8 Top Animated Corporate Video Examples (Inspirational Picks)

Animated Corporate Video For Business
Looking for inspiration for your animated corporate video? Check out these 8 best animated corporate videos to get some great ideas for your next video project.

Animated business videos are increasingly becoming the heart and soul of marketing. The fact that the human brain processes image 60,000 times more quickly than text is leading several brands to focus on more videos to communicate with their audience.

According to (Forbes), 65% of online researchers visit a brand website, and 39% call the brand after watching their videos.

Moreover, A marketing video can attract up to 300% more traffic and possible leads. Now with the stats all clear, it is harder to neglect the importance of animated corporate videos.

A corporate animation blended with stunning presentations and attractive visuals can easily attract your audience and spice up your financial results.

However, only once in a blue moon, you see an inspirational animated corporate video that redefines the conventional message conveying method, and this blog is all about such videos.

BuzzFlick has put together a list of the 8 best animated corporate videos that will surely help you create an incredible corporate animation for your brand.

Best Animated Corporate Video Examples

  • 1) Starbucks
  • 2) Asana
  • 3) American Express
  • 4) AT&T
  • 5) Philips
  • 6) UberEats
  • 7) Omega Pharma
  • 8) Twitter

#1) Starbucks

Starbucks is already a well-known and recognized brand globally, so, in the above video, their approach was to explain their products’ blends and how they combine coffees from different regions to create amazing flavors that we all love.

Starbucks has set an example that some of the best-animated videos are not tackling more complex subjects. The animated video above explained the process of blending coffee beans to create new flavors.

Because Starbucks is already a well-known brand, the video skips the conventional messaging and introductory part, which adds more to the overall presentation.

From the colors to the animation to description, literally, everything in the video gives the user a feeling of tasting the things happening in the video. Within just 1 minute, Starbucks told a story and left the audience wanting more.

#2) Asana

When it comes to creating a great corporate video, incorporating the brand’s values, beliefs and colors is the perfect approach and this is just what Asana did.

Asana is a popular project management online platform, and it needed to promote its project planning app.

They wanted to integrate colors within their animated video that reflect the brand’s nature and essence. They also wanted to convey their message to the audience effectively, so they choose an animated video.

Using colorful themes and relatable situations, they explained their app beautifully and in an innovative way. Several brands explained their product feature-by-feature, but Asana created the difference by describing how the user can innovatively use their app.

Always remember that a good corporate animation video explains the product’s concept in a very short time. Not always does an animation video has to be lengthy and detailed – sometimes a short and sweet message does the magic.

#3) American Express

What happens when you try to transform the way you used to communicate with your audience? Correct! Innovation happens.

American Express changed its corporate communication ways and started utilizing animation videos to dynamically deliver their messages to their audience.

Being a global service company in providing credit cards and insights to their customers, Americans express how they are revolutionizing their technology to enrich lives and influence business successes. In just 46 seconds, the video leaves you imagining how they are thriving to make financial transactions easy and thrilled about what’s more to come from the financial giant.

Moreover, with an excellent design, clear narration, and concise messaging, the video stands out and reclaims its place in this list.

#4) AT&T

The AT&T animated corporate video highlights the company’s milestones and how it surpassed each stage to become a pioneer in the telecommunication industry. With concise messaging and taking the user through their journey, the video is simple, smooth, and with a comforting tone, deliver the message quickly and easily.

From demonstrating how AT&T helps enhance quality control to decreasing the risk through Cargo View, the video covers every benefit organization offers to the industry.

If your brand belongs to the technology industry and you want to explain your milestones or services in a nutshell, this video is the perfect inspiration for you.

#5) Philips

With the implementation of CityTouch, a secure and connected lighting management platform will be created that will improve efficiency and enhance sustainability. With CityTouch, you can get complete visibility and control over your entire lighting system.

Philips innovatively explains an innovative idea. They introduced the Philips CityTouch, which is a smart street lighting system. The video explains the operational side of the smart system. Even for a non-technical guy, the video is extremely interesting and easy to understand.

#6) UberEats

Digitalizing the process of managing a restaurant, UberEats introduced the digital “Restaurant Manager” through a corporate animation video.

The video explains all the benefits and advantages of the “Restaurant Manager” that improve your business by unveiling valuable data that you can act on.

What makes this video so incredible is that it perfectly identifies the problems a restaurant faces and proposes a spectacular way by briefly defining every user’s concern within just 57 seconds.

From monitoring your restaurant’s overall performance to exploring what your customers are saying about your brand, the UberEats package lets you do a lot.

#7) Omega Pharma

Omega Pharma is one of the leading companies in consumer health and personal care, and it operates from Europe. With its advanced and quality-oriented product line, the company decided to explain its USPs stunningly by choosing Animation videos.

The video begins with a narration that tells about the world’s total population and works its way up to explaining how health care issues affect people’s daily lives. Moreover, it explains how it all started with a Shampoo and what it turned out to be in the end.

Also, Omega Pharma listed their top-rated brands, awards, and accomplishments in the video, which added more to the already intriguing presentation.

#8) Twitter

Twitter is leveraging the full potential of corporate animation videos to explain its services. By integrating an excellent design, storytelling narrative, and briefly explaining the purpose behind the video, Twitter made its way to this list of the most influential animation videos.

The video creatively explains the idea behind launching Twitter Flight school and manages to gain high engagement and interaction with animation videos.

Over To You

Animation corporate videos are amazing. They can be used to explain a product or service easily and effectively; however, to ensure the creation of a perfect animation video, make sure you go through all the types of videos and brands listed above.

Find the video the best matches your brand and try to iterate and innovate to create an effective and professional animation for your brand.

Moreover, creating an animation all by yourself could cost your time and money, so I recommend letting the professionals do their job so that the video is produced by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and the viewer’s expectations.

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