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Kinetic typography animation is now commonly used as a video content marketing strategy. Explore with us the best examples of typography animation for inspiration.

Kinetic typography animation focuses on the movement of letters to elicit emotions and effectively communicate a message to the audience.

These are excellent marketing videos. They can assist in communicating your message even when the video is set to mute.

Marketers often integrate this animation approach to stand out in this cut-throat competitive market.

This article will look at some of the finest animated kinetic typography videos that effectively used the approach to capture viewers’ attention and express a concept.

But before we jump to the examples, let’s have a brief overview of kinetic typography animation.

The Fundamentals Of Kinetic Typography Animation?

To describe in simple words, kinetic typography is an animation technique that breathes life into fonts.

As you might have guessed, typography is all about texts. This kind of moving text is intended to express or elicit a specific notion or emotion.

Moreover, it is visually appealing and auditorily exciting. Viewers will be more likely to pay attention and retain the information if presented in this manner.

Kinetic typography is a go-to style of animation for explainer videos.

Because of its understated beauty, this type of animation can immediately capture the audience’s attention.

Additionally, kinetic typography is a great choice for organizations that have the resources to record a professional voice-over.

Furthermore, this animation can be seen with or without sound, making it ideal for posting on social media platforms where most people consume video content without sound.

Best Examples Of Kinetic Typography Animation

Now that you know what kinetic typography animation is and how it works, it’s time to see some amazing examples.

We’ve put up a list of kinetic typography examples to assist you in getting some ideas for your next video marketing campaign if you’re interested in making one.

So, let’s begin. Shall we?

New York Times Turkish Editing – Quba Michalski

A commercial for the New York Times: Turkish Edition was created by Quba Michalski in 2009.

The commercial uses kinetic typography to take viewers on a tour of New York City and Istanbul’s most famous locations.

The video works because:

  • They used the actual pages of the first edition of the newspaper. They featured the entertainment and financial sections in this video.
  • There are images of the cityscapes of Istanbul and New York.

NCLA – BuzzFlick

On the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine, many protestors came on the road to protest against Covid-19 restrictions and mandatory vaccination.

BuzzFlick produced a short typographic video for NCLA in opposition to a similar agenda. The music video is informative and engaging, raising major concerns. It supports the idea that it’s an individual’s choice to get vaccinated or not.

The video works because:

  • Based on scientific facts.
  • Supports freedom of speech.
  • The clean and beautiful visuals.

The Black-Owned Friday Anthem – Google

Advertising agency BBH New York designed the Black-Owned Friday Anthem for Google in 2020.

Black Friday will henceforth be a day to encourage black-owned companies, as announced in the video.

The video works because:

  • It’s an opportunity to bring attention to the plight of black-owned companies hit hard by the pandemic.
  • The catchy jingle of Jazzy Amra’s and Wyclef Jean.
  • Stunning visuals with intriguing characters.

The Alphabet – NEWGOLD

Alessandro Novelli of NEWGOLD produced 2010 animated short The Alphabet. If you see the video, it features English alphabets from A to Z. Each alphabet is represented in different forms to grab the viewers’ attention.

The video works because:

  • To add more sparkles to the video, they added the popular track “Fréhel’s “Si tun’étais pas là” in the background.
  • It is an ideal video for kids who want to learn the English alphabet in a fun way.


GTB Media Agency came up with the ad “Jump” for Ford in 2012.

Raptor’s gas efficiency and roadworthiness are highlighted in a commercial for Ford’s F-150 truck model, which features the Raptor’s capabilities.

The video works because:

  • The bold and big text popping on the screen perfectly matches the enormity and vibe of the F-150 truck.
  • The rugged and fiery visuals.

29 Ways To Stay Creative – TO – FU

TO-FU, a Japanese motion graphics design firm, released a short video called 29 Ways to Stay Creative in 2011.

It is one of the best kinetic typography videos ever produced. The innovative and informative content in the video teaches how to unleash your inner creativity.

The video works because:

  • Tranquilizing background music.
  • Creative and striking illustrations.

The eye-catching text popping on the screen makes this video an excellent learning experience for viewers.

Keep Up – Honda

Keep Up is a 2015 ad made by Wieden+Kennedy for Honda.

The commercial depicts a sandy desert, a few glances of the 2015 Honda lineup, and a quick transition of words, testing viewers’ capability to keep up with the video.

The video works because:

  • In the ad, Honda encourages the audience to keep up with their pace, which becomes increasingly challenging as the ad goes on.
  • Those that can finish the race will discover that they are capable of far more than they previously imagined.

Childline: First Step – YCN and Buck Animation

In 2013, YCN and Buck collaborated on the kinetic typographic animated video Childline: First Step.

A UK-based 24-hour helpline for kids to open up, communicate, and report sexual harassment is promoted in this video.

The video works because:

  • The producer employed kinetic typography and abstract art to depict a discussion between an anonymous child and one of the counselors.
  • Thought-provoking.
  • Emotional and sentimental.

Find your Focus – Headspace

Headspace released a short kinetic typography animated video in 2018 called Find Your Focus.

The video uses kinetic typography to encourage viewers to follow the guided meditation instructions.

The video works because:

  • Allows viewers to interact with the video wherever they want without even moving the cursor or click buttons.
  • Helping and peaceful.

The Office – Stepdraw

In 2015, motion graphics artist Stepdraw produced a short typography animation video called The Office.

In the video, the kinetic typography technique has been used to recreate a complete cold open from an episode of The Office (US version).

The video works because:

Several special effects, illustrations, and voice-overs have been incorporated to heighten the humor throughout the video.

Clearly – Cub Studio

This is, without a doubt, a 2019 advertisement for Cub Studio.

The advertisement educates viewers about eyesight via a peppy voice-over, adorable illustrations, and informative text.

The video works because:

  • The ad’s primary objective is to urge businesses to invest in free eye exams for their employees to avert workplace accidents.

Kinetic Typography Video – FAQs

What is a kinetic typography video?

Kinetic typography is an animated video medium that incorporates moving text to grab attention, set a tone and entertain the audience. Marketers use it to make their text more appealing and add an artistry element. You can see it everywhere, including music videos, commercials, websites, and mobile apps.

Which software can I use for kinetic typography?

Biteable is a famous software that helps in kinetic typography. Small business owners and beginner animators prefer to use it. With this software, you can create your messages easily by selecting readymade templates.

What makes excellent kinetic typography?

Use stylized fonts to get the audience’s attention to certain words. If you want to create excellent kinetic typography, choosing one or two main fonts is ideal. For better results, you can use a range of entering effects to make your video more appealing.

Why is kinetic typography important?

This impressive animation medium allows you to bring the audience’s attention to the most critical viewpoints of your animated video. It is more effective when you want to showcase the research findings or statistics that need to be memorized long after the video has ended.

How much does a kinetic typography video cost?

The kinetic typography video per minute video cost is $247 approximately.

Who invented kinetic typography?

Saul Bass: Thought made kinetic typography in (1958-60)

Basse is a graphic designer who first introduced kinetic typography in film, particularly for Alfred Hitchcock’s 1959 film North by Northwest.

In A Nutshell

Kinetic typography is a highly adaptable medium for communicating and presenting your message to the audience. It is much easier to capture the viewer’s attention and effectively express your message with this strategy.

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