SaaS Onboarding Video: Ultimate Guide & Best Examples (2024)

saas onboarding video
A SaaS company must impress their customers and SaaS onboarding video is the best trick. Go through some best examples of it here.

As a SaaS company, you might have encountered challenges in effectively onboarding new customers. But what if we told you that videos could be your secret weapon?

That’s right, just like videos serve various purposes, they are also an excellent tool for customer onboarding in the world of SaaS. Many SaaS companies have harnessed the power of customer onboarding videos, making them an integral part of their onboarding process.

Why are videos so effective, you ask? Well, the answer lies in the fact that people tend to watch videos more readily than they read lengthy texts. Videos offer an engaging and efficient way to educate new users and enhance their overall experience.

In this article, we’ll guide SaaS companies and showcase some of the finest examples of customer onboarding videos for SaaS, demonstrating why they’re so effective. So, let’s dive in and discover what sets these videos apart. But first of all, learn about customer onboarding and why videos should be used for it.

What Basically Is Customer Onboarding?

Customer onboarding refers to the process of bringing new customers to your fantastic SaaS product guiding them through the correct usage process and enabling them to use it so that they perform their tasks well.

Why Use SaaS Onboarding Video For Your Customers?

SaaS onboarding video

Any type of video content has the ability to simplify complex concepts, demonstrate products in action, and captivate users without making them bored with lengthy written instructions.

The storytelling capability of a video is the strength through which it becomes more powerful than text-based content. That is why software as a service (SaaS) companies use this power and impress customers with customer onboarding videos for SaaS, streamlining and enhancing the onboarding process.

Following are a few other things the SaaS onboarding video helps with:

Make The Onboarding Process More Engaging:

Onboarding videos remove the necessity for extensive product tours. Also, it lets product teams brainstorm more creative approaches to enhance user’s interest in the product.

Add A Human Factor to the Onboarding Process:

Do you want the swiftest way to establish audience interest? It’s incorporating human factors in onboarding videos. It forges a deep personal connection with your customers and makes your brand closer to them.

Let The Users Learn More New Things On Their Own:

SaaS onboarding video helps your customers for independence and self-learning and allows them to take the learning at their own pace without rushing for anything.

Decreases Costs For Customer Support:

SaaS product demo video also serves as self-help videos that users can watch when experiencing difficulties instead of contacting the customer support team.

Rise User Retention:

Are you a type of SaaS company providing practical products? Do you want to increase your user retention? Provide them ease through video tutorials and make the process faster. The sooner you provide your users with your product value, the greater their chances of converting.

Companies specializing in SaaS video production, such as BuzzFlick, have a strong track record of creating effective customer onboarding videos for various SaaS companies. If you want top-notch SaaS onboarding videos that will truly impress your customers, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Your customers deserve the best, and we’re here to deliver it.

What Is The Best Time To Use Customer Onboarding Videos For SaaS?

Use the customer SaaS onboarding video as soon as you get the customer.


Because an onboarding video is best when it comes to creating a long-lasting first impression on your customers.  It helps showcase the product’s value to users on their very first interaction with you. Also, it is useful many times while they use the product.

Here are some of the best moments you can use the SaaS onboarding video during customer orientation:

Use It To Welcome New Users:

When individuals register for your product’s free trial, use the video onboarding method to familiarize them with your amazing SaaS product. Through these videos, you can showcase the benefits and diverse applications of your product, enabling new users to quickly grasp its value and how it aligns with their interests.

Lead Users Through Implementation For Self-Service Support Advantages.

Use the SaaS onboarding video to explain how features work or how to perform specific tasks. employee onboarding SaaS helps customers in self-learning especially if the product includes complex steps that cannot be clearly explained to the customer.

Introducing New Features:

Using a SaaS onboarding video to introduce features of the new product is a great way to show the user their benefits. Combine it with attractive copywriting, vibrant colors and graphics, and compelling CTAs to capture users like a pro.

To Give Short Product Demos:

You can easily skip prolonged, boring product tours through short product demo videos. For instance, the Getting Started video for the signing up of any SaaS product can be used as a short product introduction video.

SaaS onboarding video experts, like BuzzFlick, have a proven record of creating successful videos for customer onboarding for SaaS companies. Contact us today for top-quality SaaS videos to delight your customers.

Examples For Best SaaS Onboarding Video For Customers:

Following are some of the best examples we have curated for customer onboarding videos for SaaS for you to take inspiration from.

Asana Video Demo Or Feature Onboarding Video Examples

Asana uses short video demos to help users understand the product and how to use it. These can be found in their help center for easy access. Each video is short yet precise, and easy to find using the search bar.

The Asana feature onboarding video below is also a great example of a creative SaaS onboarding video. It shows real-life interaction with the feature in a fun way to retain and increase user engagement. The short video is embedded into a modal so it can be displayed contextually.

Google Drive Onboarding Videos

Oops! How can we forget Google in this list? Google has out-blown everyone with its series of Google Drive onboarding videos. The series is comprised of quick, crisp, and clear guides that cover all the things you will need to use Google Drive without any hassle.

Google has perfected them for all the new users who are just getting onboard and trying to learn how to use Google Drive.

Now when tech giants like Google are using SaaS onboarding videos, maybe it’s time to get your customer onboarding video as well, no matter how simple or complex it may be. And it’s better to outsource it to SaaS video production companies like BuzzFlick. We have served several clients successfully in four years of our journey and will definitely provide you with the best outcome you are expecting from us. Reach out to us for the best onboarding videos for SaaS today.

Userpilot Onboarding Videos

Userpilot’s SaaS onboarding videos are worth watching. They are one of the welcome video examples that are used as short guides that run in their application. These videos act as tutorials for training users on how to get started or interact with the UI features. You can find these videos in their integrated resource center. One of the examples is provided below:

Also, Userpilot has created a feature onboarding video to showcase a specific feature of Synthesia and its integration. The Userpilot feature onboarding video example is also effective in its way because the video was made with the same tool it showcases.

Tolstoy Interactive Onboarding Video Example

Have you ever heard of interactive videos? If yes, then what’s better than using them for a SaaS company?

Interactivity is the new thing now in onboarding videos and Tilstoy is using it in several videos on their website. They even have an interactive video marketing app for Shopify where one can onboard and engage users at the same time with small videos too, just like Tolstoy.

Rather than having a series of tooltips, a sequence of interactive videos works wonders for customer onboarding on Tolstoy. It lets the user choose what they want to see next and this can be really helpful while bringing new users and keeping them there.

Here is a glimpse of their interactive video marketing app for Shopify, and they are using similar features in various videos on their website as well.

Zoom Customer Onboarding Video

Well, you must know about Zoom and how successful it is. But the thing about them we are discussing here is their 2-minute SaaS onboarding video for their customers that demonstrates how Zoom Video Webinars work.

The video has explained really well how you can connect Zoom with larger global audiences using their custom setups, live streaming, and registration. Not only does it showcase how you can schedule Zoom for up to 50,000 people, but it also markets its audio or video quality feature cleverly in this video.

The video covers settings, polls, and post-meeting analysis by a detailed walk-through on a laptop. By the end, the video ensures clarity on Zoom Video Webinars by addressing the user’s concerns.

Mural SaaS Onboarding Video Example

Mural effectively leverages its onboarding video for their new interface promotion, addressing the key changes, and providing user guidance. You can watch their SaaS customer onboarding video to see their enhanced user interface in action and how it helps you in brainstorming, creating strategy, planning, and analysing things.

Their video provides insight on how to create a personalised Mural for you, explore its features, invite collaborators, and incorporate various visual elements such as sticky notes, images, drawings, icons, tables, and more for your critical projects.

Additionally, their inclusion of a direct link to the resource center enhances accessibility and usability for new users.

Best Examples Of Loom Videos For Customer Onboarding

Certainly, you have used the Loom platform for your videos. If not then let us explain that Loom uses videos to give people useful guides. When you begin using their services, you’ll realize that they use nice colors, exciting images, user-friendly words, and texts, and there’s even a person to help you along the way.

We are presenting two of the best Loom videos they use for onboarding new customers. Go through their short tutorial video that explains how to use their desktop app and directs users to take action and try it out.

The video is brief, to the point, and features a friendly person, making it feel personal. It’s a great example of how video can guide users to an upgraded version of the same app.

Similarly, the second example we are providing is the video explaining in what ways Loom can be used to get the maximum out of it. With videos like these, Loom keeps its users engaged and educates them to get started smoothly and seamlessly.

Notion SaaS Onboarding Videos Examples

The notion makes use of onboarding videos as friendly welcome messages and as self-help guides. They upload these videos to YouTube and then embed them on their help page within the Notion app. Their videos have a marketing touch to them so they are automatically engaging and cool. Look at one of the best customer onboarding videos where they are introducing their AI-powered features effectively.

They’ve cleverly used their own product to create a user-friendly resource center, filled with a variety of videos and written tutorials, all conveniently accessible without having to exit the app.

Slack’s 90-Second Customer Onboarding Video

Using elaborative video for onboarding users is great, but sometimes a short, comprehensive, and crisp video can easily get the job done. And Slack set the example when we say this. Not only onboarding videos, but they have also used onboarding GIFs to delight and engage their new customers.

The goal is to guide users in using their software seamlessly as it can become confusing for a naïve. Their video is something more interactive and visual than a simple text-based guide and provides a refreshing, welcoming feel to their customers.

Final Words

Customer services are really important for any SaaS brand, product, or service to grow, and apart from various techniques, the SaaS onboarding video has emerged as a powerful one. With engaging and interactive ways to introduce customers to your platform, you can effectively convey complex SaaS product features through it.

We have listed the best customer onboarding videos for SaaS in this blog and we hope you have gone through them. With these leading inspirations at your disposal, you can take lots of ideas to craft an exceptional, engaging, comprehensive, and crisp onboarding video for your own SaaS tool.

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