SaaS Video Ads: 11 Jaw-Dropping Examples To Watch Right Now

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Do you want to create a SaaS ad for your company? Here are 11 best SaaS video ads that will drop your jaws and inspire you for your next SaaS product ad.

It will be a practical joke if I ask whether you have watched video ads or not.

Obviously, you have. But I will particularly talk about SaaS video ads today.

As a SaaS business, you must have struggled with SaaS marketing as the products are not physically touchable. That is why using video ads is helpful for driving more website traffic due to concise message delivery, creative ideation, and short duration. 

It is necessary to incorporate these qualities in your SaaS ads as well to delight your customers and I am sure it will be a great SaaS marketing strategy for you.

Anyway, you need inspiration, right?

I am here with 11 best SaaS video ad examples for you that will make you say just wow. From SaaS Facebook video ads to SaaS company videos, you will go through some of the amazing SaaS videos in this blog.

So don’t go anywhere, and scroll through the end.

The Wow Worthy Examples Of SaaS Video Ads

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I have gone through various SaaS advertising campaigns and extracted out 11 best SaaS ads that will inspire you for sure. Here they are:

ResponseScribe’s SaaS Video Ad 

ResponseScribe is an online review management software that interacts with the audience giving online reviews for your SaaS brand. You can give your customers a quick and professional reply through this incredible personalized review response service.

Its video ad is on this list because it is incredibly simple, to the point, and crisp. This 38-second video ad for SaaS businesses is an example of how one can simplify a complex product for its target audience.

Why do I like This SaaS Ad?

  • With a simple narrative and a straightforward approach, this is one of the SaaS product video ad examples that have an easy-to-understand script. It gets the job done with clear and concise information effectively.
  • The professional human voiceover makes this video instantly attractive. That is why hiring an explainer video voice-over artist is really beneficial.
  • The animation and graphics used in this video are tailored to align with the content and branding.
  • The video is visually engaging with its illustrative UI and enhances the viewer’s experience.
  • The SaaS product is explained really well through smooth Animation seamlessly integrated throughout the video.

What Sets This Video Apart?

Overall, these features collectively position this video as my favorite in its category. It is all because of the simplicity it has and the straightforward script. Nothing extraordinary, yet the job is done really well.

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Spotify- Introducing Jam 

A world-class SaaS music platform Spotify never misses a chance when it comes to engaging audiences with captivating ads. It has introduced so many features for its music enthusiastic users and “Jam” is one of them.

The Spotify’s SaaS video ad we are listing here is introducing Jam as its new feature with a story-based scenario. The setting in the video, people, characters, background music, voiceover, and all things are spot on in this video ad.

Although the use of graphics and animation in this video is minimal, it is still engaging and captivating enough to explain the feature in a creative, fun way.

  • The first and foremost reason for liking this video is its relatability. We all hang out and party with friends and everyone wants to listen to their favorite music. And they addressed it really well.
  • The video highlighted the issue and presented “Jam” as the ultimate solution through a scenario that the audience can relate to. This is the beauty of this video ad for SaaS product.
  • They used diverse characters to represent different communities indicating that music can unite people, and their product is doing so.
  • Vibrant colors, imaginative and bold visual styles, the set design, and narrative telling are spot on in this video.
  • In the end, they included their product name in the punch like really effectively.

What Sets This Video Apart?

This video is a prime example of how one can make a complicated SaaS product simple to understand without using 3D animation, complicated graphics, or an explanatory tone. It is creative, relatable, and vibrant, and message delivery is effective.

Grammarly- Closing the Distance

People have had a perception that SaaS ads are boring but Grammarly gave them all a shut-up call with their incredibly smart SaaS advertising campaigns. One of my favorite ads of Grammarly is Closing the Distance to which I relate the most.

Watch this amazing SaaS video if you do not want to deliver a boring, cliché SaaS video to your audience. It is incredible how they have written the script of this video ad. 

They have shown how a person can use Grammarly to impress the boss and improve the relations at work. They have used a character named Tyler who is trying to impress his boss, Anita, and wants to build a better relationship.

Grammarly jumped in here and helped him write an important email that impressed his boss and ultimately brought them closer.

This 1-minute and 10-second ad is a complete story of how Grammarly can be used in different scenarios to improve work quality and attain professional success.

  • The use of a real-life scenario in this video is spot on which connects the product with the audience on an emotional level.
  • The video uses characters that people see in everyday life. It makes the video very relatable to watch.
  • The storytelling is really captivating and takes you through the professional journey of success of a protagonist.
  • The benefits of using the SaaS product, Grammarly are highlighted very cleverly in this SaaS video ad.
  • The use of animation and graphics is efficient and a prime example of a polished and high-quality video ad for SaaS. 
  • Despite being a bit lengthy, you will not get bored of watching this ad again and again. That is its beauty.

What Sets This Video Apart? 

This video is one of the examples of a SaaS ad that tells a story, highlights a real-life issue, and presents an effective solution creatively. It connects with the audience emotionally and grabs the attention immediately through a captivating narrative.

Notion- Next Chapter

For those who don’t know, Notion is a SaaS tool to manage work for your life. From team collaborations to setting personal milestones, and everything that falls in between, you can use it.

This SaaS video ad of Notion is a story of Erik who is excited to change his career and learn something new. It depicts how Notion has helped in pursuing his new chapter in life.

With live action mixed with some animation, this video is an example of how one can use a SaaS product to achieve anything in life.

  • It takes you through the journey by showing various scenarios of a person, hence connecting with the audience emotionally.
  • The demonstration of a product is shown really well.
  • The storytelling is spot on and the message delivery is incredible without dragging the narrative.
  • The background music is fun, lively, and captivating.

What Sets This Video Apart?

The video is short, and crisp, and sums it up all in 30 seconds. The unique thing about this video is that without saying a word, it explains how a SaaS product works wonders for you. Indeed, it is one of the smartest SaaS ads I have seen.

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TestBox Startup Video

TestBox is a software testing tool that helps you test the software you are going to buy for your company. It helps CEOs decide on a particular SaaS product instead of getting on long demo calls.

This is one of the SaaS explainer video examples that can be used as a perfect SaaS ad. This video is in this list because it is captivating, engaging, minimalist, and straightforward. 

TestBox’s startup video is solely based on animated visuals and voice-over explaining the scenario where a character faces an issue with software buying and presents TestBox as the ultimate solution.

  • The best thing about this video is its animation. The subtle use of colors, characters, and 2D animation in this video is spot on.
  • The story of this explainer-type video ad is compelling and relatable.
  • The video addresses the target niche audience directly, highlights their problem, and presents the solution, and benefits of using the SaaS product all in one minute effectively.
  • The video is engaging, and captivating. It has an interesting scenario that defines the problem in detail.
  • This video can fall into the category of SaaS explainer videos, SaaS ads, SaaS promo videos, as well as SaaS product videos.

What Sets This Video Apart?

This video is unique due to its creative story, explanation, and easy-to-understand narrative. With the use of 2D animation, subtle colors, and voice-over, it gets the job done really effectively.

Intuit Mailchimp- Clustomers into Customers

Mailchimp is notorious when it comes to surprising customers with creative and innovative ads. This SaaS video ad of Mailchimp has my heart due to the concept they have presented; Clustomers into customers.

This ad has an outstanding concept that presents a group of customers cluttered like a sphere as a tangled mess and marketers are anxious to see it. The ad highlights Mailchimp’s tool of customers’ real-time behavior data that personalizes email for every customer.

Although it is a 30-second video, it immediately grabs the audience’s attention through the visuals and storytelling.

  • The outstanding concept of this video ad is what I like the most. It is creative and impactful as well as engaging.
  • It highlights the issue in a fun, humorous way and presents the solution creatively.
  • It is short, and crisp and delivers the message effectively and efficiently.
  • The script is compelling and creates curiosity for audiences.
  • The video has a compelling CTA hence it is highly converting.

What Sets This Video Apart?

This video is different from all other SaaS ads as it does not explain software features directly. Instead, the ad addresses the issue directly by presenting a unique concept that will stick in the audience’s minds for long. For sure this ad is worth remembering.


Asana is a SaaS-based work management tool to help businesses to organize, manage their work and track the progress of the team.

This ad is a prime example of how simple SaaS video ads should be. The video starts with a strong hook that represents the existing problem; “Is your teamwork hanging on by a thread?” 

The rest of the video focuses on how Asana is helpful in managing the project. It demonstrates the Asana through animated visuals in a simple yet creative way followed by a clear and easy-to-understand voice-over.

  • A compelling script that directly communicates with the niche audience i.e., project managers makes this relevant content.
  • The minimal use of colors, graphics elements, and typography makes this video less complicated yet effective.
  • The voiceover is smooth, clear, and easy to understand.
  • Message delivery through this video is spot on. Especially when it comes to demonstrating product features, Asana nailed it.
  • The video ends with a clear call to action that encourages viewers to take a test drive of Asana for free.

What Sets This Video Apart?

The simple yet effective approach for a product demonstration is what makes this video unique and stands out from others. It delivers the message really well and the audience can understand the value of the usage of Asana for their ease by watching this video.

Mural- Make work make sense Video Ad

If you have worked on any new SaaS project, you must have used Murall, a digital environment. It is designed intuitively to make visual team collaboration and make the project accessible, and engaging for people.

I am impressed with their SaaS video ad because of the colors, vibrant visuals, simplicity of script, typography, and music. Although it is just a 40-second video ad, it delivers the message effectively to promote the product creatively.

  • Short, crisp, explanatory, and clear. These words are enough to describe this video ad’s message to its audience.
  • The use of vibrant colors represents how fun it is to use the SaaS platform.
  • The typography to explain the product features is a simple yet efficient way.
  • This video ad incorporates motion graphics that capture the viewer’s attention immediately. 
  • The background music is so calm and so refreshing that you will want to listen again and again.

What Sets This Video Apart?

Usually, SaaS videos focus on explaining the product features by presenting a live demo. But this video uses music, typography, colors, and motion graphics to do so. It is refreshing, eye-catching, creative, and crisp. I really enjoy watching this SaaS ad.

Loom- The Smarter Way to Collaborate Ad

If you are working in a managerial position, you must have used Loom, a video messaging tool. Through Loom, you can get your message across using instantly shareable videos.

Let’s talk about their video ad. It has a simple, straightforward, and easy-to-understand script that grips the audience with the very first sentence. Loom has used screencast and UI animation with minimal graphics elements that highlight its product efficiently.

With rapid transition and voiceover, this video described the product in 34 seconds really well.

  • It is simple, well-explained, and short, which makes the audience understand the product really quickly.
  • It used simple UI and screencast animation to explain the product effectively.
  • The voice-over is the video’s highlight as it explains the product in detail.
  • The colors are minimal, and the graphic elements are creative.
  • The script of the video is incredibly smart and defines the product’s key features without dragging the narrative.

What Sets This Video Apart?

The use of minimal elements with a powerful voiceover is what makes this video unique. The incorporation of animation is different. Also, the background music is really captivating.

Slack- A New Day For Work

Who does not use Slack at the office?

We all do. I enjoy Slack Huddles more than boring meetings. But it’s 2024 now and SaaS companies are more competitive than ever. Slack has also decided to jump in and introduce AI-powered features.

This SaaS product video ad is all about buzzing around and creating smarter workflows using Slack. The video is amazingly stunning due to animations and typography. It is catchy, attention-grabbing, persuasive, and above all creative.

I have not seen the use of brand colors in animations smarter than this video has done. Watch and decide for yourself if I am exaggerating or not.

  • The video is cool, vibrant, and creative enough to grab the user’s attention.
  • It demonstrates the vision of Slack for incorporating AI for automation and smarter workflow.
  • Brand colors are incorporated really smartly in this video. You can identify the Slack colors everywhere after seeing this video.
  • All praises to the animator who worked on this video. He has done a great job. Animations are so sleek, so vibrant and so amazing that you can keep your eyes away from the screen.
  • The video’s voice-over clearly elaborates on what Slack has to offer for its users in the future and how one can achieve a level of ease at work through Slack. 

What Sets This Video Apart?

The creativity, vibrant colors, and powerful narrative of this video sets it apart. I really love how they have used brand colors to catch the audience’s attention and I also have already mentioned that its animation is spot on.

Google- This Is Google Drive

When it comes to introducing SaaS tools and platforms, Google has a match to none. Google’s This Is Google Drive ad is one of the finest examples of how to highlight a product’s features through creative storytelling.

This video highlights how one can use Google Drive on the go and how useful it is for different people. Although the video does not show you any characters, you can listen to them in voiceovers sharing their experience of how they use Google Drive to save their important data. 

No complicated product demo, no overly done animations, no dynamic typography, just a simple screen showing how to use Google Drive for different purposes.

  • This video uses three different voices sharing personal experiences of using Google Drive hence making it relatable to the audience.
  • The video is simple, creative, and straightforward.
  • You can see how amazingly they have highlighted the key features of the product in this video using voice-over and actions.
  • The script is short, succinct, simple, and captivating. 
  • It is persuasive and directly tells the audience the in-person experience of the product which emotionally connects the audience with Google.

What Sets This Video Apart?

The video delivers the core features of the product i.e., Create Share, and Edit really well. It is short and captivating with background music that instantly clicks your mind. I really love how they have executed the script with no complex characters and animations.

All of these SaaS product video ad examples are one of their kind and will definitely inspire you. Do You Want Similar Videos for your SaaS brand? Contact BuzzFlick today to get the job done.

What is the Importance Of Video Ads for SaaS marketing?

So, if you are wondering, why videos should be used in SaaS marketing strategy and sales process, well, videos are proven to engage customers in a better way, and increase conversions. They also save a lot of time and enhance customer loyalty by building the brand’s authority.SaaS video marketing is a game changer for technology companies and it has been proven through various researches. There are various reasons why SaaS companies need animated videos, but here are a few of them:

Real-Time Product Demonstration

SaaS video ads are best when it comes to real-time products and SaaS services demonstration. You can explain your product’s features, benefits, and complete functionality in a few seconds through creative elements.

You know really well that audiences do not like to read lengthy text descriptions, hence a video ad for SaaS brings your product to life. You present how your product can solve a specific issue and meet your audience’s needs.

It becomes a lot easier for your potential customers to connect with your SaaS product and understand it. SaaS video ads don’t let the audience get bored of your product demos as they are creative and engaging. You can show your product in action to your audience and entertain them at the same time.

SaaS Product Promotion

Promoting a SaaS product is not easy as the product is not in physical form. SaaS ads are great when it comes to promoting the SaaS solution without complex technical details, or long written text content.

That is why video ads are effective. The audience can grasp your message quickly and understand the SaaS product’s key points without going through long, boring demos.

Fostering Emotional Bond

As SaaS products target niche audiences, it is hard to connect with the audience on an emotional level. That’s where video ads jump in. 

Businesses can use videos to evoke people’s emotions by incorporating storytelling elements. These ads resonate with the audience really well by addressing their pain points and thus foster an emotional connection. 

You can also gain audience trust, and build brand credibility by using testimonial videos, case studies, and success stories.


As you know, videos that are engaging and humorous are easily shareable. The same applies to SaaS video ads as well. If the audience finds them helpful, they will share it. Also, SaaS ads are used as a marketing tool that businesses distribute across various digital platforms.

From Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, to websites, and online portals, these ads help you to reach a wider audience segment and increase your brand’s visibility.

Better Tracking and Analyzing Performance Metrics

Analyzing and tracking ROI is really important for SaaS businesses and video ads allow them to do so effectively. One can do better tracking and gain insights into the marketing campaign effectiveness using ad views, audience engagement, CTR, and conversions, and make data-driven decisions accordingly.

How To Create the Best SaaS Product Video Ads?

Here are some tips for creating best product video ads:

  • Make sure the ad attracts the attention of the audience quickly.

All examples we have shared above grabs the attention of the audience immediately. And that’s how you can also create the best SaaS ad.

  • Your message should be clear and consistent.

SaaS ads should have a clear and concise message so that the audience can understand the product easily. 

  • It should not be too long. It is best to keep it around 30 seconds. 

Long videos are boring and the audience can get distracted. It’s better to keep your SaaS video ads short and succinct.

  • Make sure to include a clear call to action.

A SaaS ad is incomplete and useless if you do not include a clear call to action in it. A CTA is of utmost necessity if you want your SaaS product to sell.

We know the importance of video ads for SaaS businesses and that is why we are laser focused on our quality of work. If you want to create a SaaS video ad for your company, BuzzFlick is your trusted partner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SaaS video marketing?

SaaS video marketing is a prevailing way for SaaS companies to promote their products and services, distribute educational and training content, increase brand awareness, target a niche audience, and generate leads ultimately.

What are SaaS video ads?

SaaS video ads are basically short SaaS videos that provide a SaaS product or service overview, especially the benefits. They may be explainer videos, SaaS promo videos, or SaaS product video ads. They are used as a marketing tool by SaaS businesses to represent their products visually.

What are the attributes of good SaaS video ads?

The attributes of good SaaS video ads are as following:

  • They quickly attract audiences’ attention. 
  • A clear and concise message is there.
  • Not too long; 30 seconds on an average. 
  • They have a clear CTA (call-to-action).
  • They focus on SaaS brands.
  • A specific product or service is promoted in them.
  • They are tailored according to the advertising platform.

Why should you use Video in your SaaS marketing & sales process?

You should use videos in your SaaS marketing and sales process to save time, engage with customers in a better way, increase conversions, build a loyal customer base, and increase brand awareness. One cannot underestimate the importance of video ads as people love visual representation and watching videos when they need some information instead of reading text.

What is SaaS product marketing?

SaaS product marketing is the wholesome process of launching a SaaS product in the SaaS landscape. It includes the efforts made to endorse and trade SaaS products and services. SaaS product marketing is used to establish your SaaS brand, and SaaS subscriptions and acquire new customers within the industry.

How much does a SaaS video ad cost?

SaaS video ad cost can range between $30,000 to $100,000 and vary on the video content type chosen to meet your goals ultimately. The cost is determined by the level of animation, the complexity of the script, and the overall project’s scope.

That’s It, Folks…

Let’s sum it up here now. I have shared 11 jaw-dropping SaaS video ads that will inspire you to represent your SaaS product, services, and brand creatively. It is really important to include the best video advertisements for SaaS in your marketing strategy and you will definitely witness a surge in your revenues for sure.

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