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Partnership with BuzzFlick: Our skills, your business, your returns

We welcome all companies and brands to work with us. If you are a small or medium size company in the media, arts, advertisement or production industry, and want to work in video, but worry about adding the overhead costs, then this solution is perfect for you.

With our years of expertise, quality work, innovative team, high quality animations and all that at an affordable cost, you can achieve your goals and convert leads to clients, better, faster and with much more ROI.

Forget about recruiting a production team or training people. You can outsource your project to us, and we will get it done for your client. Our solution will be your input to your client. We work behind the scenes and make representable marketing scenarios to increase client engagement.

Work with us and make your mark in the client’s eye and grip your roots in the industry.

A High-Class Video Animation Production
Service At A Fraction Of A Cost

Let’s Work Together!


whitelabel partnership

White Label Partnership

Selling our services as yours

Become our white label partner and sell our services to your clients with your label. The team at BuzzFlick has expertise in all animation and video production services that can fulfill your clients’ demands and meet the level of their satisfaction.

Outsource your project to us and sell our service like yours. It is an effective and fast way to engage clients without establishing a production company. To establish a production company, you need resources, investment, and a marketing campaign. Save your money and time with us.

what we offer (business partnership)

Business Partnership

Channel Partnership/ Co-Branding

BuzzFlick welcomes entrepreneurs, business consultants, domain experts, and mega enterprises to work with us. We help you understand the requirements of your client and their core goal.

Our team is furnished with knowledge of marketing, business strategy, lead conversion, and interactive content and follows a ductile production process to build the project according to your workflow.

We deliver you the project enough time before your meeting with the client so that you can review it, memorize it, and get ready to discuss it with the client. 

BuzzFlick is a video agency that thinks about your business revenue and considers your client’s satisfaction as the highest priority. We value our business partners and their clients. We have made numerous videos and have received appreciation from the clients.

reseller partnership

Reseller Partnership

Work as an Affiliate for BuzzFlick

We help you make an extra buck and your relationships alike, with our affiliate model, you can bring customers to us and get a good return on every successful closure.

All you need to do is, promote, engage, bring leads, and better sell the service, and the team at BuzzFlick got you covered by creating innovative projects and providing world-class services in the best possible time with HD quality.  Our experts will then take over and move with clients towards success with our innovative video production offers.

BuzzFlick is an award-winning animation video production company, and working with us will help you forge the business strong.

Who Can Benefit

BuzzFlick prioritizes customer satisfaction and believes in building business relations. We have a team of expert business analysts who keenly observe the business in the industry and then create the perfect video(s) for it.

With years of working experience, we have come across and served more than hundreds of businesses around the globe. We have built a strong partnership bond with various industries and agencies that serve different goals.

Our partnership model is ideal for:

  • SEO Agencies
  • PR Agencies
  • Design Agencies
  • Branding Agencies
  • Marketing and Promotion Agencies
  • Social Media Engagement Agencies
  • Commercial and Advertising Agencies
  • Individuals

A High-Class Video Animation Production

Service At A Fraction Of A Cost

Let’s Work Together!

Why Choose Buzzflick?


Valuing your goals:

We build projects that meet your business image and values. We aims to deliver the top-notch video projects that reflects you business ideas and helps the audience to understand your brand values better.

Our promises:

We are punctual with deadlines and deliver quality work on time. With engaging visuals and captivating content, we deliver the best in the ideal period.

No hidden charges:

Our services are affordable and at a pre-decided price. We don’t hold any hidden costs. The additional requirement might vary the cost.

Got your back:

Whatever the project is, whoever the client is, or whenever you want to deliver – BuzzFlick will get it done for you. We have a competent team of creators that showcases your business as a stellar artefact to uplift the your brand’s spirit.

A Simple Process

That ensures a friendly experience with the best results every time.


Understanding Business Model

Understand and select the model that works the best for you


Requirement Analysis

Come to us with your client’s requirements and deadline



We follow our production cycle: learn about the client and project, research their competitors, make a storyboard, write a script, animate the video and deliver


Pricing & Discount

As per the model, a payout is made or given as a discount on flat pricing

Get In Touch With Us

We have done more than 900 projects and have more than 800 satisfied clients, and now we know exactly what the people are looking for. We will discuss and make the project happen for you.

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