10 Most Inspiring TikTok Ad Examples and Why They Created Hype

9 winning tiktok ad examples and why they work
Looking for new ways to advertise your brand on TikTok? Read our blog to learn the best TikTok ad examples that inspire you to create TikTok ads.

TikTok has broken all records of popularity. In a short span of time, it has become one of the most preferred advertisement platforms. TikTok has more than one billion active users, and around three billion people have downloaded the app.

When we talk about monthly users, TikTok has more monthly active users than Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit, Telegram, and Twitter.

TikTok users are still increasing, and its reels feature has become users’ favorite. Marketers are focusing more on promoting their offerings on the platform. Especially eCommerce brands are using TikTok trends and ads to increase their conversions. It also helps in building a positive brand image in front of the audience.

Here in this blog, we will discuss some of the best TikTok ad examples and find out why they were successful.

TopView and In-Feed TikTok Ad Examples

TopView ad is new feature marketers use to build on brand takeovers. We have rounded up some of the best TopView and In-Feed TikTok ad examples:

K18 In-Feed TikTok Ad that Helps in Enriching their Marketing Campaign

K18 is an ecommerce haircare brand that was established in 2019. Their marketing team used TikTok to increase their product and brand awareness. They want to increase their views and followers, and they tracked their ad’s results by analyzing these key factors:

  • Video views
  • Follower increase
  • Hashtag views

They collaborated with TikTok influencers such as Mikayla Nogueira and Heidi D’Amelio and created various videos that improved their user engagement. K18 boosted its promotional activities using the TikTok influencer marketing strategy and paid ads.


TikTok revealed the stats that showed K18 increased their daily sales by 70% within 30 days of releasing this ad campaign. Additionally, they observed followers increased by 18,000. Video views crossed 27 million, K18Hair hashtag received 73 million views

Smyth Jewelers TikTok Ad Campaign

It is one of the best TikTok ads that has significantly impacted the eCommerce world. Smyth Jewelers created this ad for TikTok that helped increase awareness about their jewelry.

Smyth Jewelers is a renowned brand. They used TikTok to promote their jewelry to the young generation. They launched this ad campaign to advertise their engagement and wedding rings.

Their marketing team came up with the best TikTok video idea and ran ad campaigns on TikTok to convey their brand’s message to the audience.

It is ideal to use engaging and creative videos to build a robust presence on TikTok. Brands can attract the audience, encourage them to purchase their product, and build long-term relationships with customers.


Regarding stats, their TikTok traffic campaign secured 800,000 views at a reasonable budget.

Smyth Jewelers found that TikTok ads are more effective than marketing on other online marketing platforms.

TikTok Hashtag Challenge Examples

Brands use hashtag videos to encourage viewers to record and upload a video by doing any specific action. Let’s check out some of the best TikTok hashtag challenge examples.

Clearly Launched Branded Hashtag Challenges that Increase their Video Views

Clearly is a popular website that sells spectacles. They donated 570k pairs of spectacles through their CSR activity. Their product line includes sunglasses, prescription glasses, and contact lenses. They use TikTok to enhance their digital footprint and tap new market segments.

Here’s a video of their branded hashtag challenge TikTok ad that received more than 20 million views.

The marketing team of Clearly used this hashtag challenge to inspire viewers to wear their favorite spectacles and upload a video on TikTok. They implemented some other marketing strategies to support their campaign and increase their return on ad spend.

They increased their brand awareness through their ad campaign. They focused on the audio and visuals that not only helped them in increasing viewers, but it improved user engagement.

Their marketing efforts included:

  • Invested in different solutions to fulfill customer needs and launched multiple ads for TikTok marketing
  • Created soothing custom music to make the video ads more appealing to the viewers and increase audience engagement
  • Collaborated with five TikTok creators to inspire the audience


Let’s analyze the results. This top TikTok ad reached more than 20 million video views during the 6 days of the campaign and increased its reach to 116 million new users.

During the campaign, they received 32.7 million engagements and 241,000 video submissions. Their TikTok followers increased by 12,000 and ad recall increased by 13%.

American Eagle – #InMyAEJeans

American Eagle is a renowned apparel brand. They created an excellent TikTok ad campaign for the Branded Hashtag Challenge of Back to School to encourage viewers to record their dance videos. Influencer Addison Rae launched this campaign. It has become one of the successful TikTok ad examples.


This campaign created hype among the audience because they offered the chance to meet Addison Rae. According to TikTok, over 432,000 TikTok creators shared their campaign videos and reached 3.7 billion views.

FC Barcelona & OPPO’s Collaboration – #GoForItChallenge

FC Barcelona is one of the most popular football clubs. The football club collaborated with a mobile phone company OPPO, for their TikTok campaign #GoForIt. They launched a music track and inspired viewers to share the memorable moments they spent in the club using split screens.


This ad increased user engagement, which is more than TikTok’s average rating of 12.05%. It has become one of the most excellent TopView and In-Feed TikTok Ad Examples, received 676,000 views. As a result of this ad campaign, they received around 200,000 videos from 70,000 TikTok users.

TikTok Brand Takeover Examples

Marketers can use brand takeovers by using display or static ad that appear on the entire screen. This feature allows marketers to upload 3-5 second videos and 3-second JPGs. Here are some of the top-rated TikTok Brand Takeover ad examples.

PepsiCo Australia

When PepsiCo Australia launched its new flavor, they came up with the idea to launch a promotional campaign on TikTok. They used both In-Feed ads and Brand Takeover for more effective results.

The exciting thing is that Pepsi used this platform first time for advertising, and they impressed the audience with this ad campaign.

10 most inspiring tiktok ad examples and why they created hype (final)


After releasing the ad campaign, their CTR increased from 24% in a day, and the ad reached 2.4 million users in one day. At the end of the campaign, this ad gained over 10 million impressions. The ad earned a collective CTR of 17% (with 936,000 views) until the end of the campaign.


Mercedes-Benz ad has become one of the top-notch Brand Takeover TikTok ad examples. Their marketing team brilliantly engaged Millenials and Gen Z’ers. They launched an engaging Brand Takeover ad that helps promote their #MBStarChallenge Hashtag Challenge. They used the ad in combination with the In-Feed ad, which was created with user-generated content.

10 most inspiring tiktok ad examples and why they created hype (final)


The campaign has broken records of success. When this ad campaign was released, 73,000 users uploaded 185,000 videos, and video views crossed 180 million! Their click-through rate was 17.5%.

According to a post-campaign study, it increases ad recall by 66.3%, improves brand favorability by 18.2%, and increases followers by 30,000. Their campaign page views increased to 1 million in Germany and UK.

TikTok Branded Effect Example

Marketers use Branded Effects to connect with viewers. They encourage the audience to create engaging content with filters, special stickers, or other special effects. Creativity, in effect, plays a vital role in increasing engagement. Netflix TikTok ad is one of the most impressive examples of the branded effect.

Netflix Branded Effect Example

Netflix came up with the idea of a special Branded Effect to boost Branded Hashtag Challenge, #TribesChallenge. They created this campaign to advertise the show “Tribes of Europa,” which was going to be released in Germany.


#TRIBESCHALLENGE My style, My Tribe: The Origines! Choose your Tribe ☺🙈 Be part of my Tribe & tag me and @NetflixDe #Anzeige #TribesOfEuropa

♬ Tribes of Europa – Clinton Shorter

They partnered with 10 famous German TikTok creators who used the #TribesChallenge hashtag, and Netflix’s custom Branded Effect, TopView, and In-Feed ads. The campaign results were incredible, and they achieved 1.5 billion video views.

TikTok Top View Ad Example

TopView ads appear in the users’ feed and “For You” section. Marketers can use this feature to attract viewers. The best thing is that these ads appear on full screen, and the video length can be up to 60 seconds.

V Energy

V Energy is an energy drink brand, and their ad is one of the top-rated TikTok ad examples. They launched an engaging ad campaign and used different TikTok ad features to advertise their first New Year’s Eve live show.

10 most inspiring tiktok ad examples and why they created hype (final)

They encourage TikTok creators to record videos with their V Energy trick shots. Their influencer content became viral on the platform. When the show was released, within one day, it became one of the most-watched live streams in Australia. Their followers increased by 5,000.

Dynamic Showcase TikTok Ad Example

These TikTok ads are customized video ads. Marketers can create these ads in real-time through ad templates. Usually, brands use these templates to highlight product information.

Aerie (DSAs) campaign

Dynamic Showcase TikTok ads (DSAs) are one of the most effective and newest ads that help retailers promote their products.

Aerie is an apparel brand, and they used this ad feature and achieved 3.5x better results on ad spending. They incorporated a series of Branded Hashtags (#AerieReal) which persuaded their audience to purchase their products. They engaged their audience and used dynamics showcase ads to increase conversions and advertise their product line.


As TikTok revealed, when Aerie’s launched the ad campaign, it minimized expenses by lowering the CPA to 27%. Their ROAS increased from 2.24 to 7.78, and the conversion rate increased by 2.93%.

In a Nutshell

TikTok has become one of the widely used platforms. People of all age groups use TikTok to watch videos in their spare time. It allows brands to advertise their products and services by utilizing different ad formats on the platform.

Every online platform has its significance from a marketing perspective, but many people nowadays prefer to use TikTok because of its effectiveness in the marketing world.

Brands utilize TikTok ad features to achieve their business goals, such as brand awareness and increasing sales and revenue.

We hope after reading this article, you will be able to learn about the use case of different TikTok ad formats. The above-mentioned ad examples will inspire you to create a powerful TikTok ad strategy that enhances your brand image.

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