The Complete Guide for Designing Sight-Friendly Animated Website

Guide for Designing Sight Friendly Animated Website
Motion sensitivity in animation has become a common issue these days. Read this article to learn the best tips to prevent motion sensitivity in animation.

Nowadays, most people think parallax and scroll jacking effects are irritating and misused by marketers. But what if we tell you that motion can also makes you ill?

People have started to notice that extensive motion on screen can affect them with disorders such as nausea, dizziness, headaches, or worse. For some animation designs, viewers feel the symptoms persist even after the animation is over.

It is a reality that people are facing visually-triggered vestibular disorders as animated interferences have become the standard.

Here in this blog, we will guide you through the tips that will help you design a sight-friendly animated website.

What is a Vesti-What Disorder?

Any injury, damage, or disease to the vestibular system – this includes the system of the brain and inner ear that manages sensory information involved in managing eye movements and balance all come in vestibular disorder.

Vestibular disorders include labyrinthitis and benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). These disorders can affect people, and the symptoms and severity differ from case to case. has revealed in their research that nearly 8 million adults in the United States face a chronic problem with balance.

Moreover, an additional 2.4 million face a chronic problem with dizziness. The alarming thing is that the people facing vestibular disorders are not the only ones affected by screen animation designs. Animations can affect people with migraine sensitivities and epilepsy as well.

Example of Potentially Triggering through the Animation

To understand what type of web animation can cause people with vestibular disorders, I conversed with some people about their experiences.

People think Ice and Sky, Vimeo’s Cameo, and RD Construction ad campaigns are worrying because of their extensive use of motion and the parallax-like background effects, and center animated motion is moving at fast speeds.

This carousel from Apple has big trouble, especially when it glances back to the first image. You cannot control stopping or pausing that specific carousel, so you cannot avoid it.

The page of the iPhone product contains parallax background animations and scroll jacking (on this page, the backgrounds animate at a different speed that doesn’t match your scrolling efforts), causing problems for the viewer.

The size of the Movement should be Relative

Animations that pull an object around a vast space are most likely to receive a negative response for people already facing vestibular disorder. The size of the screen concerns less as compared to the motion relative to the available screen space.

So, a small button alongside 3D rotation undoubtedly won’t cause a problem, but a full-screen wipe transition on the full screen likely would. Animation that includes only non-moving properties such as color, opacity, and blurs doesn’t cause any problems for the viewers.

Incompatible Directions and Speed

Exaggerated scroll jacking and parallax animations are most likely to be annoying. Usually, these effects include background objects moving at a different speed than foreground objects. Animation movement that moves in a different direction than the viewer is scrolling creates problems.

Tips for Designing Safer Motion

You need to consider a few things to make animated motion easier and more engaging for viewers who find it annoying; let’s have a look:

Animations Should be Purposeful

You should design UI animations with an objective and have a concrete reason for using any animation. For instance, if any part of your interface moves, there should be a valid reason for using that. There are various ways animation can make the user experience, and it is helpful because of its demonstrational abilities and storytelling.

Websites with animation and purposeful motion attract the audience’s attention quickly. Motion graphics have become the first preference of marketers. They incorporate motion graphics to convey their brand’s message more effectively.

So, if you are looking for motion graphics services, you can connect with BuzzFlick. They have an experienced team of animators who can create a creative video for you.

Follow a Relevant Context

A link billed as “the most fantastic WebGL experiment ever” includes substantial amounts of movement, and the audience can decide whether following that link can cause risk to them or not.

However, all animation is not hidden behind links. It isn’t very easy to identify context when motion becomes more and more mainstream. For instance, if a person is reading a large news article with no expectation of encountering movement animation, someone with vestibular disorder may find themselves dealing with sudden symptoms.

If you are confident, and the context is clear, you can add it explicitly; it can help you achieve your objectives.

Provide Control Access to Users

If your website has an enormous amount of movement that incorporates a lot of animation movement, consider providing an option to turn off or reduce motion. There are many cases where large amounts of motion resulted in an immensely appealing design sense.

Providing a control option to the audience gives an alternative way to view that content. People sensitive to motion admire this type of option that makes them comfortable.

You can offer this option to the audience through a toggle switch or button to turn off or reduce animation on your website. A simple toggle allows users who are sensitive to animation to turn off or minimize animation easily.

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Now you have learned about the best ways to avoid motion sensitivity. Generally, people don’t know about the animations that can cause motion sensitivity. Some animations can cause vestibular disorder, which is a common complaint by people.

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In a Nutshell

Motion sensitivity has become a common problem these days, which is causing vestibular disorders. After reading this blog, you can avoid the animations that trigger motion sickness for the users or viewers.

It negatively impacts viewers’ minds, and they perceive a brand is using this type of content to influence their minds. So, from the marketing perspective, it is not an appropriate way of promoting your product or services. If the audience doesn’t like your video or website due to motion sensitivity, they probably won’t buy anything from your brand.

So, you need to hire a video animation agency that can create an innovative and engaging video for your audience. BuzzFlick is the best option as they have a team of experienced video animators.

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