10 Pitch-Perfect Product Video Ads: Lessons for Marketers

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Explore 10 of the finest product video ads for your inspiration. Each ad unpacks an impressive lesson for marketers from all domains.

Creating product video ads that create a big-bang of sales is no cakewalk. While on one hand, a product video ad is meant to tease a launch, and pique interest among high-intent buyers, on the other it encapsulates a brand’s unique identity. 

An identity that resonates with the prospect on a deeper level, and helps you build that connection that keeps giving you for an enduring period of time. It can all happen if you can get your product video advertisement right. 

Here’s the caveat, very often we marketers get it wrong. We mess up with the message, or just run over with our copy without addressing the problem in a clear, and serious way. Or most of the time the ad is just too much for the prospect to digest. It just doesn’t flow with their pace. 

So, to help you out and produce the best possible product video advertisement, I’ve compiled a list of ten pitch-perfect product video ads. Each ad has a lesson for everyone working in the marketing domain. 

So, if you’re a marketer, just make sure to read on!

Create Custom Benefits Website – SwellSpace

Let’s open the discussion with a super-engaging product video ad from SwellSpace. This ad uses 2D animation, and yet seems elegant for getting the word out for the brand. Now what truly makes it interesting is the fact that business is a difficult niche. 

And, to get your message across using conventional marketing doesn’t work anymore. So, SwellSpace created this amazing 2D animated product video to unpack the features of its website, dedicated to non-technical users working in the benefits industry. 

The video has a narrator style, yet it’s a friendly correspondence between the main characters, and the narrator who walks them through a unique solution to quash all their troubles with fielding benefits, inquiries, and contracts. 

What’s the lesson here for marketers?

Creating an animated product video can be a great idea for products that are complex. You may find it hard explaining them to your audience. But with animation, it all just gets easy peasy. If you’ve no clue where to start when producing an animated ad, you can always count on professional 2D animation service

Apply to Jobs Confidently – Grammarly

Our second example for pitch-perfect product video ads comes from Grammarly. Unlike the competition, this video is only 19 seconds long. 

A woman walks us through the benefits of Grammarly in preparing a confident job application. The prompts popping up with animation on the side, don’t only appear more attractive, but also keep up with the trend of hybrid promotional video production

The girl dancing in the background also makes the ad a bit playful. Besides, this ad clearly targets Grammarly’s feature of tone advancement, helping writers to enhance their tone of voice, and sound more confident with their writing. This video is part of the series of “Better Results with Grammarly”. 

The video closes with clear, and concise CTA, inviting viewers to try, and test Grammarly for FREE. 

What’s the lesson here for marketers?

The lesson is indeed powerful. It shows that you don’t always need to be promotional with your product video advertisements. To be clear with your messaging objective, it’s best to enclose a clear CTA at the end. So, if you’re working on your video marketing strategy, make sure to have a variety of CTAs to trigger desirable action from the audience. 

One Story Away – Netflix

Here’s another fantastic example of a winning product video ad. And, this time, it’s from none other, but OTT king, Netflix. Many of us have binge watched a show or series on Netflix. Some might even feel guilty, while others would love to indulge again. 

But, one thing’s for sure, everyone is glued to their screen to hear a story. That’s what this ad is all about. It shows that Netflix is not just a service featuring content for entertainment, but the video goes to decipher the value the platform offers. 

And, that’s the power of storytelling. Stories connect with us all on a deeper level, forcing us to ponder another reality. We tend to experience emotions we never would without confronting these stories. Netflix has played on positively associated its product with people’s feelings. 

I’m sure everyone watched this ad till the end. Let’s see why. 

What’s the lesson here for creatives?

The best thing you could do to create an ad is to evoke powerful emotions. Create something so good that stays with your viewers for an enduring period of time. Stories are meant to evoke emotions with characters that mirror our lives, and become a part of us. Stories have a profound impact. Plus, if you can create a product video ad like that, you don’t even need to worry about the length of your video. 

Want to create a stellar product demo video? Make sure to connect. 

Outdo You in 2015 – Nike

Nike Outdo You in 2015 is another ad that was made for Nike +. It’s old, yet it’s gold. This one-minute ad packs everything from eye-gazing graphics to spell-binding 2.5D animation. It’s bound to make viewers tick. In fact, you might even watch it over and over. It’s that good. 

The video has a black and white color scheme, and paints a story of athletes, and customers of Nike all over the world. It just conveys the brand’s slogan of ‘just do it’ quite perfectly. Plus, there are lots of numbers that announce the success of the app, making it incomparable to others. 

What’s the lesson here for you? 

Try creating a product video ad that unpacks your brand’s aura in a form of art. People won’t just like it, they’ll remember it for a long time. 

Mental Health Treatment – Nurx

Mental health crises require attention. But marketing for healthcare service, and getting it right is not easy at all. It’s a sensitive topic, and there’s always a thin line between being offensive, and message-driven. 

What Nurx has done here is that it has adapted a more straightforward approach. It states the pain point that people experience anxiety, and depression, yet they are often reluctant to seek out help, even when they know they need to. 

And, in just 30 seconds, Nurx has turned up the mood of the ad when the app is introduced to the prospects. It walks them through the key features of online consultation, and delivery of medication at the comfort of their homes. The process for medication for managing your well-being can’t be any more seamless. 

What’s the lesson here for ad designers?

Your viewers only have so much to watch. Having a concise, straightforward ad can make a big difference, and outperform competitors. Just make sure that you maintain a balance with tone of voice, and style of your expression. 

Barber Shop – RedBull

 Here’s another inspiring product video ad by RedBull. As always Red Bull is known for its signature whiteboard animation style videos. They’re exciting, and thought-provoking. Plus, the fact that it uses whiteboard animation to create humor is something that’s completely out-of-the-box.

We traditionally used whiteboard animation for educational purposes. But, Red Bull has been the one to innovate, and experiment. And, guess what? This style of video is exactly what helps Red Bull to identify itself in a unique, and attractive way. 

So, if you wish to do the same, make sure you’re not doing too much with creating characters, and environment, for the whiteboard animation. In addition, when starting off, make sure to have a limited color palette, so people can easily remember your brand. 

What’s the lesson here for ad creatives?

The lesson here is very simple. You can leverage a style of video, and make your brand known for creating unique graphic elements for the same particular style.  It won’t just outsell the competition, but essentially breathe a new personality into your brand. 

E-commerce Growth – Freighty

Here’s another exciting product video ad made by Freighty. It’s from the creative arena of B2B marketing. We’ve an ad that is 71 seconds long. What makes it enticing enough for the viewer is the second-person view throughout the entire video. 

The narrator walks us through common challenges e-commerce businesses face with regard to website management, shipping, and, then finally introduces the solution, Freighty. It intertwines the product quite perfectly with all the problems. 

With each feature, there’s a clear, visible benefit which e-commerce companies can realize from the use of Freighty. What I like the most about this product video ad is as soon as they introduce Freighty, the video switches to an upbeat music, lighting up the mood, and retaining attention till the very last second. In a word, amazing!

If you’re new to the B2B space, here are 11 SaaS Video Ads to fill your mind with inspiration. 

What’s the lesson here for creatives?

You can make B2B product ads fun. You don’t have to be straight forward or dull with your tone. No need to enumerate all the features. Just keep a small color palette, tell a story, tease benefits, and use upbeat music to light up the mood of your video. 

Nutritious Pet Food – Purina

Here’s an exciting animated product video ad. It uses a warm color palette, soothing music in the background, and natural characters to establish a personal connection with the audience. What makes this ad from Purina really interesting is that it’s only 30 seconds long. 

It was enough to get the message across with impact. Moreover, the video quite easily unwraps the message that Purina is passionate about pet food, and care, and would love to contribute to the well-being of their customers’ pets. 

What’s the lesson here for marketers?

To establish a tone of authenticity, care and passion you too can leverage animation, and create outstanding product ads. Make sure to keep the tone consistent, and keep the video ad short.

Gifts for Enduring Relationships – Feels

Here’s another animated product video that will blow your mind. It comes from Feels, a platform known for helping people establish strong connections by giving gifts, and making them even more memorable, and worth celebrating by attaching to a charitable cause. 

The video starts off with the narrator walking us through the character searching for gifts. It then switches to a quick pace, and reveals some truly exciting features. It’s also spot on in conveying the emotion of feeling good, and positive about oneself. That’s what Feels is all about. 

It wraps its story in one minute and almost 40 seconds. It’s quite long for a product ad, but the visuals, and copy is absolutely top class. It keeps your eyes glued to what’s happening next in the picture. 

What’s the lesson here for a budding copywriter?

If you’re someone in marketing, you should never underestimate the power of your pen. Animated themes do light up the scene in a story. But, the copy is what speaks to the audience in a personal, and compelling way. Taking inspiration from this amazing ad, you too can write a friendly copy that is warm, yet message-driven. Make sure your words align perfectly with the visuals. 

Ceylon Cinnamon – Blume Beverages

Time for our final pitch-perfect ad in the product category. It comes from none other than Blume Beverages. Here’s what makes this ad truly unique, and worthy of any marketer’s attention. This ad weaves the process of Blume Beverages, and walks you through the all operations in the manufacturing with heart-warming animation, and compelling characters. 

What’s even better is that the animated video production works well to differentiate the brand from competition, and also convinces the viewer that the process is original, and the company is creating value for its customers with each step in the manufacturing cycle. 

What’s the lesson here for you being a marketer?

Animated product videos can be seriously handy for any brand. You’ve got a unique process or you’re doing something that no one’s doing, create a video to show everyone how exactly you do it. Show how you create value. Intertwine the value with a story using animated themes, and characters. 


Let’s wrap this one up. We gave you ten of the finest product video ads for your inspiration. Each ad unpacks an impressive lesson for marketers from all domains. Whether you’re creative in the ad industry, or a B2B marketer looking to level up your game with SaaS marketing, or a copywriter who not only wants to be heard, and attended to, but remembered for your copy, then make sure to watch each video with an open mind. They’re bound to fill your head with creative inspiration.

Hope you got a nugget or two from this one. 

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