Top 5 Animation Outsourcing Companies

top animation outsourcing companies
Discover the five companies that enable you to outsource your animation projects and get quality animations such as explainer videos, whiteboard videos, etc.

Animation outsourcing finds its roots in the 1960s when American filmmakers would outsource their production to foreign companies. With the development of animation techniques, the number of companies offering outsourcing services is rapidly increasing.

These companies have done an outstanding job with regard to their branding, marketing, and services. They often come with well designed websites that are not only visually captivating but also make the process of animation outsourcing extremely easy.

With a great variety of companies in the market, you can wonder what company to go for in order to get the best animations for your projects. Each company would claim to offer the best services for your animation needs. This article will assist your decision making by enlisting the top five animation outsourcing companies in the world.

List Of Top 5 Animation Outsourcing Companies

#1) BuzzFlick

On the top of our list stands BuzzFlick, a video animation company, owing to their magnificent animations. They are the only company in the market that not only promises but guarantees an increase in user engagement.

BuzzFlick offers animation outsourcing options for a wide range of projects. These include explainer, corporate, educational, demo, and advertisement videos for businesses to benefit from.

What makes BuzzFlick even more appealing are their prices. They are providing their customers with exciting animations in three affordable packages along with the ability to get a quote through their website. These include the basic, startup, and unlimited packages that provide varying animation services to customers.

BuzzFlick has an extremely futuristic animation studio in New York City. It has been of great help in expanding many businesses around the city. Having a state of the art studio in one of the most influential cities in the world enables the company to become a trendsetter in its business.

The website in itself is magnificent as it is not only appealing to the eye, but also eases the customer into the process by introducing the company, its services, prices, and a blog which proves to be extremely informative.

Moreover, the website for BuzzFlick has the option to get directly in touch with the company with any queries or complaints. This is an option that is provided by a very limited number of animation outsourcing companies. BuzzFlick has established itself as a reliable and responsive business in the market, making it a popular choice for many.

Finally, BuzzFlick is well reputed to deliver requested animations in record time, making it the perfect go-to company for your animation needs.

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#2) Motionstory

The second company that has made animation outsourcing easy for the world is Motionstory. Founded in 2014, the company has been offering a wide range of 2D and 3D animation options for its clients to benefit from.

Similar to BuzzFlick, Motionstory also offers a website with a great interface and the relevant information needed to hire the company. Their website provides a detailed description of the process behind developing animations and the impact they create on the client’s business.

Motionstory has an exceptional portfolio to show for its success in the animation outsourcing business. They hold expertise in television commercials as well as demonstrative videos. These services not only increase the reach of the product but also makes it easier for people to operate the products provided by Motionstory’s clients.

However, Motionstory’s exceptional responsiveness to their customers’ needs and complaints makes it a top choice for individuals looking to outsource animation. The company has provided a contact number on their website that tends to their customers.

#3) YansMedia

The third position on our list is occupied by Yans Media. They have maintained an excellent standard of animation since the company was founded in 2015. Their portfolio extends over one hundred videos made for numerous clients on a variety of concepts.

YansMedia’s choice of characters in their animations greatly helps in making the sale for them. They choose attention-grabbing and bold characters to keep their audience engaged in order to successfully market a product.

The company lets their customers choose their involvement in the animation process. Clients can choose to partner up with Yan Media’s designers or let them take care of the job entirely to save time and effort. The main idea here is of the company’s care for the convenience of their clients.

Along with fine animations, Yans Media is also credited to be one of the most reliable companies in the sector. They are known for their effective communication and responsiveness to their clients. The credit for this goes to their website which is extremely engaging and comes with many blogs in order to ease their customers into the process.

#4) EastWorks Studios

The Slovakian company has gained immense fame in the animation outsourcing business over the past years. Their work has given us many video games including Mafia as well as Heroes of Might & Magic.

The company offers many services in 2D and 3D animation. These include concept-art, illustrations, storyboards, cover art, and UI designs, sculpting, modelling texturing, and so on. Such a wide range of services makes them extremely reliable for your animation needs.

EastWorks Studio’s team has been able to create a highly impressive portfolio for themselves. They have worked towards creating animations and models for the characters, assets, vehicles, environment, and a lot more.

However, the most telling aspect of the company’s success is their clients. EastWorks Studio has been hired by industry giants such as tag games, primal game studio, star vault, codeglue, Infernum, and 2k.

With a large amount of services and an impressive clientele, EastWorks Studio has made a reputation for itself to be an effective solution to one’s animation outsourcing needs. Their team can be contacted with a great deal of ease through their website, email, or the office phone number provided on the company’s website.

#5) Nice Shit Studio

This animation outsourcing company has been successful in providing a creative set of animations that are personalized to suit their customer’s needs. Based in Barcelona, the company is headed by a set of passionate designers looking to deliver messages and help businesses grow.

Nice Shit Studio is known for the humor they add to their projects. It not only keeps the viewer engaged but also serves to make them feel relaxed enough to make informed decisions. This technique has proven to be greatly effective in expanding their client’s business.

Their technique includes many inspirations from minimalist art, which is also reflective on the company’s website. A minimalist form of visualization takes away superfluous information, using as few visual elements as possible. This includes a clear color design, good timing, and less crowded sounds to ensure that the readers do not find themselves distracted from the central message of the video.

The company’s claim to success is its massive presence on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. Along with their efficient responsiveness on these platforms, Nice Shit Studio is on its way to launching a new website that will bring exciting new options for their customers.


This article presents the top 5 animation outsourcing companies from different parts of the world. They were analyzed on the basis of their portfolios, services, responsiveness, and overall appeal to the public. For most of these companies, these are conveyed and advertised through websites with engaging interfaces.

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