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Project Introduction

Alice is an animated 2D explainer video about a young woman who struggles to make ends meet. The video depicts a normal day in her life, which begins at 4:00 a.m. and ends late at night. It is about the protagonist's tribulations and her quest to accomplish her ultimate goal - to become a successful writer.

Alice project introduction
Alice problem statement

Problem Statement

Kelly approached us with a vague idea in mind. She wanted us to depict the girl's life in an animated video without a voiceover. This left us confused, as illustrating a character's life without narration is fairly intricate.


Kelly wished for an animated animation that conveys the story of "Alice" in an interesting and amusing manner. She wants background music that is precisely in rhythm with the narrative.

To make their vision a reality, they turned to BuzzFlick. We are a world-class animated explainer video business serving several industries. Our innovative content concepts and transparent production method make us the perfect option for such initiatives.

Alice Goals
Alice Solution


We started off this unique project by scheduling a meeting with Kelly to comprehend her distinctive ideas and expectations.

Next, she sent a draft of the script, which she wanted us to modify. Following that, we moved to the storyboarding process in which our illustrators create visuals that explains the whole story efficiently. After her approval, we started the animation process to bring it to life.

Lastly, we added fun and catchy background music to give it an oomph.


The final video we produced was of great quality and met our client's specific requirements. Kelly G thanked us for a fantastic job, and she was very happy with the quality of our video animation services.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Alice Review

We were amazed by the video that BuzzFlick produced for us. Their team is super-talented, and I really enjoyed working with them.

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