Provides solutions for global health challenges caused by COVID-19.

Project Introduction

Air-Clenz System is supported by success-proven visionaries, innovators, scientists, and cooperation partners who are working to tackle major worldwide difficulties posed by the Coronavirus Pandemic for the greater good of the global community.

Problem Statement

Problem Statement

Unlike food and water, the quality of indoor air is not monitored. The majority of buildings and even automobiles do not offer enough clean air exchanges every hour to maintain an acceptable level of air quality.

People's health, productivity, performance, and happiness can be enhanced with the implementation of AirClenz's comprehensive indoor air quality improvement solution.


They wanted to exhibit their unique services. Unfortunately, what they are offering is pretty intricate for the audience to understand. For this, they wanted animated explainer videos that showcase their offerings and how they can benefit the people.

For the video, they got in touch with BuzzFlick to showcase the unique functionality and features of their solutions.

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We kicked off the project by scheduling a customer onboarding meeting to get our hands on all the information available, which can help us to create the video that our client is expecting from us.

Next up, we assigned this project to a dedicated team as the deadline was short. From conception to final edits, we take of everything. We did everything with great finesse to deliver outstanding results..


The final video we produced was of outstanding quality. The AirClenz team was happy to see how much effort we have put into their project to make it a success. They appreciated our efforts and gave us 5-star ratings on our Clutch profile which is another achievement was the whole team, Buzz.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Air-Clenz Review

"He was always on time and was most attentive. He appears to be most creative and in command of getting our job finished."

Ron B.

Founder & Chairman,
Air Purification Company

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