18 Free Anime Websites To Watch Anime Online [2022 Review]

Top Free Anime Websites To Watch Anime Online
Looking to find your favorite anime for free on the internet, Here is the list of free anime websites that you can use to watch your anime online!

It was 1917 when anime was introduced in Japan, and since, then watching anime has become a part of our lives. From kids of age 12 to even adults, we all have been addicted to anime at some point in our life. Where anime has proven to be the best means of entertainment for the young generation, they’re also a great way of escape for the old generation from their busy lives.

Anime promote friendship, relationships, entertainment, teamwork, and much more. A person can always opt for watching anime online or on their T.V. sets for free whenever they’re willing to give themselves a full-fledged experience of action, drama, thrill, and comedy-filled type of animation known as anime.

Furthermore, since anime is still and rapidly growing in popularity, there are several websites today that have enabled anime lovers to watch anime online for free.

The free anime websites offer speedy streaming so that the users can watch their favorite anime without the hassle of waiting for the animation to load.

So, if you’re an anime fan and you’re in search of the best anime websites that you can hop on to watch anime for free online, then this article is especially for you.

For a long time, anime fans have been wondering where to watch anime for free, and today BuzzFlick is here with the top 18 anime websites that you can use to watch anime for free online.

So, without any further ado – let’s start exploring the details, features, pros and cons, and more about the following free anime watching websites.

List Of Best Free Anime Websites To Watch Anime Online

The old days of websites being slow and laggy are gone. Today, we’ve got several ultra-modern websites designed by leveraging the latest technology to give you an optimal online anime watching experience.

Additionally, these websites are not only known for their remarkable free anime watching feature, but also they’re the best when it comes to user experience, friendliness, and considering the fact that a whopping 4.28 billion used their smartphones to access the internet, these websites are also mobile responsive.

Keep in mind that the list is certainly in no particular order, so don’t determine the quality of a specific free anime-watching website through its position on this list.

#1) Crunchyroll

The first one on our free anime website list is Crunchyroll. You’ll find some of the most intriguing animes on this website, such as Naruto, Darling, Attack on Titans, Yuri on among many others. Along with providing the feature of free anime watching, the website is also designed to offer the best user experience, a simple U.I., and a massive collection of stories, dramas, and even manga.

The premium version of this great website lets you go ads-free and gives you some extra features.


  • You can search for your preferred animes easily.
  • A massive collection of anime.
  • Simple and user-friendly.
  • The category section is extremely helpful when it comes to choosing the genre of anime.
  • You can start watching free anime without having to pay anything.


  • The free version has countless ads.
  • You need a subscription to unlock the full version.

Countries: 180+ Countries

Website: Crunchyroll


With literally every anime from every category, i.e., Sci-Fi, horror, action, drama, thriller, comedy, and more, Kissanime is probably the biggest free anime site in the world.

The best part about Kissanime? Well, you can download your free anime videos and watch them later whenever you want without an internet connection. Additionally, Kissanime also allows you to watch the video as per your preferred video quality from 240p to 1080p.

Moreover, a problem that is faced globally by countless anime fans is that they’re unable to find the subbed or dubbed version of their anime shows. Kissanime solves this problem by giving you subbed and dubbed anime for free.

Lastly, creating an account on Kissanime is not something that you’re required to do to watch free anime online. However, doing so will enable you to save and manage your videos, episodes, and even seasons.


  • Dubbed and subbed anime videos.
  • You can download your videos.
  • Various qualities that you can select.
  • Modern search functionality.
  • Super-fast streaming.


  • Not accessible on all devices.
  • The ads are super annoying.

Countries or regions available: Worldwide

#3) Funimation

Funimation is perhaps the most recognized free anime site on this list that is owned by Sony. Aside from being a free anime-watching website, Funimation is also a production studio responsible for dubbing several anime shows such as Dragon Ball Z.

Moreover, on their website, you can watch anime for free. The videos are available in dubbed and subbed versions. Funimation also releases applications for P.S. so that you can watch hundreds of thousands of your anime shows for free.

The only con of this great free anime website is that there the website is a house of ads that keep popping up here and there. Other than this, there’s nothing wrong with this great free anime site.


  • Videos are available in subbed and dubbed versions.
  • The latest anime series are also available.
  • You can use it on two screens if you have a premium account.


  • Ads are everywhere.
  • The dubbed version of anime is not free.

Countries: U.S.A., United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

Website: Funimation

#4) 9anime

9anime is yet another great free anime website that enables you to watch your favorite anime in high quality for free. This admirable quality of 9anime makes it the #1 choice of countless anime fans around the globe.

For starters, the website has a clean U.I. and UX that enables you to skim through the content of the website easily.

Speaking of content, the free anime that you’ll be watching on their website are available in dubbed and subbed versions so, here’s a big problem that is solved by this specific free anime stream giant.

Lastly, this website is home to some of the latest anime shows out there, i.e., Naruto, Death Note, Dragon Ball, and more, and the best part? You don’t have to register yourself to start watching free anime.


  • Anime is available in dubbed and subbed versions.
  • No registration is required.
  • D. quality feature.
  • You can schedule your anime shows.


  • The intros are missing in the videos.
  • You’re not allowed to download anime.

Countries or regions available: Worldwide

Website: 9anime

#5) AnimeDao

Meet AnimeDao, the free anime website that stands on top when it comes to quality, usability, user experience, availability, anime streaming speed, and more.

The website consumes low bandwidth. Hence, it offers a speedy video loading experience for free anime watchers. Plus, the quality of the videos offered by AnimeDao is crystal clear with the option of changing the quality from 340p to 1080p.

Lastly, AnimeDao also offers anime lovers to watch anime in dubbed and subbed versions regardless of the date the anime was released.


  • A great and user-friendly experience.
  • The dark theme feature is revolutionary.
  • High anime streaming
  • High-quality adjustment.
  • You can save your videos through the bookmark feature.


  • You can’t download your videos.
  • Tons of ads.

Countries or regions available: The U.S.A.

Website: AnimeDao

#6) Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is yet another popular free anime website that you can use to watch the latest animes for free. From the most iconic old animes to the modern anime shows, the website is home to literally every anime out there.

Additionally, to further increase the watching experience, the website gives you a simple, sleek, and minimal design along with a speedy anime streaming experience.

Furthermore, you can browse new anime shows, see trailers, watch free popular anime and do much more on Chai-Anime for free. Shows like Dragon Ball, Hero Academia, Kokora, among several others, are available; however, the only disadvantage of this platform is the problem that is with every free anime site, “Ads.”


  • Easy navigation and search.
  • Fast anime streaming.
  • You can download your videos.
  • Free dubbed anime.


  • Pop-up ads ruin the entire watching experience.

Countries or regions available: Worldwide

Website: Chia-Anime

#7) Anime Lab

The fast availability, engaging visuals, and speedy experience make Anime Lab a popular choice among free anime lovers. If you were surfing the internet to find free anime online, then you should stop just right here because Anime Lab has a lot to offer to you.

For starters, the website is updated regularly, so, every day there’s the latest collection of episodes from your favorite anime shows available 1 hour after the broadcast.

Also, the recently added category makes the process of finding the latest anime easier. Lastly, there’s a premium version of this website that you can buy to get rid of ads and get dubbed version of your anime shows.


  • Dubbed and subbed free anime shows are present.
  • The website is updated, and the latest shows are added.
  • You can use the website on several devices.


  • The dubbed version is reserved for premium users.
  • The ads are everywhere in the free version.

Countries or regions available: New Zealand and Australia

Website: Anime Lab

#8) Anime Planet

Anime-Planet is yet another great free anime website that allows users to seamlessly watch anime online. With more than 45,000 anime episodes, Anime-Planet is one of the biggest free anime sites online.

Furthermore, the website brings you your favorite anime shows of all categories and niches. From comedy to horror, action, and adventure, you’ll find tons of anime shows on Anime-Planet.

Additionally, you can also read the reviews of a specific show, see recommendations and ratings and explore an entire database of Manga with Anime-Planet.

Moreover, if you’re not sure exactly what you want to watch? A single overview of the Anime-Planet will help you with your query. Lastly, the cool design a,d interface of the website adds more to the experience of watching anime online. Oh, and the website is mobile responsive so, you’ll be watching anime whenever you want and wherever you want.


  • The Manga library feature.
  • Minimal yet effective U.I. and UX.
  • Few ads.
  • Videos have quite a helpful description.
  • Discuss your favorite anime with the anime community feature of Anime-Planet.
  • Fully responsive on different devices.


  • You need to get registered.
  • The category section is poorly designed and can be confusing at times.

Countries or regions available: Worldwide

Website: Anime Planet

#9) VIZ

Like Funimation, VIZ is also a well-known name in the anime world. It is the publisher and distributor of manga and the largest publisher of comic books and graphic novels in the U.S.A.

So, why does this anime giant is on our list? Well, for starters, VIZ has been bringing anime to the western world for 30 years now. The revolutionary aspect of this great free anime website is that it has an app that allows you to watch anime on your smartphone.

The app is fully compatible with the Android 2.2 or higher version. With the app, you can experience unlimited anime streaming free, and if you’re really really into the anime world, the website and app both give you articles, discussion forums, reviews, and more anime related to engage yourself with.

Last but not least, you can also watch trailers of anime shows to determine whether they’re worth watching or not.


  • They have an application.
  • The vast collection of manga.
  • Subbed and dubbed episodes and seasons.


  • Slow streaming.

Countries or regions available: Worldwide

Website: VIZ

#10) Anime Heaven

This free anime website is actually heaven for anime lovers. Anime Heaven stands as one of the most speedy, responsive, quality-oriented, and credible free anime-watching websites in the digital world.

From old anime to the latest, the website offer’s everything on their website for free. The quality-oriented videos of Anime Heaven allow you to select the video quality as per your internet connection from 780p to 1080p.

Furthermore, the search functionality is something that is super-important if there’s something specific that you’re searching for. Hence, the search feature of Anime Heaven allows you to explore different categories like action, drama, comedy, thriller, suspense, and more.

And the last thing, the dubbed and subbed versions just add more value to the overall offerings of this great platform.


  • Automatic video quality selection.
  • Few ads as compared to others.
  • Easy to navigate search functionality.


  • Classic anime isn’t present.
  • Fresh and latest content takes time to get uploaded on their website.

Countries or regions available: Worldwide

Website: Anime Heaven


The website is available worldwide, and it has become the center of attention of more than a million anime lovers who are ever ready to watch free anime online. The constant adding of new content to the website and improving the experience of the website are some of the core reasons why it achieved immense success.

From manga to anime, the website comes with everything you need to watch anime while enjoying your pop-corns. The website also offers dubbed and subbed versions of your favorite shows so that you don’t have to go read the entire story somewhere else to understand what’s going on.

And lastly, the website’s U.I. and UX are simple and fosters easy navigation.


  • User-friendly and engaging.
  • The latest episodes are available quickly.
  • Manga series.


  • Tons of ads.

Countries or regions available: Worldwide


MyAnimeList claims to have the biggest collection of your favorite animes and manga database. The website is also a social networking anime website where you can read reviews, ratings, and recommendations to start new anime series.

Also, finding people with similar interests on this website enables you to start your own community. Furthermore, the website also hosts competitions in which the winner is required to complete a series before a list of competitors.


  • Read reviews and recommendations.
  • Create communities, stay engaged.
  • Write blogs.
  • Start discussions with fellow free anime watchers.


  • The ad-free version requires a subscription monthly or yearly.

Countries or regions available: Canada, U.S.A., U.K., and several other English-speaking countries



From movies to episodes to trailers to even comics, is the only website on this list that is offering all the aforementioned stuff to free anime lovers.

Standing as a truly unique and engaging website, is perfect for kids as the design is minimal, and they’ll be able to understand it thoroughly. Some other aspects of the anime site include 24/7 availability, categories, and more.


  • The standout feature of having graphic novels and comics.
  • Latest anime gallery.
  • Content is original and uncut.
  • Special collection for kids.


  • You’re limited in the free version of the site in terms of content.

Countries or regions available: The U.S.A.


#14) Asian Crush

An anime streaming giant, Asian Crush, also offers several features to the free anime watching community. From Chinese martial arts to Japanese anime, you can stream all your favorite shows in one place.

Moreover, they’ve also got a blog section that is updated regularly so you can get your hands on the latest news quicker than anyone else with this website.


  • Chinese & Japanese anime, dramas, cartoons, and series.
  • Omni-channel presence.
  • Advanced search functionality.
  • The categories section is well-organized.


  • Tons of ads.

Countries or regions available: North America

Website: Asian Crush

#15) NicoNico

NicoNico is also a free anime site, and everything it offers is pretty much the same as the features offered by other online anime websites on this list. The standout feature, however, is the video comment feature that allows you to share your thoughts regarding the video and the comments that appear in the video at the time of playback.

This gives the users a shared viewing experience while allowing them to share and upload videos too.


  • Commenting feature.
  • List and folder creation.
  • Anime books, comics, and manga are available.
  • High-quality but free anime videos.


  • The free version is full of ads.

Countries or regions available: The U.S.A., Japan, Taiwan (China)

Website: NicoNico

#16) Soul Anime

You just got your hands on over 4,000 anime series for free. Soul Anime is also one of the largest free anime sites that allow you to stream anime for free. Along with anime series, the website also offers high-quality video adjustment, the latest episodes, and amazing speed.


  • You get subbed and dubbed versions.
  • Advanced search functionality.
  • +4,000 features.
  • Unlimited and fast anime streaming.


  • Full of ads.

Countries or regions available: Worldwide

Website: Soul Anime


With a comprehensive collection of hit anime series, the websites provide easy access to the anime-loving community to get started immediately on watching their favorite anime episodes for free.


  • Every video has a description.
  • The next button auto-plays the upcoming episode.
  • The website uses push notifications to inform the users about updates.
  • Alphabetical categorization.


  • Numerous Ads.

Countries or regions available: Worldwide


#18) AniPlus Asia

Last but not least, AniPlus Asia is another online anime streaming platform for anime lovers. With a free one-month trial, you can experience the platform for free, and while experiencing the platform, you can also like, share or comment on your videos.


  • Get your hands on their merchandise store.
  • A community of free anime
  • Omni-channel support.
  • Premium members get the opportunity to enter anime-related events.


  • Pop-up ads.
  • Payment is required after a one-month free trial.

Countries or regions available: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines

Website: AniPlus Asia

Parting Words

We know that watching anime is something that we all love, and sometimes it can be difficult to find anime online. YouTube, although it has several anime episodes, they’re cut in half, blurry, and muted to protect from copyright.

But now that you know all about the free anime sites, you can just simply tap on the website’s name on this list and take full advantage of the platform for yourself.

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