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Project Introduction

Tim Sterba – Marketing Director at Redstone Payment Solution, introduced a new smart payment program for their clients that aids them with zero processing fee while accepting debit or credit cards.

Red Stone Payment Solution facilitates its client companies with a complete spectrum of digital electronic payment services.

Problem Statement

Red Stone Payment Solution has launched a cash discounts program for its clients and when the company integrates the solution into its payment system, it helps the company save card (credit or debit) processing fees every time the client’s client/customer swipes the card.

The company aims to deliver this information to its targeted audience in a marketing explainer video that explains how this whole program works & benefits the client (user company).

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Red Stone Payment Solution wanted to pitch their program to their audience through whiteboard animated video. Mr. Sterba discussed his idea of a marketing video and collaborated with BuzzFlick to showcase the importance of the cash discount program to their audience through marketing videos.

Mr. Sterba wanted to communicate the benefits of the cash discount program to their client companies in a simple and effective manner so that their clients understand the concept of “smart saving”.


Since 2016, BuzzFlick has collaborated with hundreds of companies from various industries. We understand the niche and the needs of every company.

We planned a meeting with Mr. Sterba, where he explained his company’s mission, vision, and the goal behind this cash discount program.

Our account manager conveyed all the requirements to the production team and together they deeply analyzed the core objective that Mr. Sterba wanted to exhibit through these videos.

We begin with creating a strategy of audience-friendly marketing video that delivers the main message of the video innovatively. Our production phase includes:

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Our final product pleased Mr. Sterba and we received tons of appreciation from the team of Red Stone Payment Solution. Mr. Sterba has signed as our premium client and is looking forward to collaborating with us again.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"The entire team was unpretentious and always professional throughout the process."

-Tim S.,

Dir of Marketing & Communications, Financial Services Firm

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