Cambio Wall Systems

The Cambio system is a Fast and Flexible Approach to Architectural Wall Design.


The objective of the project was to create a visually captivating and compelling 2D explainer video for Cambio Wall Systems that effectively showcases their innovative architectural wall design solutions. The video aimed to capture the attention of potential clients, educate them about the features and benefits of Cambio's product, and ultimately drive interest and inquiries.


The goal was to provide Cambio Wall Systems with a powerful marketing tool in the form of an explainer video that not only demonstrates the functionality and versatility of their wall systems but also effectively communicates their value proposition. The video aimed to create a lasting impression on viewers, generate brand awareness, and ultimately contribute to increased conversions and sales for Cambio Wall Systems.

Initiatives Taken

  • Understanding the Product

    The BuzzFlick team thoroughly studied Cambio Wall Systems' product and gained a deep understanding of its unique features and advantages.

  • Script Development

    A compelling script was developed that effectively communicated the key points and benefits of Cambio's wall systems. The script focused on highlighting the flexibility, ease of installation, and panel exchange options offered by the product.

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Steps Followed

  • Research and Understanding

    In-depth research was conducted to fully grasp Cambio Wall Systems' product offerings and target audience.

  • Collaboration and Feedback

    Regular communication and collaboration took place between the BuzzFlick team and Cambio Wall Systems to ensure alignment with the client's vision and requirements. Feedback from the client was incorporated at various stages of the project.

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Result and Benefits to the Client

The 2D explainer video created by BuzzFlick for Cambio Wall Systems successfully achieved the project's objectives. The video effectively showcases the product's unique features, flexibility, and easy installation process. By visually demonstrating the advantages of Cambio's wall systems, the video helps potential clients understand the product's value proposition and encourages them to consider using Cambio Wall Systems for their architectural needs.

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