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Want to amaze your audience with interesting facts about your business? Check out these top animated infographic videos to draw inspiration for your project.

Today, the internet is filled with literally all kinds of information, with textual content spread all over it. As a marketer, the biggest job is to make your content leave the competition in the dust. This is where the magic of animated explainer videos comes into play. A whopping 50% of the Cortex (Surface of the brain) is designed to process visual information alone, making videos a great tool that you can leverage to take your marketing game to the next level.

However, marketers today face an immense problem: engaging a wider audience with statistical data. The reason for this problem is quite simple; most marketers today are going about the wrong animation process to present statistical information, which ultimately results in a video that is unengaging and boring.

So how do you get over this issue? Well, we have the answer to that. Out of all the different types of animation marketing videos, animated infographics videos are the ones you should go for.

This article will list 10 of the best infographic video examples you can draw inspiration from. First, let’s briefly discuss what animated infographic videos are and why they are beneficial for you.

What Are Animated Infographic Videos?

We can say that animated infographic videos are visually appealing and engaging representations of statistical data such as facts and figures. The quality of animated infographics is that they can convey cluttered and concrete information effortlessly by leveraging motion.

In simple words, animated infographic videos can breathe life into complex subjects with boring information and turn them into memorable experiences.

Perhaps the most outstanding quality of infographics animation is that they tell an engaging story built around your data, making it one of the highly significant aspects of video marketing for data representation.

Why Are Animated Infographic Videos Beneficial?

Now that you know what animated infographic videos are, here’s why you need to leverage them.

  • They Can Be Understood Easily

We often hear the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This phrase fits perfectly when we talk about explaining complicated subjects. With animated infographic videos, you can provide a lucid overview of a complicated topic, making it easily digestible.

  • Animated Infographics Are More Effective Than Textual Information

As we have mentioned above, half of the Cortex (Surface of the brain) is devoted to processing visuals only, which means animated infographic videos are far more effective in conveying messages than textual data.

  • Animated Infographics Are Colorful

When it comes to attracting a large audience, colors play a vital role. Since animated infographics are quite colorful, they are a great way of drawing attention and increasing the willingness to pay attention to the subject.

  • Animated Infographics Work Faster

According to the research, a human brain can process visual data in precise 13 milliseconds. Compared to textual data, animated infographic videos compactly present your subject and are a great way to get your point across quickly.

10 Best Animated Infographics Videos

Below mentioned is a lineup of the best infographic videos. You can consider these ideas before you start making one of your own and stay on top of your marketing game.

  • 1) Chai
  • 2) What If The United States Was Only 100 People
  • 3) Waiting For The Superman: Take Part
  • 4) Piriton
  • 5) Power Of the Tire
  • 6) Omega Pharma CES
  • 7) Google Fun Facts
  • 8) Scribble Live
  • 9) Crowdcube
  • 10) Open Text

#1) Chai

“Chai in Hebrew”; the animators here have done a marvelous job by taking the simplest approach to explain how the word “Chai” is expounded in different contexts.

The video leverages simple and clean illustrations running side-by-side with soothing voiceover and calming music, clearly explaining the word’s symbolic and numeric significance among Jews.

Chai in Hebrew” is the best infographic video example for those looking to explain subjects with a very straightforward yet peaceful approach.

#2) What If The United States Was Only 100 People

This video from the famous YouTube Channel “The Infographics Show” is heavily stuffed with statistical data. The main idea that this video showcase is how the US would be if only 100 people were living in it.

Even though this 3 minutes video is dense with figures and stats, an excellent voiceover coupled with a great script conveys the entire message effortlessly by breaking down the stats into smaller bits relevant to each category. The subject is so well explained that it leaves the viewers wondering what would happen if that was the reality.

If you’re trying to explain your brand message and statistical data in an easily digestible manner, this infographic video is the one for you to draw inspiration.

#3) Waiting For The Superman: Take Part

Waiting for the Superman” is perhaps one of the best infographics videos from Take Part motion picture studios. The video stresses upon the current situation of education in the US.

The video has minimal colors, focusing on voiceover and script that gets the entire message across. The best part of the video is where animation is being used to showcase a cycle of change. This video gives you a clear picture of the ongoing situation of education and how we can overcome it in simpler words.

“Waiting for the Superman” is an excellent video for drawing inspiration if you want to explain your subject with a minimalist yet practical approach.

#4) Piriton

The infographic video of Piriton speaks for itself. Apart from the cute animations, the animators have leveraged the golden rule of marketing as well. Here’s how; in the video’s initial stages, an amazing voiceover explains how millions of adults and children living suffer from hay fever and different allergies. After that, it explains how Piriton helps them treat allergies. The video is quite engaging and fun to watch.

If your video’s subject requires an essence of emotion and cuteness to explain, you can take reference from Piriton’s animated infographics video.

#5) Power Of the Tire

Now this one has taken more of a sarcastic approach to showcase the current conditions of Lebanon. The combination of vibrant colors, a great script, and a perfect storyboard is utterly amazing. Even though the video doesn’t showcase real situations, it has leveraged a great narrative to leave a meaningful message.

This infographic video makes you wonder about the future of the economy if the current situations carry on.

Power of a Tire” is another excellent reference for those who want to leave an influential message within a brief period.

#6) Omega Pharma CES

The Pharmaceutical company Omega Pharma’s Infographic video is yet another great example of simple yet engaging videos.

The unique approach of having minimal animations with “Stick characters” to explain their USP alongside the company’s story is a great idea. The excellent script highlights what makes Omega Pharmacy better than others. The USP of the company is that patients can avail themselves of their products without needing prescriptions, and the friendly voiceover identifies that.

If you’re planning to wire your customers virtually with minimal visuals, this video is the one to look at.

#7) Google Fun Facts

Receiving over 1 billion search queries every day, Google is undoubtedly the most significant search engine that exists today. That’s not all, it is safe to say that we leverage Google almost every time in our daily routines.

The animated infographic video of Google is also perhaps one of the best infographic videos of all time. The entire video is made using the color palette relevant to Google’s logo.  With its great voiceover, the video takes the audience through their brand story in a very engaging manner. The video also explains in brief how Google works and how people leverage it in their day to day life.

Google’s infographic video is a perfect example of a grand narrative and energetic voiceover. If you want to explain your brand’s journey in an engaging and informative manner, you can watch Google Fun Fact’s infographic video for reference.

#8) Scribble Live

Scribble Live is a cloud-based service provider offering services for content. Their animated infographic video perfectly explains how Scribble Live is a great solution regarding content from ideation to distribution.

Animators here also applied a golden marketing tool to explain the problems faced by people regarding content planning and execution. The video, along with its smooth and straightforward illustrations, explains Scribble Live’s working and how it solves the various problems related to content management.

Whether you’re a B2B service provider or a website development company, you can leverage ideas from this fantastic infographics video to explain your product.

#9) Crowdcube

The infographic video of Crowdcube presents the brand journey in a very engaging and influential manner. The video runs around an enthusiastic voiceover explaining how the company was launched back in 2011 to become of the biggest crowdfunding and investing platform.

The energetic music goes along with clean animations and cheerful voiceover, encouraging the audience to learn more about the business. Whether or not for a business, this infographic video is excellent if you’re trying to put the essence of joy in your video.

#10) Open Text

The infographic video from “Open Text” uses a very simple color palette but quite creative animations with submissive background music.

The videos explain how vital the security of business data is today and the risks related to that. The voiceover then explains how these risks could be avoided, and information could be shared safely using the Open Text. Open Text’s working is shown in a very fun to watch manner without getting the audience bored.

If you’re to explain a complex subject related to your business in a fun to watch manner, then Open Text’s infographics video is an excellent example for you.

Key Takeaways

  • The concept is a crucial aspect of making your video successful. Try to have a simple yet strong concept behind the video.
  • Humans have shorter attention spans; therefore, it is essential to keep your infographics video as short as possible to achieve maximum results.
  • The entire idea around making an infographics video is to turn complex ideas simpler. Therefore, try to keep your videos more straightforward and watch results flowing in.


As we have mentioned above, the entire idea around making an infographics video is to explain complex subjects more simply and engagingly. So if you’re someone who’s planning to use animated videos to engage the audience with your business ideas, you can draw inspiration from these videos mentioned above.

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