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Project Introduction

Strategic Industry Solution (SIS) has been serving multiple industries with its Project & Service management solutions for more than 25 years.

SIS believes that a project’s success in a competitive environment begins with 360-degree transparency, visibility, easy access, and accurate operational data reporting, and it provides diverse project management solutions to make all the elements achievable for the companies.

Problem Statement

The team of SIS contacted BuzzFlick to create 2D explainer videos to communicate how SIS projects and services solutions can be beneficial for various companies and projects.


Our project manager and the team at SIS had a meeting to discuss the video idea and requirement. The essence of the meeting is to convey the usability and fruitfulness of SIS’s project management tools in various industries.

The team at SIS wished to portray the idea through an animated on-screen conversation and asked to add appropriate music according to the script.


The project was quite interesting, and BuzzFlick appreciates businesses that work for the other’s betterment. BuzzFlick deployed a team of creative directors, animators, editors, and scriptwriters to craft an informative and captivating video.

We divided our animation production processes into:

  • Assets: At the beginning of the project, we received a script and a vector-based wireframe to build a video around them.
  • Planning: Our creative directors and animators had a meeting to craft the video according to the idea and the provided assets.
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Sarah Morgan – Marketing & Employee Culture Officer at SIS – appreciated the final video and BuzzFlick’s animation work. We count SIS as one of our prestigious clients and agreed to work as their video marketing partners.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"We were impressed by their customer service."

-Sarah D. Morgan,

Marketing Officer, Service Industry Solutions Provider

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