How To Make A Video Go Viral (6 Best Approach)

how to create a viral video
learn how to create a viral video with powerful marketing strategies. Six amazing tricks and techniques that can help you change your and your video’s future.

Do you want to become an internet sensation? Start making viral videos! Don’t know how to make it? Don’t worry! This blog is the answer to your question!

Viral videos are considered a form of success for many internet users. Of course, many viral videos happen accidentally, but who can wait for the magic to happen!

We have gathered the tips & tricks that can help you make viral videos for yourself or your channel. We have added all the valuable points that ensure 100% success for your video.

Viral content looks like a dazzling objective to you, but it requires a detailed strategy and lots of planning. Sometimes sudden variations in the activities make viral moments and sometimes don’t.

The same goes with the content; one day, it is trending on the internet, and nobody even remembers the next day. It’s all about the style of making a video that causes virality.

Today, we will be focusing on some best practices that increase the chance for the video to go viral. But, before we jump into those practices, let’s look at the precautionary measures that ensure smooth execution.

Preventive Measures Number 1

Remember that making a viral video should not be the only result you should expect from the video. Creating engaging content to reach as many people as possible is good, but making “virality” the primary goal, will not work well.

So, focus on the quality content that will serve your goal well in the future and does not waste your time and resource.

Preventive Measures Number 2

Don’t’ get fooled by someone. Those who promise to make your videos go viral are the liars. There is no such mechanism that guarantees the virality of the video.

If you are hiring a production company that claims to create viral content, then stop, don’t hire them. It will be a total failure and loss.

Preventive Measures Number 3

This measure is for those who have created viral videos in the past. Every video has its own challenges, and the audience expects better and more viral content than before.

So, don’t overload yourself, be easy and start thinking about the topic of the video. Start the video production process once you have a topic in your hand. Keep a few questions in your mind:

  • What is the goal of your video? (the milestone you want to achieve from the content)
  • What is your topic? (the content you want to cover in your video)
  • How can it be viral for a longer time? (viral today, fruitful tomorrow)

How to Make a Video

To create viral content, you need first to learn how to make a video that not just aims the virality but also aims the long run.

Quality video content helps your audience to connect emotionally with your motives. If you are a company, a business video can help your brand revolve inside your prospects’ minds for a long time.

Make a video that leaves a mark of your brand on the audience’s mind. Start making branding and marketing strategies, and it will help you create a video that will be beneficial for a long time.

Viral Video Techniques

Thankfully, there are some factors that many viral videos have in common. So if your goal for your content is to reach as many eyes as possible, here are six techniques that you can use to optimize your content.

1. Provoke the Emotion

The reason that makes a video go viral is its emotion-provoking element. Even criticized content can go viral and help you reach popularity and generate mind-blowing revenue.

Kendall Jenner did a Pepsi commercial that went viral by backlashes and criticism but generated millions of views (and money, of course). So take a look at the commercial we are talking about.

Important: Negative content can cause various damage to the content creator, so abstain from practicing it.

On the other hand, humorous content also has the potential to go viral and elicit emotions. The best example of a humorously viral video is Chewbacca Mom.

She did absolutely nothing in the video, but only her laugh made it irresistible for the audience to watch and laugh – haha, it’s still funny as hell. Take a look.

2. Share at the Right Place, at the Right Time

Strategically plan the plantation of your video in order to go viral. There is a misconception that videos go viral organically. No, that is not how it works.

The content creator shares the video at different (most importantly on the right platform) sharing sites to gain popularity at the right time.

A wise saying, “Attack on the right spot at the right time,” most content creators implement this while planting the video. They look for the correct time when content relatability occurs and launch their video then.

They use their video as a wildcard and show it to the world when the time is right. It suddenly channels the whole traffic on the video, and the video starts trending.

Here is a dance video where the dancer narrates her dance learning timelapse. It was posted on different platforms but caught the audience’s eyes on Reddit.

Intentionally viral videos can not be fruitful in the long run but are effective for marketing stunts and temporary promotions.

But no doubt, the dancer’s efforts deserve virality and a big round of applause. Look at this inspiring viral video by Karenxcheng.

3. Effective, But Short

People can watch hundreds of videos in a day but cannot spend ten whole minutes on the same video unless it provides quality and valuable information.

Not just striking content, but the audience also wants short videos. You must have noted that most viral videos have a 1-3 minutes duration.

Many videos with quality and viral-able content don’t get the light because nobody cared to watch it until the end or till the middle due to being lengthy and long.

Bonus: Not just in viral videos, but this trick is applicable in marketing videos too. Keep it informative but precise.

Look at this enthusiastic and powering commercial by Nike for a reference. It is short, mesmerizing, and informative at the same time. You can use this technique in your marketing videos as well.

4. Timing is The Key

People get free from their hectic week and want something yummy and energizing for the weekend, this is the right time to post a video if you want it to go viral.

You can also upload your video on a weekday, but it will get old until the weekend, or maybe some smart creators will release their videos on the weekend, which will outrank your video even before it catches the views or gets viral.

5. Cover The Happenings

While posting the video, evaluate the happenings of the world and see if your video fits the ambiance, and if it naturally gets aligned with the events, then it’s a total success.

Memes and GIFs are the preferable content when it comes to matching the content according to the current events.

6. Monitor the Engagement

Posting the video at the right time is not enough to make a video go viral, you need to monitor the engagement and interact with your audience.

You can know what your audience doesn’t like and what they like to see in your video. If your video successfully goes viral, then keep making the content like this, and if it doesn’t perform well, then learn from the inputs and reactions you have received from the audience.

Wrapping Up

Keep these techniques in your mind, and your video will surely go viral. For marketing strategy and video production, you can contact BuzzFlick – an animation studio in Houston.

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  • What is a viral video?

A viral video is a video that gained fast popularity on the internet and has a high ratio of sharing.

  • How can I make a viral video?

Incorporate these 6 practices in your video production and sharing stages, and see how fast your video catches the attention:

  • Provoke the emotions in your audience.
  • Share the video at the right time and right place.
  • Make compelling videos but keep them short.
  • Wait for the right moment to share the video with the world.
  • Try to cover the events that are happening.
  • Keep an eye on the video’s health and progress after uploading it.
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