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2021 Top 6 Websites to Download Anime Music in MP3

Looking for some of the best anime websites that help in downloading anime music for free? Then this article is written for you. In this article, we are providing you a complete review of the website that helps in downloading anime songs for free so without wasting any time let us jump into the article.

6 Best Websites to Download Anime Music [ Review ]

Here is a complete review of the websites that will help you in downloading the anime songs without facing any hassles.

Following are the anime songs downloading websites that you must consider for downloading the anime soundtracks:

#1) YumeOST

If you are not using YumeOST then might be possible you are missing a lot of the latest updates and downloads from the anime music side. Most of the time people find it difficult to get the newly released anime music but here you can find many.

YumeOST consists of a user-friendly interface that helps you to download anime music easily and in a short time interval.

You can easily download Anime Music from famous anime series like Naruto: Shippuuden and Kimi no Na Wa and many more.

Furthermore, discuss your anime experience with their online community. Keeping aside the factor of download anime music you can also get the lyrics of anime songs from this site.

Interestingly, it consists of a built-in music player which helps not only in playing but also in browsing and downloading MP3 from the site.


  • Free MP3 Download
  • No signup or registration is required to download anime music resources.


  • You can see several ads that might be disturbing for you, and you may not be suitable for young viewers especially those under 18.

#2) Khinsider

Khinsider is an anime music downloader that allows you to enjoy more than 800,000 music without getting interacted with disturbing ads in it.

When you reach the homepage of Khinsider you will find a vast collection of anime music resources waiting for you.

Even though most people watch Anime On-screen, and you will also find anime games with some of the best and remarkable OST which you are searching to listen to again and download for the rest of the time.

So, on Khinsider you can find all those anime soundtracks that are in-game easily and if you are unable to find them you can also request them and Khinsider will upload those for you.


  • Download anime music for free.
  • Download multiple anime soundtracks simultaneously.


  • You will only find anime games on this site.

#3) MP3 Anime

MP3 Anime is one of the most popular music download sites for anime soundtracks. It includes both the opening and closing themes from your favorite anime. Simply type the title of the anime in the “search” area to get the finest soundtracks for you, download them, and you’ll be able to listen to them offline in under a minute.

You may also make a playlist or play music at random to get the most out of your music streaming experience. However, if you want to save space, you can listen to hundreds of songs straight on this site. Finally, if you have legitimate grounds, you can recommend new songs to submit or remove the soundtrack from the site.


  • Free anime music resource download
  • Download tracks easily even if you are not having an account.


  • If you want to jump into more features, you need to create an account first.

#4) The Hylia Anime

If you aren’t knowing about the Hylia anime, then you are missing a lot of happenings from the world of anime. The Hylia Anime is one of the biggest anime songs site where you can find the type of music easily especially from the world of anime.

Talking about the size of the website so, the archive size of the website is 6500 GB, and you can easily get more than 20000 anime songs from this website.

The Hylia Anime is not only the download anime music platform but here you can also get popular series, episodes, albums, and songs as well.

For the downloading purpose, you can use the search bar that is present on the top-most right corner. Here you can get the desired anime songs. If you are unable to download anime music in MP3, then you can also select the “Music MP3” so, that you can find the latest albums.

Once you are done with finding the target source right-click on the “Download to Computer as MP3” and then select the option of “Save Link as…” to get the song easily.

The Hylia Anime is free to use, and it is also free from all the disturbing advertisements that might come in between your download.


  • This anime music download site offers you to download anime music for free.


  • You will find scattered info about anime as it is not well organized and sorted.

#5) Hikarinoakari

Hikarinoakari can be one of your choices to download anime music. This platform is dedicated to anime song downloading. Having the number of anime songs, it keeps on updating regularly.

The interesting part is this you do not need an account to download anime music from the site. Not only this you can also download music from third-party sources like Google Drive or Mega. Once you click on the download button you might see few ads pages that will bother you.


  • Number of anime songs available
  • Updates regularly
  • Don’t need an account to download anime songs.


  • When downloading few ad pages will pop up before the download is started.

#6) Animania Club

When you land on the website of Animania club you will find various videos, images, and music. Animania Club is considered one of the best platforms for finding anything related to anime. You can also download anime music easily because they keep on updating regularly and you can any anime song you are looking for.

The website is user-friendly, and you can easily use the search box for a quick search. The most important thing about the Animania Club is that the language of the website is not in English so might be possible you need to use Google Translator for this purpose. Moreover, for downloading anime songs you need to create an account as well.


  • Regular Update
  • Download video, images, and songs.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easily search through the search bar


  • To download anime music in MP3 you need to create an account.

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