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Project Introduction

When people want to make a hotel reservation it becomes difficult for them especially when the area is hosting any kind of event or festival. Most of the hotel rooms get reserved and people interested in that event or festival are unable to find one for themselves.

To solve this problem the team Room speculator came up with a unique solution for the tourist. They created a mobile application where a person can make a reservation for a room and if they change their mind they can easily sell it to anyone looking for it. Isn’t it amazing?

Problem Statement

The team Room Speculator was facing a difficulty that how can they explain the application to the audience. Although the application is easy to use due to the unique idea they were unable to convey their message to the audience. To find the solution to this problem they came across BuzzFlick and explain their idea.

We at BuzzFlick asked a few important questions which are mentioned below:

  • How does their app function?
  • What features of the app users can use to book their reservations?
  • How is their solution different from competitors?


Room Speculator wanted to explain the entire idea of their application and was also looking for someone who can demonstrate their application in an effective way. Here BuzzFlick came to rescue them and we make sure to understand their application.

The goal of team BuzzFlick was to create a demo video that not only explains how the Room Speculator application works but also helps in explaining their business idea.


The team BuzzFlick completely understands the requirements of the client and we came up with a solution - an app demo video.

We not only created a demo video that demonstrates the process of room reservation through “Room Speculator” but also explained the business idea.

The video rotates around two interesting characters Windy and Lee who are looking to sell their hotel room. They not only sold their room but also earned a good amount of profit on it.

This shows how the application helps the audience and can be converted into a great investment. The video consists of interesting visuals that build the interest of people and can be a part of video marketing which will also help in increasing ROI.


The final product came out to be an exceptional piece of work from team BuzzFlick. “Room Speculator” Marketing team appreciated the work of the team. Although the deadline for the project was short but team BuzzFlick is always ready to face the challenges and create amazing and interesting 2D animated videos.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Our videos turned out better than we could have imagined.

-Alexandra G., CIO, Room Speculator.

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