Understanding the Best 2D Character Design and Animation Course

Understanding The Best 2d Character Design And Animation Course
As an aspiring 2D character designer and animator, this is what you need to identify the best character design and animation courses to grow as a professional.

the ongoing boost in the video and gaming industry, the demand for brilliant 2D animators and character designers has been on the rise.

Companies and 2D animation studios are actively looking for exceptional talent who can produce results that deliver impact and drive results. If you are planning to develop a career in the 2D animation field or become part of this booming industry, then this article is for you.
Importance of 2D Animation

We know 2D animation is the type of animation that projects two-dimensional visuals, frame after frame taking the story along within the set timeline. Unlike traditional days, 2D animation has gone entirely digital.

Animators today use cutting-edge technology, tools, and techniques to build exceptional scenes memorable characters within breathtaking worlds, bringing them to life with uncanny details and mastery in skills.

In modern times, 2D animation has become the most widely used form of animation. You can most commonly see it in cartoons, movies, advertisements, marketing materials, educational videos, games, and a lot more.

With the increasing shift of people to visual content, more and more businesses are using video content to create awareness, promote, engage, and educate.

Career Scope for 2D AnimatorAnimation is currently a multi-billion dollar industry. With an excellent employment scope and the growing consumption of video content globally, career opportunities in 2D animation and other related domains are on the rise. Moreover, the possibilities are spread across a range of profiles, including more tech-centric jobs like digital ink and paint and scanning, and demand for more artistic and creative professionals like character animators, 2D animators, and visual-effect supervisors.

However, when it comes to 2D animation, training is the most crucial and significant aspect of the career scope of a professional in the field of animation. Besides, the first and fundamental requirement to become an animator would be to complete a diploma course in animation.

In 2020, 2D animators can earn an average salary of $28.07 per hour in the United States. However, depending on the experience, expertise, professional training, 2D animators can make as high as $51.00 per hour in the USA. Furthermore, another job within the domain of 2D animation, such as graphic artist, earns an average of $16.24 per hour.

Based on the research by BLS, there were about 64,400 jobs available in the domain of animation, and the study projected an increase of around 4,000 additional job vacancies in the industry by the year 2024. As video consumption across the globe grows, the quantity and quality of career opportunities in the animation industry have also been increasing.
The Rising Demand for 2D Animation in the Industry

In 2019, internet users spent an average of six hours and 48 minutes watching videos online. This represents a 59% increase between the past three years. However, with a general rise in the popularity of video content, companies are often looking for 2D animators with a strong portfolio that they may have worked on during or after their professional training.
This is why, in a creative job like a 2D animator, the comprehensive and quality of training profoundly affects your career opportunities.

  • Did you know, 71% of B2B marketers use video marketing, whereas 66% of B2C marketers use video content in their marketing strategy?
  • A marketing video can attract up to 300% more traffic and possible leads. (MarketingSherpa)
  • On average, a user spends around 88% more time looking through a website with video.

These few facts about video content and people’s response towards it should be enough to realize how videos are becoming the favorite channel for users to receive any information. Due to the popularity and relatively more easy resource availability of 2D animation, they have become the first choice of most companies to create a video with different animation styles like explainer videos, educational videos, product videos, corporate videos, whiteboard videos, and more.

What Should You Look for in The Best 2D Character Design and Animation Course?

Taking a 2D character design and animation course will open up a lot of professional opportunities for you. But with the rise of video content, companies often know precisely what they want, and to yield the best ROI, they prefer to opt for the best candidate for the job.

Your skills as a 2D character designer and animator majorly depend on the quality of your professional training and your creative talent. Here are a few aspects you need in your 2D character design and animation course:

  • It should be researched. Investing your time and money into a path that just introduces you to the world of animation doesn’t get you any results. You should be looking for a course that teaches you the basics of Photoshop and other design tools, mainly focuses on character designing and referencing, transferring physical sketches, and other skills that get you ready to work professionally.
  • The institution should be able to provide additional branch out courses if you choose to gain additional expertise in the field.
  • It should charge low, competitive prices.
  • The course should facilitate you with a self-paced schedule that helps you proceed with the course material at your speed, and whenever and wherever you want.
Should This Course Be Free or Paid?As we talked about it earlier, your career opportunities within the animation industry largely depend on your artistic skills, portfolio, and the range of animation styles you can produce, and the reputation of your training institute.

With the rise in video production and consumption within the online world, the other side of this phenomenon is the availability of diplomas and professional training courses that help people learn skills required to become a 2D animator, character designer, graphic artist, 3D animation and so on. However, this also means the choice you make at this stage will impact the future avenues you can benefit from.

If you Google, free 2D animation courses, you will find a selection of platforms that offer free online courses. However, they are not strictly as comprehensive and quality-focused as reputable online institutions like Udemy, which charge you very competitive prices for the high-end services they are facilitating. Whatever, you may invest right now, will repeatedly yield you results in the form of high-end professional opportunities and pay range. Besides, when you pay the necessary amount for your 2D character design and animation course, you will be satisfied and have peace of mind because you will be taught by some of the industry experts who will incorporate the latest industry practices and tools.
Udemy’s Course on 2D Character Design and Animation

This course will help you significantly improve your design-based skills and allow you to learn how exactly you can animate your own characters in Photoshop for games and 2D animation videos.

This course is designed to provide technical knowledge and acquire creative abilities to design and animate characters meeting professional benchmarks that help you make money.

At the end of this course, Udemy provides you with the Certificate of Completion, giving you the proof of skills you have acquired. Moreover, above all, by paying a fixed price, you get complete convenience to finish the course at your own pace with downloadable material and resources available to you on mobile, desktop, and TV. Click here to learn more about this course and what you should be expecting in detail.

Making a Difference

BuzzFlick is a leading animation video production company that collaborates with diverse companies and brands across the globe to help them create 2D animation videos with different styles of animation to achieve defined results and, above all, drive impact. However, having some of the most talented and creative 2D animators working with us, we are always looking for ways to empower people who inhabitant the artistic gene or have a strong will to learn. Make sure you check out this course and start your career as a 2D animator or character designer the right way.

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