3D Modeling Service

We digitalize the representation of real-world objects with our 3D modeling design service.

3D Modeling Services For Product Demonstration

Our 3D modeling service can help you overcome the product modeling challenge. You can use our 3D modeling service for product or structure demonstration in construction, engineering, medical, or academia.

BuzzFlick has expert animators who convert your concept and illustrate in the 3D pictorial formation, giving your product a realistic look. We are a 3D modeling studio that offers services for entrepreneurs and mega business setups.

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3D modeling services

Our Portfolio

Hire The Best 3D Modeling Design

Hire The Best 3D Modeling Design Services

At BuzzFlick, we provide customized 3D model design services to every client and ensure client satisfaction with their personalized 3D design projects.

We have 100+ 3D modeling projects successfully delivered to the clients, and high appreciation has been received on our work, performance, dedication, and communication.

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Core 3D Modeling Services We Offer

3D Product Modeling

We build accurate, lifelike 3D models of any sort of commercial product that can enhance marketing techniques and provide additional information about the product.

3D Visualization

To pique the interest of potential purchasers and speed up their decision-making process, our team creates visually appealing and accurate renderings of buildings, rooms, and furnishings.

Architectural Design

Our 3D modeling agency offers superior architectural design services for demonstration, engineering, construction, and business purposes.

3D Modeling Service
3D Modeling Software

3D Modeling Software We Use

We have a talented and skilled team of professional animators who has expertise in using 3D modeling software. The team has created numerous 3D modeling projects for renowned companies over the past 5 years.

We use Graphisoft, RHINO, 3DS MAX, Autodesk, Cinema 4D, SketchUp, and more. Our specialists put your idea and their creativity in the bin to make something eye-catching and incredible.

The Industries We Are Proud To Serve

Our 3D modeling firm specializes in refining and delivering individualized 3D modeling services to strengthen and enrich a variety of primary domains.

Advertising & Media

Our 3D product modeling firm provides marketing and public relations teams with a potent weapon for promoting a brand in the marketplace and across social media platforms, drawing in more viewers and expanding a company's reach.

Architecture & Design

Whether it's an interior or exterior space, a business or residential building, or a landscape, our architectural renderings and visualizations provide the spectator with a thorough comprehension and abundant information.


Our 3D product modeling services enable businesses to present their products, ranging from electronics to furniture, in the most lucrative manner. 3D Models attract more attention to products and encourage the shoppers to purchase them.

Educational Sector

By adding an interactive component and a visual approach, custom 3D product models, simulations, and combination solutions increase the attention span of students and improve education by making it easier, and faster.

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Technologies We Use

Why You Choose BuzzFlick: The Benefits Of Outsourcing 3D Modeling Design Projects To Us

Industry Expertise

  • Years of experience:

    For the past 6 years, we have been providing our 3D modeling services and are well-versed in working with different industries delivering top-notch results.

  • Team of professionals:

    Our 3D modeling company hires individuals who are highly creative and talented in nature. We pick modelers, artists, and animators who are not afraid to take up challenges and ensure to deliver quality results within the deadline.

  • Extensive tech toolkit:

    To ensure we deliver exceptional results and meet the client's expectations, we use the best 3D product modeling software, including Maya, AutoCAD, 3ds Max. ZBrush, ArchiCad, Mudbox, and Photoshop, to name a few.

Absolute Flexibility

  • Hand-picked team:

    To facilitate each industry, we gather up a team of skilled modelers and artists who are experts in the areas. These are the people who comprehend the intricacies of different clients and industries.

  • Tools selection:

    If any of our clients require custom 3D modeling services in a particular format or software, we facilitate their needs and offer the required results.

  • Different types of collaboration:

    We provide a variety of alternatives for interaction modes, support, payment schedules, and project delivery phases. To provide a superior experience, we fully adapt to our client's demands.

Exceptional Quality

  • Out-and-out photorealism:

    Our competent 3d modeling artists bring your ideas to life. From shadows to balance the light to reflections, they take care of everything to give the effect of realism.

  • Standardized QA:

    The standardized and well-optimized quality assurance process related to 3D product modeling services back us to meet the criteria and rules set by our customers.

  • Double-check for quality:

    Before handing over the project to our clients, we run the final product once again through our QA system. Next, our project managers and modelers check it manually to avoid any problems.

Top-Rated Services

  • Transparency in the process:

    When a project is onboarded, we dedicate a whole team to it. This helps our creative heads to stay focused and deliver the best results with confidence.

  • Dedicated team:

    At BuzzFlick, we believe in transparency which is why we keep our clients updated throughout the production process. Our well-established communication system helps our team to stay connected with our clients.

  • Complete protection:

    We value the faith and trust our clients put in us. We protect all the sensitive information they provide us related to their company or project. We always sign a non-disclosure agreement before onboarding the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use it for various purposes like:

  • It is used for construction building structures for better representation and understanding for the client and investors.
  • For a 3D tour of real estate to investors.
  • For video games and 3D movies.
  • For the elaboration of complex structures of an academic topic.

3D modeling delivers a realistic and precise representation of your design that can be modified, rotated, colored, and relocated. Any design can be put in other 3D models in order to evaluate clearances, address entry and egress, visualize sightlines, and determine the practicality of any modifications.

Using 3D modeling, you can examine the project considerably more quickly and precisely, therefore greatly increasing its approval rate. Three-dimensional design is the most effective method for displaying the dimensions of things and their relationships in three-dimensional space, visualizing any room, moving along it, and access to any location.

In addition, modifying a 3D model is a rather straightforward process: it can be tweaked, recycled, and utilized in other projects.

Drawing demands a deeper understanding of perspective, lighting, and shading, among other concepts. Each new angle of a 2D graphic display requires new lighting and angle computation. This is unnecessary in 3D; simply move the camera to examine the completed object from any angle and with any lighting setting.

Possessing mathematical thinking and the ability to draw well might find plenty of employment opportunities in the field of 3D modeling. It demands a thorough understanding of sophisticated software, but the results are worthwhile: the broad toolbox of these packages allows you to automate the development of 3D models greatly and improve any 3D modeling design service.

3D modeling and visualization are required in several fields:

E-commerce: Showcasing a product in a three-dimensional shape is the most effective approach to display it to prospective consumers from all angles and assist them in forming the most comprehensive image of it.

Marketing and advertising: 3D models of items and their rendering are used extensively in commercials when designing packaging or outdoor advertising, point-of-sale (POS) materials, and exposition stands.

Construction and design: 3D models enable the creation of both interior and exterior design prototypes for presentation to clients.

Industry and technology: 3D modeling aids in the creation of three-dimensional pictures of components and things that may be used to make molds and product prototypes.

Gaming:Modern 3D video games use a great amount of 3D characters, objects, environmental features, and other aspects that provide color and immersion.

The cost of 3D modeling design relies on a number of crucial factors:

The complexity:The intricacy of the geometry and combinatorics, as well as the material qualities and textures used to make the 3D model, have a direct impact on the price.

The design:Any 3D model begins with an idea or rough sketch that conveys an early understanding of the intended outcome. The price of the 3D model will increase according to the level of detail it contains.

The time frame:The more urgency with which a 3D model is required, the greater the number of individuals involved in its construction, and the greater its cost.

The expertise leve: The greater the complexity of a 3D project, the greater the number of highly skilled individuals required for its realization.

To estimate the cost of 3D design modeling, multiply the usual hourly rate of a 3D modeler by the expected number of hours required to generate a 3D model. The typical wage for a 3D modeling specialist in the United States is around $150 per hour, 125 in the United Kingdom and 35 in Eastern Europe. Request an estimate from the chosen 3D product modeling company for more precise figures.

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