How Should You Improve a Video Ad’s Effectiveness in Post-Production?

video ads effectiveness in video post production
Discover expert tips and strategies to enhance the impact of your video ads during post-production. Learn the secrets to creating compelling and engaging video content for maximum viewer engagement and conversion rates.

Every business now is focusing on attracting and engaging audiences more and more. And what’s better than video ads for marketing and advertising? They are powerful tools to target your audience and convert them into regular customers.

Studies have proved that digital video ads connect with audiences in a way better manner and they are the future of digital marketing. Moreover, according to studies, Amazon and eBay reported that the chances of a shopper buying a particular item increase by up to 35% when a video ad is added to a product description.

That is why you must strictly improve video ad’s effectiveness in post-production dedicatedly. But the question is, how to know if a video ad is effective and how to improve it?

Well, you can acquire video post production services if you are working on video marketing and advertising campaigns, this article will help you learn how to measure and improve the effectiveness of your video ads. We will also explain some key concepts that you should keep in mind and the tools you will need from video post-production.

Improve Video Ad’s Effectiveness In Post-Production

Well, there are many ways you can improve the effectiveness of your video ad in post-production. However, we have curated the most practical and easy-to-implement approaches for you to do it on a professional level. Continue reading for a complete guide here:

Know About Editing Software:

Before delving into my post-production advice, it’s essential to select and become acquainted with your chosen editing software. If you want to improve video ad’s effectiveness in post-production, you have to have command over editing software on a pro level.

One widely favored editing solution over the past decade has been Adobe Premiere Pro. This impressively robust editing tool equips you with all the necessary features to craft professional-grade marketing videos. Moreover, its pricing plans are quite reasonable, typically hovering around $250 per year for an individual license. This affordability has significantly lowered the entry barriers, even for small businesses.

Despite its comprehensive professional capabilities, Adobe Premiere Pro surprisingly remains user-friendly. The wealth of learning resources and the supportive user community on the Adobe website are truly remarkable.

For Mac users, the option of Apple’s Final Cut Pro might be tempting. While Final Cut Pro is a capable editing package, my recommendation still leans towards Premiere Pro. In my view, the seamless compatibility between Premiere Pro and other Adobe applications like After Effects and Photoshop alone makes it the superior choice.

Well, operating video editing software is not everyone’s cup of tea. That is why you should consider outsourcing editing to a professional company like BuzzFlick. We are video production and editing company. We transform your raw footages into magical video ads and leave your audience in awe for your creativity. Contact us to improve video ad’s effectiveness in post-production.

video post production services

Before You Assemble the Rough Cut, Tidy Up Your Clips

When you import your footage into your editing software, it’s good practice to tidy up your clips during the import process to improve video ad’s effectiveness in post-production. Many editing programs offer the option to establish “in” and “out” points for each clip, effectively shortening them by removing pauses, laughter, and false starts.

Crafting the final sequence using these trimmed clips is notably more convenient than having to make adjustments to each individual clip as you go along.

Always Try To Cut ‘On the Action

When editing a shot featuring someone engaged in an action, it’s crucial to transition to the next shot precisely during the moment when your subject is performing that action.

For instance, if you’re crafting a sequence of someone opening a door and walking through it, ensure that you cut to the shot of the subject opening the door exactly as they turn the doorknob. Abruptly cutting away before or after the action can appear disconcerting and divert the viewer’s attention. While you may not always encounter this issue, it’s a valuable consideration, particularly when working on more elaborate video projects.

Create The Rough Cut Before Tackling Timing Issues.

Once you’ve imported all the necessary clips into your editing program, it’s time to begin assembling the rough cut of your marketing video.

Before delving into the meticulous frame-by-frame editing, arrange your clips roughly in their positions. Avoid fixating on precise timing issues until your video has a basic structure. It might not look polished, but it will provide a clear sense of the areas in your marketing video that require the most attention.

Use Transitions and Effects but Don’t Overdo It

To improve video ad’s effectiveness in post-production does not mean filling your video with transitions and effects. Unless you’re creating a Star Wars parody video (which could be quite entertaining in a marketing context), avoid using flashy transitions like radial wipes, star wipes, or other extravagant preset effects that come with your editing software. Drawing too much attention to your transitions and editing can make your video appear inexpensive and unprofessional. Keep it simple with cross transitions if necessary.

Be Careful While Choosing Your Music

Not every video necessitates background music, but if you’ve decided to include it, choose wisely. Ensure the music aligns with the theme and purpose of your project; for instance, Norwegian death metal might not suit a promotional video production for an animal shelter.

Additionally, be vigilant about the licensing requirements for the music you intend to use. Unless you opt for royalty-free music or create your own, most music is subject to stringent copyright regulations. Ignoring these rules can lead to serious legal consequences. To navigate this, refer to our guide on using music in ads without legal issues.

Remember that using copyrighted songs in a short marketing video is still copyright infringement and can lead to costly lawsuits. Exercise caution and prioritize compliance to avoid potential legal troubles.

video post production services

TIP: If you want to include music in your video ad, here are some royalty-free background music and sound effects platforms for you:


You can also utilize specific songs and orchestral pieces if they are part of the public domain to improve video ad’s effectiveness in post-production. To explore public domain music options, you can find more information at the Public Domain Information Project and explore a variety of public domain artists and genres at Public Domain Music.

Avoid assuming that you can rectify all issues during post-production.

Editing software like Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro is indeed powerful, but it’s not magic. Don’t assume that all video issues can be resolved in post-production. Although you can improve video ad’s effectiveness in post-production, don’t totally rely on it.

Some problems, such as excessive brightness or inaudible dialogue in a crowded room, may not be fixable to the extent you need them to be. While it might be achievable with considerable time and expertise, post-production should primarily serve to enhance and refine your video, not as a means to correct avoidable mistakes from an inadequately planned shoot.

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And That Is How You Can Improve Video Ad’s Effectiveness In Post-Production

I trust this post has provided you with insights into potential pitfalls to steer clear of when you embark on creating your marketing videos and video ad.

Should you have any inquiries regarding how to improve video ad’s effectiveness in post-production or any other video-related queries, please feel free to drop them in the comments section. We are here to assist to the best of our abilities.

Wishing you successful shooting endeavors!

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