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The driving life in the north

Project Introduction

WoodWheaton is a Prince George-based, full-service vehicle dealership that has served Northern British Columbia residents since 1992. Overall, they assist consumers in buying and selling new and used automobiles at incredible prices without any hassle.

Problem Statement

Buying and selling wheels is a difficult endeavor. You must complete a substantial amount of paperwork, and you must ensure that the wheels you intend to acquire are of sufficient quality. They provide a solid guarantee that you will locate the ideal car with all of your desired features.

However, the process is rather difficult to comprehend when viewed from a distance. WoodWheaton asked team BuzzFlick for a whiteboard-animated explainer video that describes the entire vehicle-selling process in a fun and informative manner.

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WoodWheaton desired to demonstrate its vehicle selling service through an explainer video. They reached out to us for our professional guidance.

As a multi-award-winning video animation studio, we have established ourselves as an industry leader. We have received several awards and accolades for our amazing efforts.


Our project manager and a specialized team of video animators collaborated closely with WoodWheaton to gain a deeper grasp of the entire project.

Initially, we understood their company objectives, project needs, and intended audience. This strategy enabled us to create video content that will appeal to viewers and assist them in comprehending the automobile selling process.

Our animated explainer video creation procedure is divided down as follows:

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Don Willimont expressed a great deal of admiration for this masterwork. Due to our exceptional commitment and quality work, they recommended us to their peers.

The video enables vendors to effortlessly sell their wheels at astounding prices.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Pretty impressive job, I must say. They are a team of experts who have ample knowledge and video animation expertise. They delivered what they promised, which is commendable.

-Don Willimont

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