you end all your videos the same way to keep it consistent. Use similar signing-off notes, add the exact colors, logos, and editing styles so that your audience can recognize your brand easily. This makes your outro great and also builds brand recognition among your target audience.

3. Keep It Simple

Viewers mostly care about the intro and the body of a YouTube video because that’s where all the important stuff is; however, don’t disregard your outro.

Another great tip is to incorporate the outro into the body content so that it feels natural and clean. If you make your outro too descriptive or long, your audience will shy away from your future videos, which hurts your brand and reduces the views on your videos.

5 Tips For Uploading Your YouTube Videos

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By now, you probably have a clear idea of where you can get content ideas, what kind of equipment to use, how to create a compelling intro, and how to end with a great outro. The next tips for making YouTube videos is the uploading part, which is the fun part when you make a YouTube video.

1. Create A Compelling YouTube Videos Title

Remember when I talked about keyword research for finding content? The YouTube video title is another place where you should incorporate those keywords.

Typically, viewers search for DIYs, recipes, or guides on search engines. Then the search engines present some links, which are a mixture of blogs and YouTube videos. Now, this is where your keyword incorporated video titles will play a role. The search engine will pick up on your title and present it to the viewer, and the viewer will click the video and continue to watch it if it’s a great video. You can also add more value to your YouTube video titles by using modifiers like “new,” “improved.” “best,” etc.

2. Optimize Your YouTube Video Description With Keywords

When you’re uploading a YouTube video, you will be navigated to a screen where you can add an effective video description. Do not leave that part empty. The description box may seem like a lot of work, but trust me, it plays a huge role in your brand being discovered and your SEO ranking improving.

Start by at least adding a 300-word description for your video, which emphasizes what to expect from the video and is packed with a lot of keywords. Moreover, once you’re done with the description part, you will be navigated to the tags, which you should add to attract more traffic to your videos.

3. Make Sure The YouTube Video Is Mobile Friendly

While using PC is popular for watching YouTube videos, smartphones are not far behind in the race. People love sharing videos from YouTube with their friends on messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

To ensure your YouTube mobile viewers are happy, make sure to create mobile-friendly YouTube videos. But before you do that, track the traffic you’re receiving to see where it’s coming from and then break it down by the operating system.

Next, create the video based on the most popular operating system and keep a keen eye on how your video looks on different devices and if the title is readable or not.

4. Add Subtitles And Closed Captions

Closed captions and subtitles are one of the most SEO-enhancing techniques offered by YouTube. Apart from SEO-based reasons, closed captions and subtitles can attract viewing audiences from different parts of the world to your YouTube videos. They also prove helpful to viewers who have disabilities.

Although you will notice that YouTube offers auto-generated scripts; however, I wouldn’t rely on those because they can be a doozy. I’ve seen videos where having no captions would be better than having those that don’t match what the video is saying. So, either add your own closed captions and subtitles or don’t at all. But I will say this, and if you decide not to have subtitles, you’re missing out on the value SEO will offer.

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