A Personalized AI Solution for eCommerce Merchants

Project Introduction

Klevu's innovative product discovery algorithm increases ecommerce websites' traffic, conversion, and customer loyalty while decreasing bounce rates. It is simple to install, optimize, and manage, and easily integrates with the leading ecommerce systems.

Problem Statement

Usually, when customers visit a store to purchase a product they leave the store within a few seconds. Why so? Because they couldn’t find the product they are specifically looking for even if it was available in the store.

This directly impacts the bounce and conversion rate.

To help marketers who’re facing this massive issue, Klevu came up with an AI solution to make the shopping experience better and personalized.

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Klevu wished to exhibit its patented product discovery technology. As the solution appears challenging to use, the animated explainer video aimed to convey that it is simple to set up, optimize, and maintain and that it seamlessly integrates with major ecommerce platforms within hours.

For the video, they approached team BuzzFlick to showcase their product, its core feature and functionalities, and how it can help shoppers and marketers simultaneously.

BuzzFlick stands as one of the top motion graphics companies across the orb and it’s popularly known for its quality animation solutions and transparent video production process.


We kicked off the project, by scheduling a couple of meetings with the Klevu team to discuss the key points of the AI solution in depth.

Our expert project management team collaborated closely with the client to gain a deeper understanding of the company, concepts, project requirements, product, and end-users.

We started the project by creating an engaging video script along with an interactive storyboard. After getting the approval from the Klevu team we proceeded with the animation process.

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The final product (video) that we created was of exceptional quality and lived up to expectations. The entire Klevu team acknowledged our creativity and conveyed their appreciation for our outstanding services we provided on Clutch.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"They have been very supportive, friendly and knowledgeable."


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