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Looking for some customer service training video examples to seek inspiration? Give a read to our blog and explore the amazing and useful examples.

The vast majority of us wish we could afford to put a lot of money into higher education to improve our prospects in the workforce. However, returning to school or enrolling in more classes can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor.

Training videos are here to serve you with the best.

When making purchases, they take care not to break the bank. They are simple to accomplish in one’s spare time and can be put on hold when required. You won’t have to waste time and money driving to some unknown spot. And the greatest part is that you may continue to focus on your existing job while pursuing the training you want.

In order to help you become a top-notch customer service representative, we have gathered a collection of the greatest free training videos available.

Best Free Customer Service Training Videos

You can use training videos for multiple purposes. Whether you want to train your newly onboarded employees, demonstrate to them how to use particular software, or communicate with your customers, training videos works

#1) The 7 Essentials to Excellent Customer Service

Over the course of about 12 minutes, David Brownlee reveals his seven top-secret strategies for providing legendary service to your clients.

He demonstrates how to respond to various sales and customer service issues by providing real-life examples. To him, it’s imperative that those working in customer service always strive to go above and beyond for their clients.

#2) I was Seduced by Exceptional Customer Service

Customer service, according to John Boccuzzi, who gives this TEDx presentation, is the most powerful kind of advertising a company has.

He maintains that satisfying clients by meeting their actual needs rather than their perceived desires is the best way to address their concerns. He claims that providing outstanding service to customers is the key to establishing and maintaining loyal patronage.

#3) The Six Steps in a Successful Tech Support Session

While this is an excellent resource for technical support agents, it is useful for support staff in any field.

Don Crawley discusses how to handle a support session by emphasizing the need to be genuine be professional, avoid awkward silences, and obtain a callback number. He goes so far as to outline a practice call you may get and how to handle it utilizing his six-step process.

#4) Customer Service vs. Customer Experience

This one-of-a-kind instructional video features a thought-provoking activity. The video prompts you to name the five companies or businesses to which you are most devoted, record your frequency of visits, and explain your devotion.

This activity will help you zero in on the six most common customer retention drivers. Customer care agents would do well to try to put themselves in the customer’s shoes and consider these factors.

#5) 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation

In this article, radio broadcaster and talk show host Celeste Headlee breaks down the components of a successful conversation.

Her guidelines include things like not interrupting a speaker, admitting ignorance, and asking follow-up questions. She gets people’s attention with simple, practical guidelines that can dramatically boost customer discussions.

#6) Seven Essential Customer Support Skills Every Rep Needs

In this video from HubSpot Academy, we take a high-level look at what it takes to be an excellent customer service rep. Whether it’s for orienting brand-new hires or instructing first-time supervisors on how to foster exceptional team members, this training video might prove useful.

#7) Five Critical Customer Service Mistakes

Don Crawley outlines the five most typical blunders made by customer care representatives in their interactions with clients. Mistakes include acting disinterested, failing to listen, and prioritizing our own needs above those of the consumer.

In other words, Crawley doesn’t only acknowledge the flaws. He teaches you how to avoid these pitfalls and enhance your interactions with clients.

#8) Hostmanship: The Art of Making People Feel Welcome

Jan Gunnarsson, with extensive experience in the hotel sector, shares his insights on customer service and leadership in this TEDx lecture.

He makes a good case that the attitude of the people providing customer care is more important than any particular marketing tactics or methods.

When it comes to serving consumers, he thinks it’s all about being well-informed and sharing that information. It’s a mutually beneficial connection since they want to learn from you, and you want to help them.

#9) How to Create Brand Advocates and Fans

Marketers and customer care reps alike may benefit from Amanda Slavin’s advice on building brand loyalty and customer affinity in this HubSpot Academy video. Any business owner or manager might benefit from these broad understandings of how consumers think about their product or service.

#10) Customer Service Training: Engage, Guide, and Grow Your Customers

Watch this training from Michael Redbord, the general manager of HubSpot’s Service Hub, to find out how your company’s customer support, service, and success teams can proactively advise customers and collaborate with them to find solutions to problems.

#11) Dealing with the Irate Customer

This video is excellent since it shows you three real customers who are unhappy and how your team can work to make them happy again. All types of businesses are susceptible to the problems depicted in this video.

If your staff follows the guidelines presented here, they should be able to ease stressful interactions with customers and reduce the likelihood that they will leave.

#12) Brene Brown on Empathy

Understanding the differences between sympathy and empathy is crucial in the field of customer service, which is explored in this video. Providing condolences is one form of empathy, but truly understanding another person’s plight requires digging deep into your own experiences and perspectives.

In particular, the video emphasizes the importance of not using the phrase “at least” while addressing customers. The speaker observes that “at least” is rarely used at the beginning of sympathetic utterances.

By looking for a silver lining in the person’s concerns, this remark trivializes such problems. Instead of trying to sugarcoat the situation, it’s more productive to admit there’s a problem and consider how serious it is.

Funny Customer Service Training Videos

Humor and sass are something everyone loves. There are so many sorrows in our lives, so why not add some happiness and comic element to your customer service training videos.

Let’s check out some examples of it.

#13) How to Provide Extraordinary Customer Service: The Fred Factor

In this video, Mark Sanborn recounts how he became friends with his mailman, Fred, and how Fred went above and above in providing Mark with excellent service. Their chat will move and inspire you while also providing valuable insight into the value of providing as much assistance as possible to the clients with whom you build relationships.

#14) Amazing Customer Service Taxi Cab Story

When Mark Sanborn moved to Denver, he met his new mailman, Fred, and the two hit it off.

Fred was just your average mailman, yet he went out of his way to help Mark. He even assisted in rectifying an error made by a shipping firm unrelated to him.

Fred worked really hard to view his position as an opportunity to help his clients. These initiatives motivated Sanborn to write The Fred Factor, which argues that providing extraordinary service to customers doesn’t have to break the bank.

#15) Seinfeld Customer Service Example

This classic episode of Seinfeld provides a great opportunity to examine how to provide excellent customer service. In spite of offering the greatest soup in town, their customer service is second to none.

The shopkeeper thinks his soup and “ordering method” would keep clients satisfied, but he soon learns that he needs to provide better service or risk losing his clientele. Or, in this situation, get even with someone who has shouted at you.

The video shows us that satisfying customers takes time. It makes customers eager to visit your store or visit your website again. If your clients don’t feel appreciated, it doesn’t matter how good your product is.

#16) Change Customer Service Like THIS Woman

A complimentary Coke from a Marriott employee really increased Ross Shafer’s devotion and enthusiasm as a client, as he explains in this video. This anecdote exemplifies how going the additional mile for customers pays benefits for frontline service representatives and how even the smallest of actions can have a profound effect on a client.

#17) Greg Has to Wait – Meet the Parents

This scene from Meet the Parents has a priceless illustration of how not to handle a customer service situation.

The footage depicts a flight attendant who is so stubbornly committed to the following protocol that she disrespects and enrages a passenger.

This video demonstrates that interactions with customers need not be robotic and impersonal. As a matter of fact, providing excellent customer service is a golden opportunity to earn a client’s trust, which in turn benefits both you and the company’s reputation.

#18) How to Sound Smart in Your TEDx Talk

This TED presentation doesn’t even have a topic. The speaker takes pride in the fact that his five-minute speech contains exactly zero meaningful content. The irony is that the fewer words he uses, the more of his views are made clear.

This video by Will Stephen demonstrates the significance of body language and preparation while communicating. People will give you credit for intelligence even though you aren’t actually arguing anything. It’s not actual intellect that matters, but the perception of it.

Customer service agents need to be able to think quickly on their feet since they frequently encounter questions for which they do not have a ready solution. However, if they keep their cool and look in control, clients will be more understanding and willing to wait for them to find a solution.

#19) Love Actually – The Necklace Scene

This is a perfect illustration of a company that puts the consumer first. The store clerk may believe he is helping the client by going above and above, but he is actually slowing down a consumer who needs to make a speedy transaction.

He loses the business deal because he misread the customer’s requirements. This exemplifies the significance of prioritizing the requirements of the client over those of the organization.

#20) Jim Dwight Sales Call

Show this video to your marketing and sales staff if they ever question the significance of excellent customer service.

In this scene from NBC’s The Office, Jim and Dwight make a sales pitch to a prospective client at their home. Dwight suddenly rings the client’s phone to a private number as Jim explains their core value proposition.

After a few uncomfortable rings, an automated recording informs them that they are currently on wait with one of Jim and Dwight’s rivals. To demonstrate how unique his firm is, Jim calls customer service and is greeted by an enthusiastic human resources representative named Kelly.

This comedic exchange between a customer service representative and a member of the sales and marketing team is a perfect illustration of the value that customer service can provide to the bottom line. Customers will give you more of their money if they believe you will treat them better than your competition.

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