11 Inspiring SaaS Product Video Ads Examples for Marketing

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SaaS Product video ads have become a helpful tool that helps in increasing audience engagement. This article discusses the best SaaS product video examples.

Videos have become the most effective tool businesses use for digital marketing. Videos help in increasing the organic traffic to your website. You can use videos to advertise your website, services, or products. Videos are versatile, and you can use them in different marketing campaigns.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the SaaS videos that created a buzz as marketing tools for their businesses.

SaaS Video Ads

In recent years SaaS video production has picked up steam, and businesses use video ads for advertising their SaaS tools. Mainly SaaS companies use them to enhance their marketing activities.

SaaS video ads have become an essential element of marketing these products. Marketers use SaaS Video Ads to convince their audience to sign up for SaaS subscriptions.

It is highly beneficial in increasing the sign-up for SaaS products.

Moreover, the Saas video ads are more effective than text-based ads.

Factors that Make an Ideal SaaS Video Ad

  • Try to make your video ad engaging by simplifying the complex concepts and telling your audience how it functions so they can sign up for it.
  • Make it easy to understand for the viewers because the ultimate objective is to build audience interest in your product or service.
  • Explain to your customers that your product or service is easy and more effective.

Consider these Factors to Incorporate Visuals in the Product Video Ads

The beauty of visuals is that our brain can easily understand and memorize things with visuals. It is essential to incorporate creative visuals to educate your potential audience about the benefits of your SaaS product.

Moreover, some companies incorporate visuals in a unique way, making their content viral and increasing their brand awareness. In contrast, other companies use visuals to make their graphics, SaaS videos, product video ads, blogs, newsletters, and landing pages more appealing.

Cons of Incorporating SaaS Video Ads in your Marketing

Businesses use video ads to enhance their marketing and boost sign-ups. These ads are more effective than other marketing tools and increase sign-ups by 7% to 20%.

SaaS product video ads are informative, influence your audience’s buying behavior and improve conversion rate. You can use SaaS videos to enhance your marketing campaign.

Product video ads don’t provide very much information about the product’s functions, but it explains the benefits uniquely.

The Significance of Product Video Ads in Customer Engagement

According to studies using product video ads is one of the most effective marketing strategies to engage customers for SaaS products. You can incorporate explainer videos to explain the product’s UI and target your customers by using these video ads in newsletters and emails.

Moreover, you can use YouTube and social media platforms to increase brand awareness.

Marketers use product videos to highlight the features and benefits of their product or service. These product video ads boost your return on investment.

11 Inspiring SaaS Video Ads Examples

Let’s look at the best examples of SaaS video ads that helped these companies achieve their business objectives.

1. Video Ad of “Financial Life”

Mint offers its services free. This video of highlights the features of the product by incorporating motion graphics and beautiful animation. This video ad influences the audience to sign-up for the service.

In their ad, they explain that follow three steps to start using Mint and “start organizing your strategy to achieve financial goals.”

It is an app that offers a personal finance service to monitor budgets, spending, credit scores, and balances.

The ad explains the application’s various features by incorporating attractive design elements and colors.

2. Dropbox – Video

It is one of the most beautiful explainer videos that captured viewers’ attention. This Dropbox video shows a bloke facing difficulty tracking his data on his desktop, laptop, and phone.

It beautifully showcases how he merges all the data without a USB drive or email.

Dropbox produced this video for USD 50K in 2009. It got more than 25,000,000 views, grabbed over 10,000,000 signups and bring up more than $48,000,000 in revenue.

It is an ad of data hosting service that allows people to store their files and send files and pictures to their colleagues, friends, and family from any device.

The emphasis of this video was to influence viewers to sign-up by downloading the app.

3. Taskworld – Video

It helps manage various projects and monitor tasks, and users can coordinate with colleagues and teams.

This product allows users to manage multiple things such as projects, file management, tracking, and team communication. However, onboarding tutorials are required to guide the users.

They use simple animations and voice-overs to explain their use to the audience.

4. Spotify Montage

Their objective was to incorporate creative graphics to explain how the streaming service works to educate the users while creating a brand image with attractive visuals.

This video is created for the motion system to promote Spotify’s newly launched features and increase their paid subscription user base.

After the launch of this video ad, their paid subscribers rose from 30MM to 50MM. This ad influences listeners to use the premium version and use it to listen to music with high quality, offline functionality, and access to thousands of songs.

5. Kissflow’ Initiate process’ Video

Kissflow created this video for a cloud-based automation solution that helps businesses monitor performance with automation. It allows users to process requests, complete tasks, and check items for further action. It includes a script comprising 10,000 words, storyboarding completed with 800 slides, voice-over, and acting.

After the release of this video ad, 5000 people watched this course with 275 hours of watch time.

6. ManyChat – Video

ManyChat allows users to communicate easily with conversations on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and SMS to enhance marketing.

Chatbots have helped many businesses. This video beautifully explains the benefits of using it with a fascinating concept and narration.

It beautifully highlights the significance of sending greeting messages to customers. It creates the first impression of your business to the customers.

7. Blockdaemon

It is a video ad of the billion-dollar startup of Blockdaemon operating in Los Angeles. They offer blockchain services to clients.

This video explains the background of their company and why institutions and companies, including banks, trusts, custodians, and Fortune 500 enterprises, trust their company.

8. – Video Ad

The video highlights their product benefits and allows users to manage and run workflows on a single platform. They presented a challenge to the creators.

The commercial beautifully showcases the users about the different tools they are offering. It is created with a unique idea and fun element, and they use a miniature set design with small things to capture the audience’s attention.

9. TestBox

Many businesses use SaaS company videos to show their brand’s face. This animated video is created with creative animations and a simple theme to highlight how TestBox operates. It highlights the audience’s pain points and offers them the solution to fulfill their need.

10. Room & Board’s Case Study Video

Room & Board is a SaaS company that offers salesforce and CRM software. They created this case study video. This success story is different from other stories. It digs into the customers’ views as the video’s main focus is on them.

In this video, a customer shares their views about their SaaS service. These videos are ideal for explaining the features and benefits of the service to the audience. This type of video is highly effective for marketing.

11. Crazy Egg: Animated Video

Crazy Egg is a SaaS company that created this video for the heatmap tracking tool. It is created with attractive animation and it is to the point; it highlights the issue and offers the solution.

Moreover, it incorporates a humorous touch that builds the audience’s interest in the video. This tool can increase the conversion rate.

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In a Nutshell

Every business implements innovative ways to enhance its marketing in this digital age. In recent years, marketers have seen a significant increase in the use of SaaS product video ads

In the SaaS industry, thinking of innovative marketing ideas is essential to compete in the market. SaaS videos give you a competitive edge over others.

If you want to compete with others, it is vital to showcase your unique selling proposition. Video marketing is an ideal way to tell your audience how your product or service adds value to their lives.

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SaaS Product Video Ads Examples – FAQs

  1. How to make SaaS product video?

Creating a B2B SaaS product or explainer video for your company can be done in three ways:

  • Creating a screencast on your own
  • Utilizing online explainer software
  • Hiring a specialized agency
  1. What are SaaS videos?

SaaS videos are a great way to introduce potential customers to your product and demonstrate how it can help them address specific challenges they may be facing. These videos are particularly useful in the early stages of the buying process, when customers are looking for more information to inform their decision-making.

  1. How do you introduce a product in a SaaS product video ad?

Several key elements can improve audience engagement when introducing a product in a SaaS video ad. These include the use of upbeat music, visually appealing motion graphics, incorporating storytelling into the video, and incorporating humor in the dialogue.

  1. How to make a SaaS video ad attractive to users?

Viewers tend to prefer video ads that are concise, informative and engaging. They like ads that provide them with the key information about the products or services they are interested in, such as pricing and sign-up process, without being overly lengthy. A clear call-to-action (CTA) at the end of the ad is also beneficial, as it makes it easy for viewers to take the next step.

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