Miles Behind: A Spiderman Fan Film

A fan-made Spiderman movie addresses black lives matter!

Project Introduction

Miles Behind: Spiderman is a fan-made short film by M’Guphynn Media – a combination of fun, thiller, excitement, and art.

The story revolves around Miles Morales, who is trying to find his balance as the new Spider-Man of New York City and an ordinary boy with a regular life, but an attempted robbery changed his life forever.

It is truly a magnificent project by M’Guphynn Media and requires courage to execute a project like this.

Problem Statement

M’Guphynn Media contacted BuzzFlick for 3D animation when they lost hope in everyone. Several freelancers worked on the 3D movement, but none of them were able to transform the imagination into a realistic motion.

The team outreached us in order to create Spiderman’s 3D animated movement across the New York Skyline with an urgent deadline.


M’Guphynn Media came to us with the requirement of 3D character animation with a short deadline. We had to animate the last scene of the film, which will going to be the opening scene of the sequel.

The main challenge we faced during the production was to Render the parts of the character simultaneously to keep up with the deadline.


Our team of 3D animators began the project with:

  • Modeling: Animator First crafted out the character’s outline within the scene.
  • Layout: The 3D model was positioned in the animatic environment to fix and alter the movement.
  • Animation:: The structure of Spiderman’s model was animated to get a proper shape and look.
  • Rendering: It was the most analogous phase, which took almost a week and a half to generate the image prints.
  • Polishing: All the modules were merged altogether into the scene. The VFX was applied with the final touchups.
  • Delivery: We dispatched the finalized file to the client within the deadline of 3 weeks.


The client was delighted with the outcome and showed us gratitude in the form of tons of appreciation and ending credit. We have shaken our hands and welcomed M’Guphynn as one of our exclusive media clients.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We absolutely loved their work.

-M'Guphynn Media

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