Top Websites to Download Anime Music in MP3

Top Website To Download Anime Music
Download anime music easily from the best platforms available on the internet. Search for any anime song and if you do not find one place your request.

Are you looking for some of the best anime websites that help in downloading anime music for free? Then you have landed in the right place.

In this blog, we provide you with a complete review of the websites that help download anime songs for free.

Isn’t that exciting? So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

6 Best Websites to Download Anime Music [ Review ]

People love listening to anime music. Unfortunately, downloading them can be a pretty challenging task. To help you out, here we have done a complete review of the websites that will help you download the anime songs without any hassle.

Following are the anime songs downloading websites that you must consider for downloading the anime soundtracks:

#1) YumeOST

If you are not using YumeOST, you might be missing a lot of the latest updates and downloads from the anime music side. People find it challenging to get the newly released anime music most of the time, but you can find many here.

YumeOST consists of a user-friendly interface that helps you to download anime music effortlessly and in a flash.

You can easily download Anime Music from famous anime series like Naruto: Shippuuden and Kimi no Na Wa, to name a few.

Furthermore, discuss your anime experience and stories with their online community. Keeping aside the factor of downloading anime music, you can also get the lyrics of anime songs from this site.

Interestingly, it consists of a built-in music player, which helps play, browse, and download music from the site.


  • Free MP3 Download
  • No signup or registration is required to download anime music resources.


  • It shows too many ads, which is pretty disturbing.
  • Not recommended for 18 below.

#2) Khinsider

Khinsider is an anime music downloader that allows you to enjoy more than 800,000 pieces of music without getting disturbed by ads.

Go to the homepage of Khinsider you will find a vast collection of anime music resources waiting for you.

While most people watch anime on screen, there are die-hard fans who even opt for anime games. Moreover, these anime shows come up with remarkable OSTs that are generally not easier to find. But worry no more as Khinsider allows you to find and download all your favorite anime resources for free.

However, if you’re unable to find them, request Khinsider, and they will upload those for you.


  • Download anime music for free.
  • Download multiple anime soundtracks simultaneously.


  • The interface of the website is pretty dull to use.

#3) Hikarinoakari

Hikarinoakari can be one of your choices to download anime music. This platform is dedicated to anime song downloading. Moreover, it keeps on updating regularly.

The exciting part is that you do not need an account to download anime music from the site. Not only this, but you can also download music from third-party sources like Google Drive or Mega.

Unfortunately, the website shows too many unnecessary ads, which can be quite irritating.


  • Number of anime songs available
  • Updates regularly
  • No need to create an account to download anime songs.


When downloading few ad pages will pop up before the download starts.

#4) Gendou

Gendou is a site dedicated to downloading anime music. It enables users to search for and download anime tunes efficiently. You can conveniently search or browse songs by song title, anime, or artist.

Although it does not offer whole anime OST albums for download, it makes it extremely easy to save individual tracks to your computer. With Gendou, your favorite anime music is only a click away.

If you explore the library of the site, you’ll find more than 7,500 songs. You can find all the popular anime music on the site, which you often cannot find on other anime websites.


  • Free to download anime music
  • The library is full of popular anime soundtracks


  • Compared to The Hylia, the soundtrack library is smaller

The UI of the site is outdated

#5) Nipponsei Minglong

Nipponsei Minglong is one of the most straightforward websites ever created, with the sole purpose of providing Anime OST music.

Nipponsei Minglong gives the download link, so you can easily download OST animation here. Additionally, they have hundreds of thousands of OST anime, which is incredible for anime fans.

On Nipponsei Minglong, anime OST music tracks are accessible in zip format. When visiting this site, navigate to the left side of the page, which contains anime thumbnails to download anime music.


  • No need to create an account for downloading music
  • It has an extensive library of anime music


  • The file downloads in ZIP format
  • The site is quite messy, which makes it difficult for users to access it

#6) 8tracks

If you’re a fan of anime music, 8tracks is the place to go for free mp3 downloads.

Be prepared to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of OSTs on offer. An Anime playlist that can be accessed at any time and from any location is available on the platform.

Additionally, you can listen to and play Japanese and Korean pop music on this site.

In addition, this site has non-Anime music from a wide range of artists and genres from around the world.

You can effortlessly match the vibes with your moods thanks to the playlist’s Happy Songs, Sad Songs, and Sleepy Songs categories. In the end, if you want a secure browsing experience, you can enable its security settings.


  • You can download anime music for free
  • The interface of the site is clean and easy-to-use


  • You have to create an account first if you want to download anime music

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