How to Make a Promo Video for Your Business – A Complete Guide

how to make a promo video
80% of marketers use promo videos to earn positive ROI. Learn how to create a promo video for your upcoming video and email marketing campaigns.

Once you have manufactured the product, the next and the most vital step is the launch. This is the step where most companies fail to communicate the essence of their product to the targeted audience.

This failure usually happens because of bad promotion or poor marketing, which projectile a company’s negative image on its customers that end up in untrustworthiness.

But the question is how to save a product or company from this disaster? You can use promo videos in your marketing campaigns!

You must have heard this term when it comes to an online pre-launch of a product. In layman’s words, it is an online short commercial for a product or event launch, where you see a glimpse of the product or system.

I am sure some questions must be roaming around in your head:

  • What is precisely a promo video?
  • Why should you make one?
  • Why is it beneficial for the business?
  • And how to create a good one?

This read will answer all the questions above and put light on the marketing strategies that will be beneficial for companies with manufacturing businesses.

So, without any delay, let’s jump right into it!

What is a Promo Video?

A promo or promotional video is a marketing video that is intended to market your company, products, services, events, and promotions to your prospects.

Most of the videos on the internet are somehow promotional videos because those videos aim to engage your targeted audience and get them committed to your goal.

Promo videos are easy-sell videos and don’t require the salesperson to scream “buy it, buy it, buy it” after every few seconds. The best promo videos are calm and intelligently composed with a marketing strategy that sells the product without throwing a turn-off at the viewer’s face.

Why Make a Promo Video?

The most important goal of a company is to connect with its prospects on a deeper and emotional level, and to build that connection, you need to share valuable information, cover illuminating events, exhibit the milestones, or narrate heartwarming customer stories through your video content.

Promo videos are effective in that scenario because your targeted audience is humans, and humans usually get engaged and primarily driven toward something through emotions.

When people watch a product promo video, the thing that hooked them up to it is emotions, not logic. The promotional videos are best at seizing the attention and once your prospects are plucked, it won’t be hard for you to close the deal.

First, you bond with your audience through emotions, and then you pitch your business with science and logic. And there is no better medium for that except promotional videos.

Types of Promo Videos

Promotional videos are as wide as explainer videos, here are some general types that can be used by any company and suit all the business niches. Let’s take a brief look at these types:

1. Product Featuring Promo Video

The goal of a product featuring a promotional video in your marketing campaign is to give a glimpse of your product or service.

You narrate a story in the video that synchronizes with your audience’s needs, and your audience starts feeling that this is the place that provides the most reasonable and effective solution to their problems.

This promo video type is best for a product launch to generate hype and seek attention. Product featuring videos have a bit salesy tone than the rest of the promo videos.

You pitch to your audience how this product is beneficial for them and how can only your product be suitable for their needs.

Years ago, Zoom has released a promo video that explains how Zoom video conferencing is revolutionizing virtual meetings and team collaboration, and how Zoom help companies connect remotely with their employees and clients. This video is a perfect example of a product featuring promo videos.

2. About Us Promo Video

If you don’t just want to sell your product but want some recognition worldwide, then about us promo videos are the best medium to reach out to your prospects.

Promo videos are an excellent way to let your audience know about your business, brand, or company. You can highlight what you do as a company, who you are, what your vision is, how do you aim to serve your customers, or what category of customers you facilitate.

This promo video can include BTS (behind the scene) clips, employee interviews, user testimonials, or a day tour of your company.

Here is HubSpot’s About Us promo video, where Brain Halligan – CEO of HubSpot – is sharing the journey of HubSpot from an idea to a well-grown software product marketing company.

3. Event Launch Promo Video

Have you seen the Dubai Expo promo video? If not, then let’s take a quick look.

The primary objective of an event launch video is to engage more eyes and evoke the interest of the audience in the upcoming event.

Event launch promo videos are usually 2-minutes long and cover all the essential and exciting parts of the event to engage and excite the audience for the event.

P.S: If it is a recurring event like Dubai Expo, then include the footage of previous events in your promo videos. This will motivate your audience to not miss the event and all the good stuff that they can enjoy.

Here is another promo video – the Catalyst Atlanta 2019 Highlights – which surely is an interest driving event video for the audience.

4. Promo Video Ads

Videos are the more effective medium to communicate your message to your targeted audience. A study has shown that 93% of marketers prefer using video in their marketing campaigns and social media marketing to catch more eyes toward their objectives.

People these days don’t want to read bulky texts and prefer video content more to get product knowledge. Promo video ads are the best shot for companies to launch their products, highlight their keep features, and convince the audience to buy them.

Nike creates the best and short promo video ads, and here is one from them that I have featured. Check it out.

Why Promo Videos are Beneficial for Business?

As a company, what is your ultimate goal? Drive sales, bring business, and get recognition. A Promo video does that for you.

It showcases the insights of your business and what as a company you have to offer. Promo videos increase the conversion rate and reduce the bounce-back ratio on your web pages.

The studies have shown that videos on the landing page can boost the conversion rate up to 86% and help the company in generating revenue 49% faster.

Promo videos are not just advertisement or a “sales call”, but benefits your business in various ways. It boosts your CTR (click-through rates) by 21% if you use them in your email marketing campaign.

How to Make a Promo Video?

Promo videos are not just used to promote or market a product, they also provide tons of valuable information to its audience.

Sometimes it feels a little overwhelming when it comes to creating a promo video that provides value because it can either shoot your business high up in the sky or under the million grains of the sand.

And to make it work for your business, here are some approaches that you can adopt while creating a promotional video. Keep them in mind!

1. Set Your Video Goals and Collect Material

Goal setting is the first step of any initiative, promotional video follows the same approach before beginning the production.

Video goal is what you aim to achieve from your promo video, what the video should do in order to benefit your business, and what roadmap you need to follow to make your video effective.

After setting the video goal, the next 3 essential things you need to do before you dive into video production:

Highlight Your Brand Voice and Values to Your Audience

When your consumers are watching your content they want quality content from you – clear and straightforward. But what do you want to deliver to your audience?

To convert customers from the audience, you need to exhibit your brand’s voice and describe how beneficial your brand can be for your audience.

This is the point of a paradigm shift for the audience, either they get hooked to whatever you are proposing or they will leave without knowing you.

Note: Don’t let your consumer perceive what you are not, clearly deliver your mission as a brand to your prospects.

Create an Engaging Message

Sometimes people skip the video because they don’t want to buy anything, but if you want to lock the eyes of your audience and lead them to the purchase, then create explainer sales videos with a touch of storytelling.

Strong storytelling can hold the viewers to the video and an unintentional viewer end up as a potential customer.

Calculate Your Budget

You should know how much your budget is and how much can you pay to create an effective enough video for your business.

The duration of your video might affect the cost of your video production. So, must consider the duration of your video while calculating your budget.

If you have a calculated budget and want to create some amazing promo videos, then you can trust BuzzFlick – an award-winning video animation agency– with your time, money, and project.

2. Outline Your Storyboard

Once you are done with goal setting, brand voice, budget calculation, and the message you want to share, now it’s time to create the storyboard.

To begin with the storyboard, you first need to outline a story. It is the step where you synchronize your story with your message, it is not the scripting but you roughly sketch a story that reflects your message to your audience.

After creating a story, it’s time to think about how to portray the story that your message gets delivered to your audience loud and clear.

But how will you do it? If you are stuck at this point, then recall your goal, and evaluate what and how you need to tell your audience to achieve that goal.

Now you know all the angles your story needs and have all the essential information that needs to be covered in your video, the next step will be scriptwriting.

It is highly recommended by the production team to create a video storyboard at this very point. This will help you visualize the story and the video scene better.

The storyboard will guide your production team on what they need to perform sequentially and help to create a promo video exactly as it was planned or imagined.

3. The Production Phase

This is the step where the magic happens – the production phase. Story set, storyboard set, script set, now it’s the time to produce your promo video. The production includes:

  • Animation
  • Sound effect
  • Lightning
  • Equipment
  • Video shoot
  • Voiceover
  • Interview

4. The Post-Production Phase

After the production, the video move to the post-production phase where final touch-ups and polishing are done to give a final look.

You take all the videos clips, voiceover, recordings, and merge them into your promo video. during this phase, you perform editing, special effects, transitions, and more. The phase includes the following:

  • Video editing
  • Review
  • Revision
  • Feedback
  • Approval(s)
  • And Delivery

5. Video Promotion

Done with video production? Now start promoting it! Wait, what? Promote a promo video?

Yeah, you read it right!

You have invested your time, money, and resources while creating this promo video, it’s time to ensure that your video must catch as many eyes as possible.

The ultimate goal is to drag the audience’s attention to your video and communicate the core message effectively. Here are some ways that you can adopt to promote your video:

  • Create an attractive thumbnail for your video and embed it in your email marketing campaign. For this time, you have been creating the email list, now dispatch your promo video to the list.
  • People love to share exciting content in their social circle, make sure to add a share button. If your video will be entertaining enough, your video recipient will get multiplied without you doing anything extra.
  • Must share your video on your social media accounts. Put your video as your Instagram or Facebook story, pin the video on your Twitter Feed, post it on TikTok.

What Can Make a Good Promo Video?

The making of a promo video seems simple, but there are some points that you need to incorporate into your production phase to make a perfect promo video.

Think of your promo video as a trailer that gives all the taste of the film and yet does not reveal anything. In your case, a promo video will give a glimpse of your product or whatever you are promoting but will not disclose the details.

It will only show sufficient and important information to your audience and keep the rest for your detailed explainer video.

While creating an event launch promo video, your entire video should revolve around your event. Do the clips of the previous events, this will highlight the guest experience and what your audience will expect from the upcoming video.

The most vital thing is adding CTA into your video. Suppose you have created a compelling video and your audience is almost there to make a purchase but, at the end of the video, he doesn’t know what to do next, this is the point where you lose a potential customer. This will help your audience to get a direction of what to do next.

You can use promo videos to promote your business and showcase all the aspects of your business. The video can include your office tour, a sight of the work culture, an interview of your employee(s), and much more.

Promo videos give you the freedom to promote any campaign and initiative easily and effectively.

Promo Videos Ideas & Examples

There are so many mind-blowing promo videos, but I have collected some of the best and all-time favorite promo videos examples that can inspire you with your next promo video idea.

1. Dollar Shave Club

Well, Dollar Shave Club doesn’t create a work-safe promo videos, but they are undoubtedly entertaining. The video revolves around the CEO Mic, who is selling the Dollar Shave Club blades and grooming products in a humorous way. Take a look.

2. Bamboo HR

Are you looking for a perfect HR management system, then you should get your company BambooHR – a cloud-based HR management system. This promo video shares employees’ testimonial that shares how they feel working and how their work & life balance as an employee at BambooHR company.

This promo video talks about the work culture and work-life at BambooHR. It is an excellent example for companies who want to showcase their company work culture to the world.

3. BlendTec

Blend Tec’s YouTube account has a variety of videos, but the “Will It Blend?” series is pretty popular among the viewers. As the name implies, Tom Dickson, the CEO of the BlendTec company uses the blender to blend a variety of things. And btw the answer to the question “Will It Blend” is usually in affirmative, hard to believe right?


Hopefully, you have found this article helpful and got all the information about the promo video that you have been looking for.

The promo videos will help you communicate your brand voice, event update, and much more. Get your business voice heard by all.

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