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Project Introduction

Avia is an American footwear and apparel company specializing in running, yoga, lifestyle clothes, footwear, and accessories. Jerry Stubblefield created Avia in 1979, now a part of Sequential Brands Group.

Shoes designed by Jerry Stubblefield and his son Don Stubblefield changed sports footwear forever.

Avia became a pioneer in the footwear market because of the father-son design team's innovations, such as the widely replicated cantilever sole. Later in the 1990s, Avia was sold to American Sporting Goods Corporation by Reebok for $180 million.

Avia Shoes Project Introduction
Avia Shoes Problem Statement

Problem Statement

Everybody loves buying shoes. Whether you're looking for daily wear, formal wear, or trekking shoes, one thing everyone looks for is lasting comfort with style.

However, with the amount of competition in the footwear market, it's very challenging for mid-sized or even big enterprises to get seen and heard.

They were looking for a mind-blowing idea to announce the launch of their new slip-resistant shoes; that's when they contacted team BuzzFlick for a 3D animated product demo video that showcases their unique product in a compelling and enticing way.

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Avia Shoes wants to introduce and promote its new slip-resistant shoes via a 3D animated product demo video. They consulted our expert video animation team for assistance.

As a video animation studio that has won several awards, we have established ourselves as an industry leader. We have gotten several honors and commendations for our extraordinary efforts.

Avia Shoes Goal
Avia Shoes Solution


Our project manager and a team of specialist video animators worked closely with Avia Shoes to better understand the overall project.

Initially, we comprehended their business goals, project requirements, and intended audience. This method allows us to produce video material that will appeal to viewers and aid clients in exhibiting their new product's remarkable qualities (Slip-resistant shoes).

To begin the production process,first our skilled scriptwriter produced an engaging script that describes the unique characteristics of the shoes in detail. Next is the 3D modeling and rendering procedure.

Following that, our video editors added sound effects and visual transitions to give the video a staggering appearance and feel.


Lisa S praised our 3D animation services very highly. Due to our extraordinary dedication and high-quality work, they have referred us to their colleagues. Our remarkable creation helped them to bring more significant conversions.

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"They seemed very eager to get this right for us and made the process simple."

-Lisa S

Marketing Head & Owner, Footwear Manufacturing Brand.

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