Showcases the Remarkable Journey of CJ Hobgood and his Real Estate Team.


The objective of the Purser project was to create a compelling documentary that showcases the remarkable journey of CJ Hobgood and his real estate team, highlighting their achievements, values, and the unique story behind their success.


The goal of the Purser documentary was to captivate the audience, inspire trust, and establish Team Hobgood as a reputable and passionate real estate team in Florida. The aim was to attract potential clients and generate interest in their services.

Initiatives Taken

BuzzFlick took the following initiatives to create the Purser documentary:

  • Conducted extensive interviews with CJ Hobgood, his wife Cortney, and other team members to gather authentic and compelling stories.

  • Utilized professional editing techniques to craft a cohesive and impactful narrative, highlighting the key milestones and experiences of Team Hobgood.

Steps followed for production

  • Pre-production

    Conducted thorough research on CJ Hobgood, Team Hobgood, and their journey in real estate. Developed a storyboard and script for the documentary.

  • Production

    Two brothers’ story, Real estate properties, and relevant footage that complemented the storytelling. Ensured high-quality audio and visuals.

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Result and Client Benefits

The Purser documentary successfully showcased the inspiring journey of Team Hobgood, highlighting their passion, authenticity, and work ethic. It positioned them as trusted real estate professionals with a compelling backstory, attracting potential clients who value their dedication and expertise. The documentary serves as a powerful marketing tool for Team Hobgood, helping them establish a strong presence in the Florida real estate market and differentiate themselves from competitors.

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