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Project Introduction

Jena Dunham – Vice President of Marketing at EarthLink, an internet service provider that aims to facilitate homes, offices, and organizations with the right internet speed at the right price.

EarthLink is a US-based internet company that provides safe and speed internet to its customers. It entertains the customers with the need for internet access, secure email, security tools, or web hosting.

EarthLink Project Introduction
EarthLink Problem Statement

Problem Statement

It was a short explainer video, but it took a while to complete. At first, the requirement was a little bit ambiguous, and the quality that was expected from the animation team was not achieved, but later after some meetings and discussion, Ms. Dunham approved the final video.


Ms. Dunham reached out BuzzFlick to create an explainer motion graphics video where she intends to explain:

  • How EarthLink provides quality internet services to its customers.
  • How it will offer Wireless Home Internet service.
  • How many devices can be connected to one connection.
EarthLink project Goal
EarthLink Solutin


We began with scheduling a meeting between our project manager and Ms. Dunham and discussed all the requirements clearly.

The animator team worked on tight working hours and created a video that properly explained EarthLink and its objectives.

After a clear understanding of the project, we divided our production flow into:

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The final result took a while, but it was worth waiting. Ms. Dunham was satisfied with the end result and appreciated the effort. She expressed her appreciation by becoming our partner.

What Our Clients Say About Us

EarthLink testimonial

Thank you for the amazing work.

-Jena S.

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