Best Customer Testimonial Video Examples For Marketing

top customer testimonial video examples
Testimonial videos are a great way to engage a new audience and promote your brand. Explore best customer testimonial video examples for future inspiration.

Whether you’re a small-scale business or a corporate-level company, you would have a marketing team working on new strategies day and night to generate leads and turn them into your potential customers.

Marketing strategies include creating quality content in the form of blog posts, images, info graphs, PDFs, reports, case studies, audio, and news articles, etc.

But, nothing beats the powerful impact of video marketing these days. It won’t be wrong to term it as the most persuasive tool in the marketing field these days for convincing a customer to buy your product.

Why is that so?

Think of yourself as a customer who has all the information but still needs a push to make a purchase? What can possibly be compelling enough to make you act upon your feeble wishes by turning them impregnable?

A powerfully made video can do that! Best product videos capture more attention than any other marketing content. More than 64% of the viewers turn into customers after watching an interactive video.

According to HubSpot, 54% of consumers want to see videos from the business they support.

There are several marketing video types you can use for your brand, and all of them play an important role in your marketing strategies. All sorts of these videos can be made for your brand by creative video animation companies you trust.

But we are going to talk about the most powerful type out there in the video-marketing section.

And that is Testimonial Video.

Customer Testimonial Video: An Overview

Sometimes called ‘customer review videos’ or testimonial ads’, these videos are made to showcase your prospects’ (at times your employees) positive experiences with your brand, company, or product/service.

They excel at building brand trust by demonstrating how you and your products have aided others in similar situations. And that’s no small effort in a world when 85% of customers prefer searching for reviews online before making a purchase!

You can approach the process of making a testimonial video in a variety of ways, each with its own zest and benefits.

However, a few characteristics are common to all videos of this type: An interviewee associated with your business or product, a presentation of how that encounter impacted their lives positively, and visual components that provide attention and engagement to the showcase.

As these customer testimonial examples demonstrate, it is a broad list that may take on various forms when executed in the right way.

However, after everything is said and done, you wind up with content that shines a light on people your audience can relate to, sharing tales they can identify with.

Now it’s time to take a look at some of the testimonial examples we simply adore.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

Best Testimonial Video Examples to Date

There are plenty of reasons to create customer testimonial videos for video marketing. However, there is unquestionably a right and a wrong way to go about it.

Don’t trust you? Let’s take a look at a handful of compelling client video testimonial examples while keeping an eye on the strategies you can implement yourself.

#1) Reinforce key conceptions and takeaways

If you create a successful questionnaire – which we’ll discuss in further detail in another testimonial video example – you’ll frequently surprise yourself with insightful, striking, or simply inspiring responses that perfectly align with your core message.

Never let go of such responses to waste!

Take note of how Amazon manages to draw the viewer’s attention by using powerful feelings and statistics via direct statements from its interviewees.

By utilizing on-screen text pop-ups, they are able to smoothly reinforce concepts such as “We could never do this on our own” or “Scalability. Efficiency. Accuracy.” that express all they want to convey about the product they are promoting.

#2) Reflect and use the emotion – the powerful instrument

And while we’re on the subject of tone and connecting with the audience, it’s worth mentioning that emotion can, and frequently should, play a significant role in your testimonial advertising.

Few people relate the terms “wholesome” and “inspiring” with a product like Google AdWords, yet that is precisely the association made by Google’s clever cookie-cutter advertising campaign featuring “success stories.”

By focusing on the impact of their product on a mom-and-pop business that we can all cheer for, they establish an emotional connection with their audience that they could not achieve otherwise.

Different brands can use a variety of emotive viewpoints, and you should consider your options during the initial stages of the production of your video.

#3) Focus on the customer’s journey

It is one of the most famous instances of consumers explaining their personal journey, how it began with the product, from who they were in business previously, the outcomes they discovered after joining the company, and so forth.

When consumers share their positive experiences with the company’s end product, it’s simple to take the viewer on the same trip.

Typically, consumers have a common sort of issue that the business resolves. As a result, persuading those who face similar challenges and converting them into potential clients becomes simple.

SiteLock has put together a clever customer journey video that explains the complete process to new customers. Company culture films that convey a story are among the greatest examples of this. Attracting viewers from the get-go was the goal of this SiteLock video campaign, which managed to do exactly that.

#4) Leverage the power of influential personalities

What’s better than a customer’s testimonial? A celebrity’s testimonial! If your service or product has made a famous personality happy, chances are, the public would also feel comfortable believing in you.

This tactic is mainly used by PR departments where they send off PR packages to influencers to get a review from them about the brand. But a personalized testimonial video would go way higher than a review.

Celebrity testimonials are pretty popular in every niche these days, especially on Instagram, where social celebrities like Kylie Jenner have turned themselves into huge money churning enterprises by reviewing their own brands and leveraging other celebrities to do it for them.

#5) Focus on the happy ending

Focusing on the happy ending and final reward works well for several reasons.

Customers know for sure what to keep in mind as a result. Satisfied reviews and testimonials seal the deal. Seeing lighthearted customers sharing satisfactory results with the help of facts and with glee in their attitude makes the viewers confident about making a purchase. It helps them in visualizing what results they will get.

Showing the before and after comparison focusing on how crappy the situation was and how it improved after using your service with a happy testimonial would cut the deal.

This dental commercial deciphers the message clearly through the beautiful resulting smiles and shining teeth.

#6) Feature perspectives of different prospects

According to Google’s data, 68 percent of consumers like product videos from “people like me,” which means you should include customer testimonials from a variety of various sorts of customers to appeal to a broad range of prospective leads.

The most effective product videos typically include a diverse range of individuals of all ages, nationalities, genders, and backgrounds.

Ascender HCM was selected to direct video testimonials of customers of different genders and from different ethnicity, and backgrounds. They were able to appeal to different populaces and convey different opinions on the same experience in this manner.

#7) It doesn’t have to be always about YOU

At times, it’s not necessary to always focus on your brand, company, product. Sometimes, let others spark and shine.

Give a chance to others to tell their tale through your platform.

This is why Samsung’s piece made our list of the top customer testimonial videos. Rather than focusing exclusively on their brand or product, they chose a new approach, stepped aside, and let someone else tell their experience.

It’s a testimonial that errs on the side of being labeled as such since the connections to the product being marketed are so complex and subtle that they may pass unnoticed on a casual inspection.

However, if you see closely, you’ll see that all of the fundamental aspects that comprise the other fantastic testimonial examples on this list are also present here. And with an exceptional, unforgettable outcome!

However, not all brands have the product, notoriety, scope, and resources necessary to pull off anything like this. However, as demonstrated, this strategy may be quite effective in the appropriate conditions.

#8) Capture Candid Reactions

Another word for testimonials? Candid reactions!

You can go for capturing the moments where your clients or customers check out your product or service and give an immediate reaction. That will add the truth factor is your advertisements more than acting ads.

It could be about a newly opened restaurant where some customers try out signature dishes and give candid remarks about taste. Including a quick pitch about the product at the start and letting the customer’s real-time testimonials do the persuading part. Viewers can sense the authenticity in the tones of customers.

West Coast Nissan’s relations manager and customer service executive Karissa compiled candid customer testimonies from West Coast Nissan customers. Her objective was to demonstrate why West Coast Nissan is the number one choice for Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows automobile purchasers.

Customer Testimonials FAQ

To conclude, we wanted to quickly address a few frequently asked questions about client testimonial videos advertising. So, let begin:

What is a customer testimonial?

Testimonial in marketing is any content that features satisfied and happy customers’ opinions and experiences on a brand or a product.

Don’t confuse testimonials with success stories or case studies. They tend to be creative and are meant to reassure prospects about the validity, quality, and reliability of a brand and its offerings.

Why do brands need video testimonials?

Testimonial videos are most typically utilized to help potential customers convert. While testimonial advertising can be helpful throughout the consideration and awareness stages of the buyer’s journey, it can also help attract new buyers.

How can you make a good customer testimonial video?

Before you jump on the bandwagon, consider the following tips to make an effective and good video testimonial:

  • Take some time and find a satisfied customer who is ready to share their journey with you happily.
  • Don’t write scripts for customer review videos. Be original and share the genuine opinion of your client.
  • When writing questions, choose exploratory and open-ended questions.
  • Look for a well-lit, uncluttered and pleasant place to record your customer’s interview.
  • Find or record visually engaging inserts to make client testimonial videos more interesting.

Ending note

Still not sure if you can do it perfectly? If you want to learn more about how to turn a simple testimonial video into an influential commercial, BuzzFlick, the best video animation agency, can help you!

Talk to us to find more examples of how a testimonial video can boost your business and do wonders!

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