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Looking for a video animation production company in the USA? BuzzFlick is a pioneering firm that delivers all types of 2D animation videos for brands. From corporate videos to explainers, if it’s related to videos, we can get it done.

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Why BuzzFlick Is The Best Animation Video Agency?

We, at BuzzFlick, believe in the power of the visual and to move forward with a client-centric approach that assists firms in building creative narratives.

As a 2D animation company, our expert animators specialize in the art of storytelling. Whether it’s a demo video or a social video ad you trust us with, we will pull it off to perfection.

Being among the top animated explainer video companies, our aim is to ensure that with the help of our animated videos, firms have engaging marketing collateral that proves to be beneficial for them.

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2D Animation Services for all your requirements

We’ll be your creative partners, providing you with video content that brings the buzz to your brand.

2D Explainer Icon

2D Explainer Videos

Explain your process, showcase your work, or educate your audience about your brand with a 2D explainer video that is easy to understand for your audience.

Whiteboard Icon

Whiteboard Animations

Market your product, sell your service, or give our audience an engaging overlook of their consumer journey through whiteboard animation videos & a bit of flair.

Corporate Videos Icon

Corporate Videos

Develop a unique corporate persona through a customized Corporate video that allows you to explore a new branding segment and compete in the digital age.

Educational Videos Icon

Educational Videos

Make learning easy and digestible for students and participants by allowing them to learn through a highly engaging medium through our educational video maker service.

Video Ads Icon

Video Ads

Social media marketing in the 21st century needs you to portray your brand through video ads that convey the right message and more importantly, break through the clutter.

Demo Videos Icon

Demo Videos

Explain things through and simplify concepts on any topic possible by acquiring a top notch, animated demo video.


Not Just A Video Animation Company, We’re Video Strategists

We have an in-house team of 35+ video animators. As a specialized animation video production agency, we excel at using visuals to convey your brand’s story, message, or product. So, whether you want whiteboard animation videos, product demo videos, or corporate videos, we’ve got the Aces for them all!

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We Have Done Some Impressive Work In The
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Check out our sample 2D animations. Some of them may inspire your journey into Video Marketing to generate your own
unique buzz.

Animation Video
Animation Video
Animation Video
Animation Video
Animation Video
Animation Video
Animation Video
Animation Video

What Makes Our Videos Buzz?

The first step is pretty simple; let us know what you want. The more details you can provide about
your video concept, the better.

Our clients give us a concept brief that guides our creative team to create a compelling script. This acts as ground zero to drive home your 2D animation video’s message. To build this concept, we take a two-pronged approach. Firstly, we consult with you to know exactly what you have in mind for your video. We then build on this idea to ensure we come as close to what you want to be visually manifested on the screen in video format. We are extremely fussy in getting the concept aligned because if this goes wrong, the whole video will not turn out as per your expectations
Storyboarding helps our 2D video animators design the structure, flow, and sequence of your video with the help of visual elements that we create. Storyboards are different from scripts or concepts in that they signify and provide a framework on which the video will flow. For e.g. if the script says that we have to show the three-step process for installing an app, the storyboard will tell as to what elements will be used to show these three steps in the video. Storyboards are pathways on which videos are built, nothing more, nothing else.
Animation involves the binding together of different visual elements. This involves adding motion graphics to them, and applying the voice over, to bring your video to life. As we enter the final stage of animation, we take special care that there are no glitches or problems in the video progression. The animated characters, icons, schemes and colors need to be perfectly aligned and after this is done, we are then ready to deliver you with a powerful, highly useful, final video product.
Final touch ups and quality assurances are now in order. One our team has completed the check; your video is ready to make a buzz for your brand.
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