How To Write An Explainer Video Script In 8 Easy Steps

explainer video script
Explainer video can boost the conversion rate if the script is well-written. Read our blog to learn how to write a killer explainer video script.

Your animation marketing video needs to be visually appealing, entertaining, and ultimately effective. It would be best to concentrate on creating an explainer video script that is incredibly convincing, simple, and captivating.

But isn’t that very complicated? Not really!

Creating an explainer video script is a simple task. All you need to do is follow the basic principles properly, and you’re good to go.

If you’re wondering how to write an explainer video script, don’t you worry.

As part of today’s blog article, we’ll demonstrate how to write a script for an explainer video and lead you through some of the top explainer videos examples to give you a better understanding of how to go about the process.

Moreover, we will also offer you some insights.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Explainer Video Script: The Key Conceptions

An explainer video script contains the message that will be communicated by the piece, as well as the language that the voiceover will deliver throughout the video. It serves as the basis for the entire video, and as such, it is one of the most crucial aspects of the whole video production process.

It is necessary to strike a balance between the content (a compelling screenplay) and form to create a visually attractive explainer video (animations, music, camera angles, designs, music, and sound effects, to name a few).

Furthermore, you must keep in mind that the goal of a video explainer script is to communicate how your product or service may assist your target audience in solving their unique pain points.

As long as you are focused on one goal, forget about talking about your company or the incredible benefits of your product.

If you want to learn about explainer videos in detail, go ahead and check out what an explainer video is and how to make one.

Significance of An Explainer Video Script

To explain the importance of an explainer video script and why you should invest in one, let’s take a look at the one made by the Dollar Shave Club.

The advertisement to this company only costs $4500 to produce, yet it has received millions of views across all social media platforms.

The script of the 8-year old commercial was excellent. It was really entertaining from beginning to end.

The script was successful in capturing the interest of the audience. It didn’t matter how well the production was done; the script was more than enough.

According to Allan Paivio’s Dual-Coding Theory, which is based on empirical evidence, the brain interprets auditory and visual stimuli in distinct ways.

In other words, by developing an explainer video that is strong on both audio and images, you increase the likelihood that your audience will find it to be of interest and value.

Creating an Amazing Explainer Video Script takes Time

There’s a common myth that explainer videos are lackluster, boring, and straight-up non-sensical. Dejectedly, it is valid to a certain extent. Most brands underestimate their potential and don’t spend enough time on research.

Before you start writing a script for an explainer video, please go through some past examples and take your time researching before you understand what it takes to create successful explainer videos.

There are 2 primary reasons why you must spend more time on scriptwriting:

· To coalesce your artistic idea

You may have a fantastic and strong concept in your brain that you can’t wait to put into action.

To test it, you first need to write it down or create a Google doc. As a result, you’ll be able to examine it critically from a variety of perspectives. You’ll be able to show people what you’ve done and ask for their input and recommendations for improvement.

There is a good chance that the final product will appear significantly different (and far better) than you initially envisioned.

· To streamline your video production process

In the whole video production process, the screenplay serves as a roadmap. For this reason, you must map out every step of the process before you can go securely from point A (concept) to point B (publication).

Additionally, the video script may serve as a space to list all the resources needed to make an explainer video. The script should include everything from people and equipment to location and other materials.

More thorough and well-thought-out scripts provide for more accurate time and expense estimates. It’s essential for marketers.

Don’t just follow the typical route of ‘think, create, execute’ – distill your brand’s core values and how it can be perfectly depicted in a 30-second explainer video, for example.

Now let’s learn how to write a script of an explainer video.

8 Step Process to Write a Successful Explainer Video Script

And now it’s time for the juicy part: Let’s dig into the process of writing an outstanding explainer video script!

Before we start, just for your information, it’s a simple, straightforward process. Know your story and how’ll you explain it to your audience.

Remember, the ‘story’ is the key foundation in a script. So, let’s take a look at the whole process:

#1) Know your narrative

We often encounter explainer videos containing complicated messages, ramble aimlessly, or wait until the last second to get to the point.

Occasionally, it is so distracting that it does more harm than not having an explainer at all. Avoid this disastrous mistake. Your primary goal is to deliver a story succinctly and clearly.

Your narrative will fall into either one of the categories: process walkthrough or problem-solution. We recommend to follow these narrative formats if you want to write an awe-inspiring explainer video script.

  • Showcase a scenario: Firstly, before delving into the problem itself, familiarize the audience with a scenario. But consider the time frame as well. You don’t want to bore the audience with needless information. Keep it concise. Also, make sure it’s relatable to the target audience.
  • Solve a particular problem: Once the audience gets comfortable, slide in with the problem, and advertise your brand. Add CTAs, slogans, promotional deals – outline it perfectly. It should be a linear process. A short, powerful explainer video should depict the scenario, the problem, and its ultimate solution.

Although, these are vague guidelines. Story scripts can often be complex and require a lot of brainstorming.

Here are a few questions you should reflect upon. It’ll help you realize your shortcomings and what you need to be aware of. Even an easy script requires a breakdown.

So, let’s get into it:

  • Why do you want to share this story? Create an explainer video for business purposes, not for fun. Determine your objectives to assist in anchoring your messaging and writing a successful script.
  • What message do you want to give out? Filling in a void in your audience’s understanding is the primary goal of an explainer video. Determine in what ways you’re making a difference in their lives.
  • Why will people care to watch it? Determine who is your target audience and what they’re looking for. Consider their pain points and what actions you can take to solve them. Gathering all this information is necessary to deliver the right message to them.
  • What value will it offer? You need to give some valuable information through your video.
  • What impact will it make on your viewer? Your ultimate goal must be to leave a lasting impression on your audience. Avoid ending your explainer with a blatant sales-based message. End it on a meaningful note.

Keep your story at the center of the scriptwriting process.

#2) Breakdown your story

There’s a subreddit for everything on Reddit, but Explain Like I’m Five is one of the most fascinating.

Distill your idea with the enthusiasm and language you would use to explain it to a 5-year-old child. Even if your audience is well-educated, the purpose of an explanation is to provide information concisely.

There was a book series, titled – ‘For Dummies’. The goal was to help customers understand complex concepts in the easiest way possible, without any gibberish.

Surprisingly, the series has been sold far more than any academic book ever could – just because the masses easily understood it.

So, follow the same strategy in your explainer video script. Distill the story and market it as if your target audience is children.

The enthusiasm, vocabulary, visuals, audio – every aspect should be easily understandable.

In our view, the perfect explainer video script should be entertaining to people of all ages. But don’t get carried away with it. As long as your ‘brand’ is family-friendly – there’s no harm in creating a funny, wholesome explainer.

A piece of advice:

  • Write a five-sentence story outline. Weave your thoughts together with the help of this activity.
  • Use simple and short sentences.

Take a look, how Visa brilliantly explained their’ purchase alert’ feature in this 30-second explainer video.

#3) Stay culturally relevant

Touch your viewers on a personal level. Create a script that has a long-lasting impression. Many brands use social issues, politics, and cultural holidays in their videos for this very purpose.

For example, Coca-Cola crafted an ad where the premise revolved around family and Christmas. It had a YouTube center script. Titled as ‘the last customer’ – it has 2.7 million views on the video platform and is loved by consumers in the Philippines and even worldwide.

  • Be direct to them: Speak in a personal tone, as if you are trying to know the audience. Use comforting words and create a relatable ambiance.
  • Use culturally relevant words: Use local-based words. If your brand targets a specialized local audience, using suitable words in your slogan is recommended.

#4) Pour some emotions

Whether you want to make your audience laugh or cry, the more you can evoke an emotional response, the more engaged your audience will be.

Start with a bang, and don’t let go.

The best campfire ghost story of all time isn’t needed to be told. Telling a decent tale is the most important thing. To convey an emotion, you may use various storytelling techniques, such as tone, vocabulary, tales, and statistics.

The ability to effectively convey your brand’s voice is also a significant consideration. People want to connect emotionally with a real person, so exhibit your personality and position yourself as a kind and helpful individual.

Remember to showcase the charm and warmth!

#5) Keep the length short and sweet

How long should a script be? “How long is my script?” Nowadays, everyone consumes content on the go. In fact, stats show that the world is shifting more and more towards digital mediums every day.

It’s challenging to grasp someone’s attention in an already busy world. So, write your script accordingly.

Explainer videos range from 30-seconds to even 5-minutes, so it’s essential to realize what’s best for you.

Here are a few explainer video script templates:

  • 15-60 seconds: Ideal for everyday product videos; depicting a feature and new brand launches.
  • 1-3 minutes: to show explicit details. Perfect for videos with a longer narrative.
  • 3-5 minutes: Established brands are recommended to use this format. If you want to showcase your brand’s message to its fullest, use this format.

It would be best if you also considered the following things:

  • Ideal word count: In terms of scripts, 130-150 words per minute are recommended.
  • Read time: Before going through the production process, make sure you know the read time.

To figure out the length of your script, click here.

#6) Voice over should be in a flow

While writing blogs, articles, or any editorial – creative artists often overlook the importance of ‘audio’.

No matter if you’re hiring a voiceover artist or doing it on your own, ensure the voiceover in the explainer video must be crystal-clear.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Use simple words: The purpose of an ad is to raise awareness while keeping simplicity intact. So, check the flow of words – the pronunciation, syllables, everything that comes with it.
  • Rewrite non-sensical phrases: Simplify weird, complex, awkward expressions. Usually, consumers complain that explainer videos lack originality and have a ‘robotic’ tone. So, use natural, everyday sentences. The video’s voiceover should be relatable and to the point. Also, use active voice rather than passive. It depicts a natural tone.

#7) Show, don’t tell

There’s an old saying that – ‘show, don’t tell’ and we need to adhere to it. Even psychologists recommend it. The brain craves visuals and is attracted to them. There’s a reason why most people can binge-watch a show in a day, but it will take ages to complete a book.

Procrastination gets in the way every time. Remember that our brain grasps concepts from ‘video’ 60,000 times faster. So, utilize this fact to your advantage!

Use animated instructional videos, do cartoon scriptwriting, create an animated screenplay –focus on visuals. Mind-blowing graphics are appealing to the eye and play a major in explainer videos.

#8) Test your script

In order to ensure your script resonates with actual people, share it with real people. You can try a focus test if you can. It’s unnecessary to be overly formal, but it’s a good idea to gauge their emotions and make changes as necessary.

Give a copy of the script to a coworker or friend to have them look it over (or hear you read it). Always get a second or third opinion before taking things forward.

Experts Tips for Writing Script for Explainer Video

  1. Use illustratable and concrete words to leave a long-lasting, significant impact on your audience.
  2. Your explainer video’s ultimate goal is to educate entertainingly.
  3. Emphasize your tone and words that it can be easily understood and read by the voiceover artist.
  4. Keep your tone conversational.
  5. Implement the classical structure to your narrative.

Closing thoughts

Generally, writing a script is a heinous task. There are plenty of things that are needed to be taken care of.

However, if you follow the basic principles of scriptwriting, then no one stops you from writing a stellar script for any sort of video

After reading this comprehensive guide, we hope you’ll be well on your way to becoming an expert scriptwriter for explainer videos.

If you already have a script in your hand and have no clue how to make your video, try out the best software you can use to make your explainer videos.

Or, if you want to hire someone to give life to your script, go ahead and check out our list of top explainer video companies.

That’s all for today. Good luck with your script!

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