How To Acquire Quality Leads Through Video Lead Generation

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Want to boost your leads effectively? Read our blog to learn how to skyrocket your conversion through video lead generation strategy.

Do you know how many hours a human spends watching a video? An average of 19 hours per week. That sounds pretty amazing and surprising.

We humans don’t even realize that we spend so much time watching video content. But here’s a question, ‘Why do we spend some much time watching videos when we can read a blog?’ after all, the ultimate goal is to get information, right?

Well, not really. Humans tend to perceive things in a better way when told through a video. Videos are one of the most engaging, entertaining, yet informative medium of content.

Even the most boring concepts can be explained through the videos easily. As it has become one of the most effective marketing methods in 2022, it’s high time you should start using it to generate leads.

Now you must be wondering, ‘How can you generate leads with a video?’. Well, folks, you can. It might be a surprise to know that 83% of video marketers believe that video aids in lead generation.

Using videos in your online lead generation campaign has several advantages. We will discuss all of them and provide you with the necessary expertise for video lead creation.

And as a bonus, we will also provide you with a real-life example to get some inspiration, so without any further ado, let’s get started.

An Overview: Video-based Lead Generation?

In marketing, lead generation is the collection of information from customers who are interested in your business, product, or service.

Leads are the contact details of prospective clients. For instance, if you have an email sign-up form on your website, you can gather the contact information of prospective clients in order to tell them about your products.

Video lead generation is the process of generating leads via the use of video.

The significance of Lead Generation

If you want your firm to flourish, you must generate leads. By collecting the contact information of interested consumers, you can promote to them further and increase conversions.

Consumers who provide information, such as their email address or phone number, are one step closer to making a purchase.

The advantages of using videos to generate leads

Trust is one of the most crucial factors of lead generation. Consumers will not provide their information to random parties. Video is considered an element that can help to increase customer trust in firms. Using video for online lead generation has a tremendous impact on credibility.

Additionally, video is a more engaging type of media. 66% of people prefer watching a video to learn about a product or service.

When generating leads, you want your audience to retain information. As much as 95% of a message is retained by viewers after seeing a video.

Effective Types of Videos for Lead Generation

There are several video formats that might aid in lead generation. Some may be more suitable for your company than others. Here are our five most popular:

Brand Videos

A brand video describes who you are and what you do through narrative. By providing a story about your brand, you can pique the interest of your audience.

Brand videos are also an excellent approach to increasing customer trust, hence increasing the likelihood that they will provide you with leads.

Video ads

Create an advertisement for your goods or service and pique your audience’s curiosity. Encourage them to provide their contact information once they’ve learned about your product so they can learn more.


Customers’ satisfaction is a potent marketing tool. Utilizing the positive experiences and evaluations of former customers helps ignite the interest of new clients and win their confidence.

FAQ videos

When learning about new products or services, consumers always have numerous questions. FAQ videos are an excellent spot for addressing the most often asked concerns and promoting your outstanding items.

Tutorial videos

Educate them about your goods, how to make use of them, and the issue you solve. If you provide customers with what they require, they will be likely to give information.

Excellent Video Lead Generation Strategies

There are several methods for generating leads with video content, and originality is essential. If you or your marketing team are stuck, here are five successful methods for generating leads using video.

Email gates

If your videos include valuable content, you may want to require visitors to provide their email addresses before gaining access. In return for their contact information, subject matter experts provide education.

Landing pages

Include a video on your landing page to enhance the user experience. Visitors can gain further knowledge about your business and items. Include a contact form near your content, and people who interact with it will become important leads.

Share on social platforms

If your business is active on social media, send viewers to sign-up forms or your website using video. On social media, reach, visibility, and shareability are nearly limitless, so employ this strategy to appeal to the people.

YouTube end screens

You can add links to additional content or your channel at the conclusion of a YouTube video. Utilize a call-to-action to stimulate audience exploration of your brand. Sharing a link to your website will get your YouTube viewers one step closer to being a qualified leads.

Video-based contact form

If you want to get fancy, you can incorporate lead generation contact forms straight into your video. This is a fantastic alternative due to its immediate and direct nature. You will not lose leads when visitors traverse your website or channel. However, note that these contact forms will not function on all platforms.

Useful Tips to Use Videos to Create Excellent Quality Leads

Now you know what sort of video to create for lead generation and how to use it. But allow us to provide you with some successful video lead creation strategies.

Add a strong CTA

Your video must instruct viewers on what to do next. Include a call to action, such as “sign up now” or “learn more,” in your video to urge viewers to take action. Test several CTAs to see which is most effective for your business.

Unleash your inner creativity

Creativity is vital while striving to captivate an audience. Create an engaging and enjoyable video, and viewers will be more inclined to watch the full thing. Once you have their attention, you have them exactly where you want them to be!

Keep an optimal video length

Ensure that the duration of your video is adequate for its subject and distribution platform. A training video on your website, for instance, might be lengthier than a Facebook advertisement. Length is a crucial aspect of video marketing.

Do not expect too much

Do not ask your audience for the entire globe. It will prevent them from divulging information. In addition to their name, request their email address or phone number to keep things easy.

Keep SEO in the loop

You want your video to be discovered by individuals searching for your product on Google, correct? Ensure that search engine optimization is not forgotten during video creation. Including a transcript is a fantastic technique to boost the SEO of your video.

Nurture the acquired leads

And most importantly, don’t forget to nurture your leads once you’ve obtained them. Keep in mind that leads are prospective customers, and there are chances to nurture them along their journey.

An Excellent Video Lead Generation Example

Numerous companies have begun using video to generate leads.

This advertisement for Amazon Prime Video is an excellent example of video lead generation. The video is amusing and teaches viewers about a certain Amazon service. It is brief and concludes with two calls to action: “subscribe” and “watch more.” And at the end of the videos, a clickable link pops up.

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All Set to Generate Leads Through Videos?

If you want to grow your business, you’re probably doing something to get more customers. Video marketing has several advantages, not the least of which is the ease with which you may reach your target audience. Using video to generate leads may help your online marketing soar.

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