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Get connected with the best video animation companies in your surrounding that are offering you the best video animation services.

A few years back, marketing was said to be the verbal campaign or printed brochures, but now the marketing game is different.

Today most people surf on the internet not to read but to watch, so dry long marketing tags or content will not be going to help you in your digital marketing, but if you choose to make an adorable animated video, it will be going to hold people long on your web pages.

Now Video Animation is the backbone of Digital Marketing, if you want to make your place in your field, you must go for Video Animation to achieve your goals. Effective digital marketing is proportional to a successful business.

It doesn’t matter if you are a poultry farmer and live in the countryside and don’t know how to bring people’s attention to your business then you can show your whole day process at the farm in the form of animated video, which will make it attractive and bring more sale.

It is tough to catch the audience’s attention, and not everyone knows how to create compelling animated videos for businesses.

If you look for Video Animation Companies, Google will search you hundreds of them, but the question is who is the best Studio in work, or in ranking, or in behavior with clients? But the most important question is Will they deliver the desired result in the given time, or will they be like other companies who failed to fulfill the promises?

Don’t worry, we have listed the 15 Best Video Animation Companies from all over the world. We did a long research to filter these gems for your business. We tried to get all those companies who are best for all sorts of business and keep you and your money safe from scam companies.

Why Choosing The Right Video Animation studio

If you want to make an animated video for your business, you surely need to hunt the best video animation company that can make the video up to the mark.

Some company charge you cheap but doesn’t provide you the quality work. Imagine the video that you don’t like to see yourself then how will the audience enjoy it? So, don’t settle for less but for quality work.

Make sure few things before selecting a Video Animation Studio:

  • Expertise: Experience doesn’t come with years of establishment but with expertise in the work and knowledge of what to do. Check their portfolio, look for the brands they have been working with, then their ranking and reviews.
  • Commitment: how much they are committed to their work and how much they are committed to delivering the project to you on time.
  • Communication: to have a solid and transparent bond with the client, communication is the key. Look for the companies who are available to respond to all of your queries, ready for discussion, and gives a positive attitude toward your issues.

We know all the above things are tricky and frightening, but we have come up with a solution: why bother our reader to search for companies and their reputation in business when we are here to do that.

Top 15 Video Animation Companies For Businesses

After long research, we have listed down the 15 Best Video Animation Companies that fit all the general requirements of an entrepreneur and an enterprise.

Below is the list of the top animation studios that you might consider for your brand:

#1) BuzzFlick – Video Animation Company

BuzzFlick has a team of talented and professional animators who mix their creativity and fun then bring you the masterpiece. The studio always aims to create videos that fulfill the marketing requirement of the client and satisfy the goal of the video.

BuzzFlick has provided numerous video animation services in New York. The studio proudly welcomes all sorts of businesses, from start-ups to established firms. BuzzFlick is best for creating explainer videos, storyboards, video animation, product demo videos, motion graphics, video editing, educational videos, whiteboard animation, and 2D & 3D animation.

How does the team BuzzFlick manage the animation production? The studio’s main objective is to provide quality and perfection to the clients. BuzzFlick is a master in:

  • It creates a customizes the business animation for each client according to their requirements and needs.
  •  The studio offers professional-quality video animation and production.
  •  The animation production process is well managed by the team and supervised by the project manager to prevent errors and glitches.
  • It delivers top-notch projects that satisfy clients’ needs.
  •  BuzzFlick provides integrated video marketing strategy services that ensure the successful branding of the client’s business.

If you want to elevate your business and boost conversion, BuzzFlick is here to help you out. So, contact them today and grab a deal!

#2) Demo Duck – Animation Production Company

Demo Duck is a Chicago-based video animation production company and is in the video animation business for a long. The studio is known for its unique production style and stunning videography.

Scripting brings life to video animation; Demo Duck is one of the studios that focus on video animation and scripting.

Demo Duck provides the services of company story videos, customer testimonial videos, explainer videos, brand video content, and commercial videos production.

Demo Duck has been working with the big names and has a long list of satisfied clients. The studio also creates stop motion animated films like DreamWorks Animation and Walt Disney.

#3) Thinkmojo – Video Animation Company

If you are looking for a company that creates short animated videos, then Thinkmojo is the best stop for your search. Thinkmojo providing the best video animation services in the industry. Whether your company wants educational videos, social media videos, ads, short animated films, video presentations, animated series, Thinkmojo is the best choice for video production.

ThinkMojo’s portfolio speaks for their work with top brands like Slack, ZenDesk, and Google Fiber, who trusted them with their marketing content videos.

In video animation company, ThinkMojo is the wisest choice for any business or start-ups; just give them your requirements, and you have a beautiful business video for your goal.

#4) Nerdo – Business Animation Services

In Italy, Nerdo can be one of your choices as they are the best video animation production company in Europe. The company has a team of consultants and experts in Asia, Europe, and the US.

Nerdo is popular among investors because of its fascinating animated videos for businesses. The company has been ranked in the top 10 animation companies around the globe due to providing the best business video animation services and a list of happy clients.

To know more about their work, must visit their portfolio.

#5) Vidico – Animation Production Company

Looking for a video animation studio that makes videos to fulfill your goal and meets all the requirements then Vidico is the best choice. The studio is known for 2D animation, walkthrough videos, app videos, case study videos, and more.

Vidico has done 700+ projects with around 1.3 billion views and has worked with brands like Amazon, Samsung, square, Uber, Spotify, and Digital Ocean.

You can take quotes for their services which you like to utilize in your video animation.

#6) Switch Video – Business Animation Services

Looking for a cartoon animation studio? Switch Studio is an explainer video company that also mastered in cartoon animation.

Switch Video is a video production company that helps you get interesting short animated videos for businesses and educational purposes. If you are a startup or an educational institution, Switch Video is here to give its services.

The Switch Video follows a well-defined animation production procedure in the video animation process and provides services like animated video series, product videos, training videos, and live-action videos.

Switch Video has been working with companies including HP, Amazon, Cisco, and more.

#7) Epipheo – Video Animation Company

Epipheo is the big name in video animation which create educational videos, explainer videos, brand videos, e-learning video courses, live-action videos, social video ads, video case study, storytelling testimonial, and more.

The studio gives services to cybersecurity, financial sectors, healthcare, and pharmaceutical. Epipheo has specific video styling techniques like 2D and 3D animation production and motion graphics.

The studio has a team of art directors, creative directors, animators, and designers who mold the requirements in the form of amazing videos that always catch the audience’s eye. They follow animated video processes like discovery & content strategy, video planning, pre-production, and production & post.

#8) Explainify – Business Animation Services

Explainify is one of the fantastic video animation companies creating simple animation videos for businesses and educational services. The animation company has given 1000+ videos and hundreds of satisfied clients.

Explainify creates explainer videos, brand videos, landing page videos, PR videos, sales videos, product demo videos, and app videos.

The company gave its services to brands like Shell, Mojo Power, Bosch, and Pfizer. For more information, you can visit Expainify’s website.

#9) Kasra Design – Animation Production Company

Kasra Design has been working since 2011 and, located in Malaysia, produced more than 700 videos for different companies and brands. Kasra has headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and California. The studio has the best 2D and 3D animation team- artists and illustrators that create high-quality short animated videos.

Kasra Design consists of creative artists who produce explainer videos, motion graphics videos, and marketing videos for corporates.

Kasra Design is an award-winning studio among video animation companies that aims to raise your sales and product demand.

#10) Mana – Business Animation Services

ManaMedia is one of the best video animation companies that provide its services in North America, Spain, And France. The ManaMedia was established in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, in 1998 and initially produced the global photographic event The Crystal Awards.

ManaMedia produces animated video through creative content strategy, proof of concept idea, styling, and done. The studio is an animated movie company and uses the cinematic approach to produce corporate videos.

This video company creates short animated videos for businesses that are both original and aesthetically pleasing.

#11) Dot – Video Animation Company

Dot Media is a Jordanian video animation company that creates explainer videos, social media videos, commercial videos, testimonials, and music videos.

Dot Media has been given services to Oxfam, FCA Makani, USAID Jordan, UNICEF, UNDP, Giz, Jordan River Foundation, Central Bank of Jordan, Jordan Petrol, Jordan Armed Forces, Careem, Profix, Smart Line, and Huawei.

It is the giant name in a video animation company in Jordan. The studio guarantees you excellent services and impressive animated videos.

#12) Galera – Business Animation Services

Galera is one of the award-winning companies that made its space in the list of top animation studios.

Galera is best in making product video and explainer videos in Ukraine for tech businesses. The studio has been in the run since 2019 and did a remarkable job for brands like Wunder Mobility, Topaz gumgum, and Uxcel.

The studio follows the production process of learning requirements, designing plan, styling, animation, and final video.

<h3 “=””>#13) Yans Media – Animation Production Company

Yans Media is one of the video companies from Armenia that is offering some of the finest video animation services in the Middle East.

The studio works on explainer and animation videos with the process of concept & story creation, scriptwriting, storyboarding, styling, voice-over & sound design, and finalization.

Yans Media produces a masterpiece that will help your brand to grow, attract more investors and audiences.

#14) Weerlig – Animation Production Company

Weerlig is located in Baku, Azerbaijan. This video animation company provides 2D animated videos for businesses throughout the globe.

Weerlig creates the best explainer videos. The illustrator and animators put their best ideas in making business animation videos to achieve the client’s goal and raise sales.

#15) Grumo Media – Video Company

If you are in Canada and looking for a video animation company, then Grumo Media is the first name that comes into mind. The company has a team of creative artists in creating fun and short animated videos for businesses.

Grumo Media loves working with small businesses and startups to help them grow more effectively and gain popularity among audiences and competitors.

The business animation production process helps companies to attract investors and their targeted audience. Grumo Media is a station where you can find video animation services like 2D and 3D animation, explainer videos, and more.

Grumo Media has worked with big brands like Microsoft, Walmart, and Reckitt Benckiser.

#16) Yum Yum Studio

If we are talking about the best video animation companies, how can we not mention the Yum Yum Videos?

Yum Yum Studio has a team of excellent animators who have worked on various projects. One of the fantastic animations by Yum Yum Studio includes Catan (animated explainer video) – a wonderful piece of animation. Just take a look:

The studio has worked with renowned names like Walmart, Red Bull, McKesson, Fox, and DocuSign. Yum Yum animation is famous for explainer videos, whiteboard animation, marketing videos, video ads, commercials, 2D animation, and educational video services.


  • Which companies are the best in video animation?

Many animation companies are serving the market, but for the newbies, it’s hard to find. We did detailed research and have collected the 16 best video animation companies for your business:

  • How much should an animated video cost?

The cost of the animation varies from project to project and company to company. Mainly the cost depends upon the requirements of the project.

The 2D animation companies mostly charge $10,000-$15,000 for an 80-90 seconds video.

  • What are the best-animated video makers?

Here are some best video animation apps that you can use for desktops and smartphones. Take a look:

  • FlipaClip (Android, iPhone, & iPad Animations App)
  • Bot3D Editor (iPhone & iPad Animation App)
  • Toontastic 3D (Animation Apps for iPhone & Android)
  • Maya (Android)
  • Animate it! (Android)
  • Blender (Windows, Mac)
  • Adobe Character Animator (Windows)
  • Digicel FlipBook (Windows)
  • Toon Boom Harmony (Mac, Windows)
  • Synfig Studio (Windows)


When it comes to choosing the right video company it is a bit difficult. It can only be easy if you know that what you are looking for and are clear about your requirements to the business animation services provider.

When going through the list o the animation production companies we made, you might see the resemblance among their services. All consist of a well-talented team who are ready to face the challenge and create animated videos for businesses with hard work, skill, and passion and giving a floor to the client’s vision.

Either you go for one of these top animation studios or keep on searching. You now have enough information which will help you in comparing the quality and services of the video animation companies.

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