Meet new people in a safer environment

Project Introduction

Kenneth Zaccaro – CEO of VacciDating, came up with an idea of a dating app at Covid Pandemic and helped people meet new people.

The application helps you find the perfect match for you in the nearest location. VacciDating also recommends the restaurants with SOPs Restriction for a safe and secure date. You can text and video chat with each other and get a chance to get to know each other better.

Problem Statement

After the pandemic, it was tough to meet new people or go out for food or fun. VacciDating made it possible for the people who were looking for the opportunity to meet new people for a better and strong connection.

The team of VacciDating contacted BuzzFlick for an app demo explainer video that explains the app features clearly. And answered some questions:

  • What do they do? (Nature of the business)
  • What is their app meant for?
  • What audience are they targeting?
  • How do they want to demonstrate their app through video?


VacciDating wanted to demonstrate their work style as a match-making app through a demo explainer video. The team at VacciDating contacted BuzzFlick to seek their professional help for a better demonstration.

BuzzFlick is an award-winning video animation and production company and stands among the top animation companies around the globe.


While planning the video process, our project manager worked closely with the team of VacciDating to learn and understand their business goal, project requirements, and product consumers.

We further evaluate their targeted audience to create audience-oriented content for the video. We distributed our production process into:

  • A detailed scripting writing (first draft): we shared it with the team of VacciDating for review and proofreading.
  • Final script: After the review from VacciDating, we performed some alterations to the script and made it ready for the storyboard.
  • Storyboard: we designed the storyboard according to the script to highlight all the key features of the VacciDating.
  • Forward to the animator: the animator started working on the 2D explainer video that portrays the complete search process of the VacciDating.
  • Post-production: after the completion of the video, the editors added background music and video transition.


The final result was outstanding, and we received tons of appreciation from the team of VacciDating. Our project made them one of the premium clients and helped them excel in the business.

The video helped and encouraged many people to find their true soul-mates through VacciDating, which is a significant achievement for us.

What Our Clients Say About Us

BuzzFlick did a fantastic job helping creating an ad for my website. They were easy to talk to and helped create the vision in my head from start to finish even with the couple of revisions I made. Overall great experience.

-Kenneth Zaccaro

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