Types Of Animation Styles

The 8 Different Types Of Animation Styles With Examples

Types Of Animation Styles

Animation is perhaps one of the most creative avenues when it comes to modern art. It’s fun, it’s engaging and it has revolutionized the art of storytelling and has developed a whole new genre for visual entertainment. With so many different types of animation and their unique implementations of the different styles of animation, it is important to know about the difference between them to make a wise decision for your next animation project. Or maybe you do not have a massive project to work on, maybe you just want to know more for the sake of it, whatever the case maybe this is the place to being. So without further a duo let’s begin the exploration of animation.

#1) 2D Animation

The pioneer of modern-day digital motion pictures is the art of 2D animations. 2D animation has been popularized by Disney which through this art form introduced us to the very famous and much loved Mickey Mouse. But what exactly is 2D animation? The formal definition of 2D is as follows:

“Traditional animation is a form of animation in which each frame is hand-drawn. Before the advent of computer animation, this was the most popular type of animation in movies.”

2d Animation Style 1

Let’s simplify things a bit. Each picture a 2D animation artist will draw is called a frame, and since it’s drawn by hand, it’s called a hand-drawn frame. In 2D animation the focus of the frame in the background and the foreground, hence why it’s called 2D because of the consideration of 2 dimensions.

The birth of Mickey Mouse via 2D animation

The styles of animation within 2D animations are simplistic however, they are very effective elements when it comes to visual storytelling. A great example of this is the early animations presented by Disney, which includes none less, Mr. Mickey Mouse himself. Here is the video of one of the first-ever animations coming from Disney studios hand-drawn by Mr. Walt Disney.

#2) 3D Animation

When we talk about different types of animation, we can’t skip 3D animation. 3D animation is an improvement of the 2D animation process. In 3D animation, the focus is around revolving the frame around all three dimensions to give it a more realistic effect or more visual capacity. The addition of the third dimension is what gives the whole scene the creative depth according to 3D animators.

3d Animation Style 2

Pixar Studio’s Toy Story

Toy Story from Pixar Studios is one of the best examples of 3D animations and computer animation. When you view this movie, you understand the depth 3D animation brings. Fun little fact, Toy Story was the first computer-animated movie to win an Oscar in the year 1996.

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#3) Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion animation can be very confusing for many. It has been reported by many new animators that stop motion is perhaps one of the most tiresome styles of animation. Let’s break down what exactly is stop motion animations and how does it all works?

In stop motion animation, individually photographed frames, objects are physically manipulated in tiny increments such that they appear to move or shift independently when the sequence of frames is played back.

Stop Motion Animation Style 3

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride

One of the most famous examples of stop motion animation is the classic 2005 movie called Corpse Bride which was produced and directed by the legend himself Mr. Tim Burton.

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#4) Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI)

Computer-generated imagery or CGI for short is what makes the world of movies today become so spectacular and grand. CGI is a way to bring computer-animated images to be morphed or become a part of the physical world. CGI is a mix of many types of animation including 3D animations. The way it all works is by first generating a computer animation image and then placing it within the shot frame of the real-world object. Perfect CGI is hard to achieve and hence why it’s super expensive as well. Motion detection sensors are heavily used to mimic human motion so that animators and CGI software can replicate it.

Computer Generated Imagery Style 4

Marvel’s Avengers

Without CGI we won’t be able to have movies about superheroes or any other fantasy elements. CGI is what makes these movies come to life and with the popularity witnessed for these movie productions, it’s safe to say that CGI will only grow bigger.

#5) Flip Book Animation

FlipBook Animation is the one that started all. It’s one of the simplest types of animations to do however, the more elements you add to your pictures the more difficult it gets. However, it’s still one fun way of making visual art.

In fact, flipbook animation was the predecessor of 2D animation and many early 2D animations followed the same logic of flipbook animation.

Flip Book Animation Style 5

In flipbook animation, you draw different sequences of a scene on the notebook, and once finish, you start turning the pages very fast to give the pictures motions.

How does Flip Book Animation Looks

The flip book animation is quite simply one of the most easiest yet difficult to do simply because of the labor intensive nature of it all. Here below is a view that goes through the creation and final execution of the animation style.

#6) Minimalistic Animation Style

When we talk about minimalistic style, we are talking about making sure that we strive for maximum simplicity and color addition. This allows the animator to be more flexible when developing such animations. This style of animation is more of a modern take on animation and has been popularized by popular culture over the internet. Because the style strives for simplicity many new animators go for it plus this style is very useful for explainer videos as oftentimes explainer videos do not need to be induced with a lot of color or motion presentation.

Minimalistic Animation Style 6

Examples for Minimalistic Animation Style

The examples for a minimalistic style of animation can be found below. As you can see, the color editions and relevant pictures are not much graphic dependent.

#7) Clay Animation

Clay Animation or Claymation is a super creative style of animation that works by developing objects from clay and then their movements are created using the stop motion animation technique. This style has at least 2 to 3 types of animation techniques working in sync to make the whole production work. The creative way of including clay in animation has surely garnered this style of animation its fair share of popularity.

Chicken Run

The 2000 movie Chicken Run was a commercial film that was developed entirely by integrating the process of Claymation into its production and development.

#8) Augmented Reality Animation

The world is changing, digital space is being integrated into our day to day world and this is why Augmented Reality Animation is becoming one of the most lucrative styles of animation. This a creative way of making digital objects to be morphed into the physical reality. Much like CGI Augmented Reality Animation focuses on making the object be replicated on the surface without it having any real physical existence.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a video game that heavily uses Augmented Reality Animation within structure and execution.

These were some of the types of animations out there for you to explore, however, a lot of it is not covered in the article due to the scope of the article itself. But to not let that limit you. Remember the world is your oyster so go explore.

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