Best Fonts For Logos in 2024

best fonts for logos design
Discover the best free fonts for logo design. Five of these fonts are free! Get ready to be excited by the simplicity, color, typography and imagination of these fonts

If you’re just starting out as a designer wanting to create a logo, you won’t mind copying the typeface from a design that excites you. It’s more likely that you’ll go through some of the most common or let’s say, pre-installed ones for your job.

And, 9/10 times you’ll end up scratching your head on Arial, Calibri, and even Comic Sans.  

These may look really attractive at first, but actually, these are not the best. And, you don’t have to limit your options as there are more. Many. Several hundred more. For you. To pick.

So, relax in your armchair because today, I’ll talk about the best logo fonts.

4 Types of Logo Fonts

If you’re a designer, you’re already familiar with the four of the most popular font types. Each is unique in its way and when used for a logo, it can complement a brand’s personality.

So, along with knowing how to design a logo, you want to be sure about what type of font will complement the appearance of your design.

Serif Logo font

The use of Serif font in a logo depicts legacy and timeliness. Brands that use serif fonts tend to have a sophisticated brand personality. Some fine examples of brands that used the Serif font to their advantage include Mercedes-Benz, Prada, and Rolex.

Fonts for logo design Mercedez-Benz Serif Logo font example
Fonts for logo design the Rrolex logo font is garamond
fonts for logo design-prada’s logo typeface is engry

You’ll come across a lot of luxury brands that have used Serif fonts in their logos.

Sans Serif Family

Most designers love the Sans Serif family of typefaces as these are easy to read, and have a classic look. Ideal for any logo as the fonts usually blend well with any shape or mascot in your design. Pro designers in our team recommend using these fonts in logos that tend to be more minimalistic and straightforward. Today’s logo trends feature popular use of the Sans serif family.

fonts for logo design Netflix logo Sans Serif Family example

You can communicate a message in a powerful way, if you use the Sans serif typefaces in your logo. Some fine examples of logos that have used this font include Netflix, Facebook and Google.

fonts for logo design Facebook font logo example

In addition, the YouTube logo also features a typeface from the Sans Serif family.

Cursive Logo Fonts

Cursive logo fonts are characterized as feminine. These add an elegant look and feel to the script. You may also find cursive scripting in formal documents of degree awards or business deeds.

Though cursive is beautiful, you ought to be very careful with sizing your logo as it can disturb readability. Even though the fonts have a playful appeal to them, you may not find them suitable for every brand. Reason? Brand feel. Know that your scripting plays an imminent role in shaping the impression you aim to create with your brand’s appearance. You want to be sure if the scripting conveys the same emotion, you want your brand to.

Ray Ban font logo example - Cursive Logo Fonts

Some fine examples of Cursive Logo fonts are Cadillac, Ray-Ban and Carter.

Display Logo Fonts

I’ve worked with multiple graphic designers and they can’t help but work with a range of display logo fonts. They absolutely adore this category. You’ll come across a lot of brands that have used display logos to their advantage.

And, if you’re into text-based logos, you’ve a good reason to check out the range of display logo fonts.

Expert tip

You can find a whole variety of display fonts. Our team has a bunch of pro logo designers and they recommend that to create a memorable logo font, look for one that is easier to distinguish from others. Plus, you want a font that would easily connect with your audience.

Case in point: Disney’s Waltograph logo Font

Fonts for logo design Disney Waltograph logo Font example

Disney’s Waltograph logo font is a custom display font made by Disney. What’s important to note here is that the logo above is a depiction of Walt Disney’s signature.

It is unique and the free association takes viewers to the magical stories Disney Studios has told over the decades. So, it’s a fine example for anyone who wishes to use display logo fonts to their advantage.

5 Best Free logo fonts

  • Cormorant
  • Eczar
  • Poppins
  • Roboto Slab
  • Raleway


Font FamilySerif
Design byChristian Thalmann
Founding entityCatharsis Fonts
InspirationGaramond Typeface
StylesNine different styles
Available WeightsFive optional weights

What’s unique with the Cormorant logo font is that it takes inspiration from 16th-century typefaces. You can have nine entirely unique font styles including Small caps, Unicase, Upright cursive, Roman, Italic, and Garamond Italic. 


Font FamilySerif (Calligraphic)
Design byVaibhav Singh
Founding entityRosetta Type Foundry
Multilingual SupportYes
Available WeightsFive weights (No Italics)

Eczar was part of a student project done unexpectedly well at the University of Reading in the UK. The typeface has a variety of styles that come with heavier weights, giving your script a bold personality. Eczar might be a fine choice for anyone looking for a professional logo design.

Eczar has five weights on offer. However, if you’re a fan of italics, then Eczar is not one to be a part of your collection. If you want to see some notable difference in Eczar’s weights, check out the semi-bold and bold styles. These won’t only add a distinct feel and look, but are far more attractive than the rest.


Font FamilySans-Serif (Geometric)
Design byNinad Kale & Johnny Pinhorn
Founding entityIndian Type Foundry
Multilingual SupportYes, multilingual typeface (Supports both Latin and Devanagari)
SuitabilityPerfect for aesthetic logos
Available WeightsNine weights (Matching Italics for each)

Poppins is another free font that features a clean and simple style. Being a geometric typeface, it has perfect circles. And, as the appearance is kept clean, you’ll notice that almost all the lines have an equal width (for both uppercase and lowercase letters).

Poppins is also regarded as one fine choice for logo fonts because of its clean and elegant appearance.

Roboto Slab

roboto slab
Font FamilySlab-Serif
Design byChristian Robertson
Developed byGoogle for its Mobile Design
Multilingual SupportYes, multilingual typeface (Supports both Greek and Cyrillic)
Available WeightsNine weights (Matching Italics for each)

Roboto Slab is the variant of the serif font Roboto, created by Google for its mobile design. You can find it on Google Docs for absolutely free. The sample we’ve above is semi-bold.

Of course, you can check out rest of the eight different weights for your logo design. 


Font TypeSans-serif
Design byMatt Mclnerney
Founding EntityThe League of Movable Type
Unique FeaturesUnexpected tail on the lower-case ‘L’ Criss-crossed ‘W’  
Available WeightsNine (Italics for each weight)

Raleway logo also has clean and simple strokes like Arial and Helvetica sans-serif. However, you might be more interested in going with Raleway over the two as this font in particular has some special features.

There’s a tail on the lower-case L. Plus, if you want your logo font to have a classic appeal to it, try out writing ‘W’ with Raleway logo font.

If you’re into experimenting something fancy, you can always go for an animated logo. And, why not when most viewers can easily retain contents of a video. Or even end up loving the brand after interacting with animated content.

Animated stuff makes up for memorable moment. So, if you want to try out something really cool, start with an animated logo.

15 Professional Logo Fonts

Here’s a list of 15 professional logo fonts that are even though not free, but most might be available for use to you via Adobe Creative Cloud. Give it a close read and see which font best suits your logo.

  • Avenir
  • Agentur
  • Canela
  • Separat
  • GT America
  • Futura
  • Recoleta
  • Orelo
  • Gotham
  • Whyte Inktrap
  • Ogg
  • Proxima Nova
  • Lydian
  • Noe Display
  • GT Super


Type:Geometric Sans-Serif
Price:Paid for Sites and Free on Mac
Founding company:Linotype
Designer:Adrian Frutiger
Available Weights:Medium, light, roman, book, heavy and black

Avenir is an inspiration from typefaces such as Futura. This typeface in particular has the letter ‘o’ that does appear to be a perfect circle. Moreover, you’ve vertical strokes that are slightly thicker than the horizontal ones.

That adds to the uniqueness of the font despite it having a simple and clean design.


Type:Sans-serif (Calligraphic)
Founding company:Good Type Foundry
Designer:Kenneth Knutsen
Bolder version:Agentur Display
Availability:Both print and Web

Agentur is another great logo font. They also launched a display variant that goes by the name, Agentur Display. You can create simple and elegant logo for businesses with this special variant.

Agentur is just another one of those finest creations by Good Type Foundry. Just like the rest, this one too brings a unique concept to typography.

Being released in 2016, this logo is a perfect blend of modern and conventional calligraphy.


Type of fontDisplay font
DesignerMiguel Reyes
Founding CompanyCommercial
StrokesFlared (from the end)
Number of weights available6 (Italic available for each one)
New variantsCanela Condensed, Canela Deck and Canela Text  

Canela is another innovative font to represent your logo. Interestingly, Canela is neither Serif or Sans-serif. It’s an innovative display typeface.


Type of fontSans Serif (Geometric)
Design byGUNMAD
Founding entityOr Type
Available weightsBlack, medium, bold and regular

Separat is a unque typeface that adds a strong touch of personality to your logo and script. Particularly, it’s the uppercase letters that have more space with them and are noticed separately.

GT America

Type of font:Sans-serif
DesignerNoel Leu
Founding entityGrilli Type
InspirationSwiss and American fonts
UseMostly used for headlines
StylesSix different styles

GT America has almost six different widths and seven weights. That’s enough for any budding logo designer to play around. Plus, if you’re a fan of the classic fonts from the 19th century, you will love GT America. It’s considered to be a reminiscent of the typefaces used back in the 19th century.


Font typeSans-serif
PricePaid for Web, but Free on Mac and Adobe Creative Cloud
DesignerPaul Renner
Founding entityBauer Foundry
UsagePrint and Web
InspirationBauhaus Design philosophy
Featured LogosCalvin Klein, Domino’s and Supreme

Futura is a really popular logo font both across print and design. The font doesn’t have any unnecessary details. It’s sleek and neat.

fonts for logo design-Dominos

And, the logo of Calvin Klein also features the Futura typeface.

fonts for logo design- Calvin Klein


Font typeSerif
Founding entityLatinotype
Design byJorge Cisterna
Unique featuresAngled strokes, and soft lines
Free DownloadRecoleta Regular Demo

Recoleta features soft and curved strokes. You can start playing around with it using the demo version.


Font typeSans-serif (Variable)
Design byAdrien Midzic
Founded byPizza Typefaces
Unique featureHigh contrast between thick and thin strokes
StylesOver a hundred unique styles to choose from
SuitabilityCreating animated logos

Orelo is unique in its own way. There is striking contrast between the thick and thin lines. Some of the more noticeable features are a triangular shaped ‘y’ and a capital ‘L’.

What’s really exciting about Orelo is that you’ve an access to hundreds of different styles to play around. And, if you wish to stand out from the crowd, use Orelo to create an animated logo.

Animated logos are dynamic graphics. You may choose to work with them especially if you want to have your logo do a little more to enhance the user’s experience on your website or mobile application.

Don’t know how to create an animated logo? No problem. There are lots of logo animation apps out there to help you through. Apps are really intuitive and crafting an animated logo has never been this effortless.


Font type:Sans-serif (Geometric)
Design byTobias Frere Jones
Founding entityHoefler & Co.
Notable featuresBest for logos
Available WeightsEight
Featured Brand logosSpotify and GQ

Gotham’s typeface has been popular since it was featured in the presidential campaign of Barrack Obama. Gotham is distinct from others as the typeface does not take inspiration from Swiss and German designs.

The Gotham is among the best script fonts for logos. In addition, Gotham has a more optimized version for the web. If you’ve seen the Spotify logo, you’re already familiar with the Gotham font.

fonts for logo design-spotify

Whyte Inktrap

Font type:Sans-serif
Design by:Fabian Harb and Johannes Breyer
Founding entityDinamo
Available Weights10 Different Weights
Other versionsWhyte (Available without any ink traps)

Previously known as Inktrap has no need for use in today’s web. However, the newer variant of this typeface, Whyte Inktrap, has now used retro typography to made good use of the design.


Type of fontSerif (Calligraphy)
Designed byLucas Sharp
Founding entityVillage
Inspiration20th century artist Oscar Ogg
Available weights5 Different Weights (Italic also available for each one)
Additional versionOgg Text (specifically for long-form writing)

Oscar Ogg was a hand lettering artist and also the inspiration behind the Ogg typeface. This logo font is a calligraphic typeface which also adds a luxurious appeal to it.

You can use Ogg Text for writing blog posts or product descriptions on the web. It’s a special version made available to anyone who aspires to write long-form copy.

Proxima Nova

proxima nova
Font typeSans-serif
PricePaid (Free only with Adobe Creative Cloud)
Design byMark Simonson
Founding entityMark Simonson
InspirationFutura and Akzidenz Grotesk
Available weights7 different available weights with Italics for each one

The Proxima Nova weights are all good fonts for logos as they take inspiration from Futura and Akzidenz Grotesk.


Font style:Sans-serif (Calligraphic)
Design byWarren Chappell
Founding organizationAmerican Type Founders
Featured Tv ShowTypeface featured in the end credits of FRIENDS
StylesRoman and Bold
Other VersionsLydian Cursive

If you’re still searching for more creative fonts for logos, don’t forget to check out the Lydian Cursive variant.

Noe Display

Font Family Serif
Design bySchick Toikka
Available WeightsFour (Italic for each)
Text versionMore suitable for writing long-form copy

If you’re looking for a cool font for logo, then Noe Display can be the addition to your favorites. Noe Display also have a dedicated version for you to craft long-form copy. You may use the text version to write content on your website.

GT Super

Font FamilySerif
Design byNoel Leu
Founded byGrilli Type
InspirationTypefaces from newspapers of 70s and 80s
Versions AvailableText and Display versions
Available WeightsFive different weights (Italic for each)

The GT Super is again a fine addition to this list and it is currently known among the best modern fonts for logos. GT Super takes inspiration from typefaces used in scripting for newspapers of 70s and 80s.

GT Super typeface has two variants, one for text and the other for display. You can test and see which one works perfect with your logo needs.  

Want to design a memorable logo?

If you’re new to logo design, don’t fret. You don’t need to dive deep into the intricacies of designing a logo. We at BuzzFlick have a bunch of some of the best logo designers.

Not only can we help you craft an exceptional logo, but power it up with some exciting logo animation that will turn it into a memorable logo for your viewers.

So, if you wish to create a memorable logo don’t hesitate from reaching out to us. We have a range of the best logo design services for your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best font for logos?

Here are some best font for logos:

  • Gotham
  • GT Super
  • Lydian
  • Noe Display
  • Ogg
  • Orelo
  • Proxima Nova
  • Whyte Inktrap

What is the cleanest logo font?

Here are some recommended fonts for a cleanest logo design:

  • Avenir Next®
  • Cera Pro™
  • Gilroy™
  • Museo Sans™
  • Mont™
  • Panton™
  • Proxima Nova™
  • TT Commons™

What fonts do famous brands use?

Here are some awesome fonts that famous brands used to create a lasting impact on audience:

  • Adidas- Univers
  • Burger King- Insaniburger
  • Google- Product Sans
  • Netflix- Bebas Neue
  • Nike- Futura
  • Porsche- 911 Porscha
  • Stripe- Sharp Grotesk
  • WhatsApp- Helvetica Neue

How do I choose a font for my logo?

First of all, brainstorm a few terms that describe your brand and create its identity. If you are a brand with “authoritativeness” or you’re “educational,” a transitional serif typeface is a best choice for you. A script font should be your choice if you’re a brand which is “quirky” or “whimsical. As an “innovative” and “contemporary,” brand, sans-serif font will be best suitable for you.

Where can I find the original EarthBound logo font?

EarthBound is a Japanese video game and the font in its logo is techno and modern typeface.

What font the Metroid logo features?

The Metroid logo by Nintendo features a modified version of the Serpentine typeface just like most games and publishers have a custom font to their name. If you love the font, you may try out Serpentine as for earlier versions of the logo, the font was purely Serpentine.

What font is the old SeaWorld Logo?

The font used in SeaWorld logo is Charlotte Bold created in 1992 by Michael Gills. It can be mistaken for a custom of Times New Roman. But it’s not.

What is the expert opinion on mixing fonts?

Mixing different fonts makes your site look disorganized and clunky for your readers. Additionally, contradictory fonts send different messages such as serif and sans-serif fonts, so it may look unprofessional if you combine them. So it is better to stick to the single font for more cohesiveness.

Final words

So, there you have it, 20 of the best fonts for logos in 2024.

Above we literally covered everything on the best fonts for logos. We started off with types of logo fonts (giving you a handful of good illustrations for each). Next, we moved on to the five fonts that are absolutely free to use.

Later we gave you a quick insight into other fifteen fonts. Know that all these are premium fonts for logos, and you can only acquire them through payment. However, again, if you’ve a subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud, you might be able to get most of these premium paid ones for free to use with the tool.

In addition, here are some tips from our pro designers who have done some outstanding logo animation work for our clients.

So, if you’re a budding designer, these will be of real good help to you.

Make sure that the font fits well with the mascot of the logo. The mascot is there to trigger free association, while the typeface you add to the combination, should work to complement the effect.

For the mascot, make sure you’ve a character that turns into an extraordinary brand feature similar to McDonalds, Starbucks, and Wendy’s.

The character seems to be going pretty well with the chain. People tend to remember stories or strong themes. So, look for a possibility of creating an entirely unique theme with your mascot and typeface.

One that is easily distinguishable and to which people can freely associate your service or product, instantly. Now, that is a good logo design tip!

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