Top Product Demo Video Production Companies

Product demo video production companies
Looking for the best demo video services? Here is the list of top product demo video companies that can help you create engaging and captivating videos.

For every company, the product is its actual business asset. And to give itself a kick-start, product demonstration video is important.

If you are looking for some professional assistance in a product demo video, then you have landed on the right article.

We will be discussing the best video animation and production companies that are known for their finest product demo video services.

Since the transformation in marketing, companies have adopted videos as the ultimate marketing asset to reach their targeted audience, they want a product demo video maker that highlight their products in the finest way possible.

When we talk about business and video marketing, the animated product demo videos have made their way to the top. Whether you want to launch a product or communicate your product’s value to your customers, product demo videos are beneficial in every case.

So, let’s begin with our findings!

Importance of Product Demo Videos

The product demo is vital for every product. Here are some statistics that will help you understand the importance of product demo videos for any business:

The above statistics have proved how much a product demo can be beneficial for your conversion and sales escalation.

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How to Find an Excellent Product Demo Company?

Now, we know that product demo videos play a significant role in boosting conversion and brand awareness; it’s time to realize that hiring a product demo video company is necessary.

Although it is best if you are already using in-house teams for product demo videos to create a flawless product demo for your business. However, if you search best product demo video company online, you’ll get eventually confused in picking the right match for you.

Every video production company claims to provide you with well-made product demo video, but there are certain parameters that help you evaluate the company and save you from scams.

There are several qualities that you should look for while hunting for a product demo company for your project:

Video Production Quality: Before hiring any video production company, it is important to assess if it has produced a product demo video of high quality. The company’s portfolio and social media accounts are the right places to inspect its production and content quality. It will help you decide whether this is what you are looking for or not.

Team Communication: We have heard repeated times that communication is the key to success, and it helps a lot when we talk about business. Creating professional product demo videos requires dialogue and discussion, and if the company is good at communication, the chances of confusion and misunderstanding decrease.

Project Uniqueness: Every brand aims to look different from the rest, which requires original and unique work. While looking at the portfolio, make sure that the production company creates customized and exclusive projects. It reduces the ratio of duplication and keeps your brand identity distinctive.

Company Experience: While employing a video production company, make sure that the company has enough business experience and has worked with known brands. It builds the company’s credibility and verifies its authenticity. For example, look into if the company has produced a B2B product demo video before or not.

Client’s Review: Search for the company on various reviewing sites like Google Review, Clutch, or Trustpilot to validate their claim for providing product demo video services. Every company promotes itself as the best, but the client reviews help the new customers to see the reality.

Pricing Plans: Pricing is the most important factor that you must evaluate. First, understand your budget and then compare it with the price plans the product demo video companies & agencies offer. If it matches your budget, hire it.

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List of Best Product Demo Video Production Companies

After detailed research and parameter evaluation, we have enlisted top product demo companies with their work examples for better visualization and decision making.

1. BuzzFlick

When it comes to picking a top product demo video production, BuzzFlick is the name that you can count on.

BuzzFlick has been providing its top-notch 2D animation services since 2016. The studio has worked with renowned companies, from mega enterprises to rising startups.

The team at BuzzFlick is an expert in product demo explainer videos that help companies promote their products to their prospects.

BuzzFlick focuses on its client’s ideas and turns them into visually attractive pieces of information that not just educate the targeted audience but turn them into potential customers.

Due to an incredible and high-talented team of professionals, BuzzFlick has been able to deliver quality products to its clients and business partners. The studio has successfully scored a place among the top video animation company and has also proven itself as one of the best product demo video services around the globe.

As a product demo video production company, BuzzFlick has been providing:

  • Customized product demo videos that fulfill every client’s need.
  • Dynamic production quality in animation, audio, script, editing, visuals, etc.
  • A customer-oriented product demo that talks about the business objectives and product details to the targeted audience.
  • Deliver every single important detail to the relevant audience in a captivating and compelling manner.
  • Provide top-notch video animation and production quality at a budget-friendly price plan.

BuzzFlick has worked with Gerli Wren, TruthTellers, US Logistics, indeed Flex, Acorn International, Starling Bank, and more.

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2. Yum Yum Videos

The list of video production companies is incomplete without Yum Yum Video. The studio has proven itself at multiple video production levels.

Yum Yum is one of the finest video animation and production companies that has expertise in explainer, whiteboard, motion graphics, and 2D animation services.

The studio has collaborated with companies like Walmart, Vodafone, American Express, Red Bull, and more showing its range of work and proving how flexible product demo video company it is.

3. BX Films

Bx Films is a San Francisco-based innovative product demo video production company that focuses on storytelling from brands to the targeted audience.

The studio is famous for its product demo video services. Bx Films follows unique video shooting, animation, and editing approaches to deliver purely customized and unique content.

4. VeracityColab

VeracityColab has been providing its remarkable video production services for over a decade and manages to provide better quality each time.

The popularity of VeracityColab is due to its product demo video services. VeracityColab has worked with Covetrus, EPSON, Eventbrite, Microsoft, Tender greens, Adidas, Flexfit, Adobe, and more.

Its storytelling and compelling script make its work stand out among its competitors and make it an ideal video production for any business.

5. CRFT Video

CRFT Video is an acclaimed product demo video production company in New York. This video production studio is doing an excellent job of creating product demos and brands video that grasp the audience’s attention in no time.

The studio follows distinctive video crafting approaches and creative styles that hook the audience right away. It offers various price plans that fit every company’s needs and requirements.

5. Kyro Digital

Kyro digital is a video production agency that follows a client-focused approach while creating video projects.

The studio is accurately right product demo video service for you that has created numerous product videos for companies like Nike, Bose, Beats Audio, Oakley, Targus, The Pollo Loco, and Aquarium of the Pacific.

The team at Kyro Digital believes in customized visual content and makes sure that every project must reflect its company’s objectives and values clearly to the targeted audience.

Kyro Digital has created various successful product demo videos and is a considerable option for any video production.

6. Casual Films

Causal Films is a video content production agency that has been providing its services in London, New York, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Melbourne, Sydney, Amsterdam, and Barcelona.

The studio is an expert in persuasive short films and marketing videos for businesses around the globe. Causal Films crafts the video in a manner that effectively communicates the company’s objectives to the prospects.

With a considerable experience in the video production industry and a skilled team, Casual Films is the right option for product demo videos.

7. Rocketwheel

Rocketwheel is an animation company that has been providing its animation services for so long. The studio caters for all sorts of businesses and entertains every animation requirement.

Whether you want a video for marketing, product launch, or for training purposes, Rocketwheel can produce videos that stand out.

Rocketwheel has created many outstanding product demonstration videos and has served companies like IBM, Intel, Salesforce, Dell, Amazon, Bloomberg, Forrester, Auto Desk, and P&G.

With almost 13 years of experience in animation, you can trust Rocketwheel completely with your projects.

8. SLON Media

SLON Media is dedicatedly a creative marketing agency that provides complete marketing services to its client. The studio provides services of digital promotion, branded media, influencer marketing, branding & graphic design, UX/UI design, and others.

The agency specially serves companies that need marketing and promotional assistance. The team of SLON Media consists of highly trained professionals who are experts in marketing and product demo videos.

9. Ydraw

Product demo videos are fun to watch but crucial to design; that is why you need professionals to create up to the mark videos for your business, and when we say professionals, you should consider Ydraw.

Ydraw is an animation agency that has worked with Disney, Amazon, Deloitte, Verizon, and more. If you have a product marketing campaign to run, contact Ydraw, and they will create you the best-animated product demo videos in 2D or 3D animation.

10. Sparkhouse

Sparkhouse is a California-based video production company that has earned this place with its quality work.

The studio is a proficient product demo video company that aims to fuse the art of filmmaking, animation, and marketing together to create amazing videos that benefit businesses of all sorts.

Sparkhouse is an expert in creating animation for all ages and has collaborated with First American, Nissan, Nitto, NZXT, Cambro, Forever 21, Capital One, ECOS, and other renowned companies.

The studio has created a large number of animated and live-action marketing videos for the companies but is vividly known for its product demo video production.

11. The DVI Group

While talking about product demo video production, not mentioning The DVI Group is not justified. The DVI Group is an Atlanta-based video production company that aims to create client-oriented videos that attract and hold the lead right away.

DVI follows distinctive marketing approaches, which makes it unique. The company has worked with LOMA, Payrix, The Wilder Agency, Delta Air Lines, Spondylitis Association of America, and more and has proven itself as the best video production company.

12. Brandefy

Brandefy is a top-rated LA-based video production company that is known for its marketing videos, commercial projects, awareness videos, and product demos.

It is an award-winning production company that has collaborated with APA, Infogix, Maxim, TimeInc., Demand Media, National Position, Coupon Cabins, and Magic Castle.

Brandefy has worked on TV and web video marketing campaigns that have brought changes in sales and conversion. The studio produces videos with strong storytelling, captivating visuals, and informative demonstrations.

If you have a product demo project, you must consider Brandefy.

13. Picturelab

Picturelab is a San Francisco-based digital film and video production studio that create engaging, captivating, and enlightening marketing videos that fulfill their purposes and benefit the company to the fullest.

The studio creates commercial videos, animated explainer videos, brand videos, testimonial videos, and product demo videos.

If you are looking for a fine video production studio, Picturelab is the one.

14. Shoot You

Meet Shoot You, a NY, London, and Amsterdam-based animation and video production studio. The company has been serving the corporate and commercial industry for the past 20 years.

Shoot You has collaborated with BBC, Amadeus, Travelers, Siemens Healthineers, J.P. Morgan, King (game developers), and Honeywell. The studio is an expert in animation, film & video, digital services, and video/audio podcasting.

Shoot You has worked with both B2B and B2C companies; its skill sets in product demo video production are incomparable.

15. Demo Duck

Now, we are wrapping up our list with Demo Duck – an animated explainer video production company that knows how to promote a product, bring light to the initiatives, tell a story, cast a charm, and communicate the information.

Demo Duck is one of the finest video animation and production companies that has been known for its explainer and product demo video services.

The company is not famous for its product demo only but is considerable for motion graphics, whiteboard animation, 2D explainer, 3D explainer, commercial, and video editing services.

Demo Duck as a versatile product demo video company effectively communicates the message to the desired audience through its powerful scripts, captivating visuals, and mind-catching stories. In short, its product demo video production service is remarkable.

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The Editor’s Choice

And there you have it! This is an optimal list of the best product demo video companies in the market that you can count on for outstanding results.

Each one of them is more than capable of bringing your product demo to life in a unique, impactful, and successful way!

While we can’t speak for the rest, we can say that at BuzzFlick, we succeed by focusing on our clients’ objectives from the beginning.

We put a lot of effort into learning about our clients’ needs, their consumers’ mindsets, their competitors’ marketing strategies, and market demand.

The team at BuzzFlick makes sure that the core message of our client effectively gets delivered to its targeted audience.

It’s a method that allows us to completely design each product demo video we make, guaranteeing that customer expectations are fulfilled and exceeded!

Overall, our first objective is to provide an engaging, high-quality product demonstration. One that was created by paying close attention to detail and working closely with our clients.

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The Conclusion

In most marketing initiatives, a professionally produced, completely personalized, and captivating product demo video can be a game-changer.

That much is obvious in today’s digital environment when the vast majority of people acquire products online before interacting in person with the companies, brands, or the product itself.

However, the only way to produce a product demo that convinces your audience to buy your product right away is to work with experienced video animation and production companies who know what you want, what you need, what they do, or how they can do.

If you still have not discovered all of those exceptional teams on this list, it should still serve as a starting point for you in finding the desired company that can help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Still good luck and happy animation!

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What is a product demo video?

A product demo video shows your product in action and demonstrates how it works. Demo videos are an effective approach to demonstrating the value of your product to potential buyers.

What is the purpose of the product demo video?

A product demo is a demonstration to an existing or potential customer of the value of your productsc or services. It usually entails a presentation of the product’s primary features and abilities. The product demo video’s primary goal is to close a sale.

How do you make a good product demo video?

You can create effective product demo videos by just following 8 steps:

  • Identify the video objective.
  • Determining and understanding your audience.
  • Evaluate and set a production budget.
  • Pick the production professional.
  • Plan your video structure.
  • Pick the video style: Live-action Vs. Animation.
  • Create an engaging script.
  • Design a marketing plan.

What is the cost of a product demo video?

In most circumstances, the cost of producing a product demo video is between $1500 and $3200 per 60 seconds.

Some technical videos with experienced voice-over artists, directors, editors, and actors might cost as much as $6,000 per 60 seconds, while animated product demo videos can cost around $10,000 per 60 seconds.

Which company is the best for product demo videos?

Here are the product demo video companies that you should definitely consider for your product demo project:

  • BuzzFlick
  • Demo Duck
  • Yum Yum Videos
  • VeracityColab
  • Kyro Digital
  • Shoot You
  • BX Films
  • CRFT Videos
  • Rocketwheel
  • Picturelab
  • Ydraw
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