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Product Animation Videos
Brands are leveraging product animation videos to explain their product to their audience. Read our blog to see how brands explained their product effectively.

We just love animated product videos, don’t we!

I mean, they’re a great, powerful, and exciting way to explain a product or service to your audience.

The snappy visuals, eye-catching animations, and storytelling style of animated product videos attract the audience and persuade them to take action.

Statistically speaking, 50% of people watch a video to learn more about a product or service and 52% of marketers claim that videos have helped them increase sales.

These stats alone are enough to intrigue you into making product animations for your audience.

Doesn’t matter from which niche your business belongs to. The travel, tech, fashion, candy, and film industry all leverage animated videos to efficiently and enchantingly explain their product/service.

This means that you can almost market anything on the web with a product animation video in the fewest possible words.

So, if you are willing to tap into the video marketing world to harness the untapped potential it has to offer to your brand, you’ve come to the right place!

List of Top Product Animated Videos

Here are the various well-known brands that utilized the potential of product animation videos to get their product listed high on the audience’s interest list.

  • 1) Google
  • 2) Better Sweater
  • 3) Unilever’s
  • 4) LYFT
  • 5) Chanel
  • 6) Hush
  • 7) Original-Penguin
  • 8) Starbucks

#1) Google Product Animation Video

The Google Pixel 4 animated video stands among some of the best-animated videos produced by brands over the years.

By incorporating brand colors, a storytelling narrative, and aesthetically pleasing and engaging graphics, Google pretty much defined every feature and aspect of the Google Pixel 4 with ease.

Moreover, who can forget the compelling copywriting in the animated demonstration of the Pixel 4?

The ending note in the video “Phone made the Google way” instantly tells the viewer that Pixel 4 is designed by Google so, it is as innovative and futuristic as it gets. Kinda like the brand ‘Google’ itself!

#2) Better Sweater Product Animated Video

The Better Sweater folks thought, why not explain our recycling method using an animated video and guess what? They nailed it!

The products of Better Sweaters Patagonia are made out of recycled materials, and they beautifully explained the process to their audience via a product animated video.

Using subtitles, a clean and peaceful tone, and a little suspense at the end of the video make this animated wonder perfect for a social media campaign.

Moreover, the video’s goal is to connect with the people concerned about the world’s safety and environmental issues.

#3) Unilever’s Product Animated Video

With an energetic and confident tone combined with a brightly colored animated products demonstration, Unilever’s “Every U Does Good” video literally stands out.

The motive of this video was to support a more sustainable environment, and for that, they blend in some interesting ideas to show how each of their product supports the sustainable cause.

This video provides a perfect learning curve for those who want to create a multi-product animation video.  Also, did you hear the video’s tone/sound? Vivid and engaging, isn’t it.

#4) LYFT Product Animated Video

LYFT just went all out with this animation product video. Nobody wants to hear a boring story with no motivation, vision or conclusion, right?

LYFT also knows this, so they created a motivational video blended with an emotional and optimistic touch.

The video is directed by Buck, and the story revolves around two innovative individuals who believed in bringing people together for environmental protection.

The narrator explains their vision and beautifully narrated the idea of peer-to-peer sharing, which will eventually bring people together. With eye-catching visuals and a revolutionary tone, the video effectively conveys the message of peace and harmony with animations.

#5) Chanel Product Animated Video

An awe-inspiring story by Chanel. This product animated video covers the back story of Coco Chanel, an orphan girl from Aubazine who became the fashion icon and ‘Queen of Paris’.

The animated video covers the story of the women behind the iconic brand “Chanel.” Coco Chanel, born on 19th august 1883, redefined the fashion industry by introducing her custom jewelry, the globally known “Chanel Perfume,” and the little black dress.

The whole story of her struggles, motivation, and evolution is phenomenally narrated in the video. The black and white visuals show the revolutionary journey of Coco Chanel and how she transformed the couture.

#6) Hush-Puppies Product Animated Video

This product animation video unveils the backstory of the worldwide recognized brand “Hush Puppies”. The video takes you on a journey to discover how an impossible idea was turned into a possibility and today it has become a global sensation.

Oh, and if you’re wondering who coined the phrase “Hush Puppies,”? the video has the answer for that too.

What is interesting here is how Hush Puppies utilized the power of colorful animation to describe its entire story fascinatingly.

#7) Original-Penguin Product Animated Video

What happens when you mix up the perfect number of attractive visuals, influential characters, and compelling storytelling?

You get a brand-defining product animated video!

The iconic American brand, “The Original Penguin,” described how a simple observation became a recognized brand.

The video is directed by Erez Horovitz & Andrew Embury.

The story revolves around the relatable life instances to tell how a simple observation like “salespeople are idolized by the ability to think on their feet” gave rise to a brand.

#8) Starbucks Product Animated Video

An idea that only Starbucks can come up with, this video defines the roasty, smooth, balanced, and addictive taste of the coffee that we all love to taste!

With a perfect combination of 3D animation, stop motion, and infographics, the narrator tells the procedure of creating the perfect coffee in a storytelling manner.

Over To You

Honestly, you have to admit that the videos that I just showed you are amazing and well-throughout.

They are precise, concise, and they all have managed to deliver the right message to the audience effectively.

From captivating visuals to thought-provoking attributes, these videos have it all.

Moreover, I want you to know that BuzzFlick knows a little something about creating influential and compelling videos.

In a world where every brand has a story for itself, why don’t you get a compelling and meaningful story crafted for your brand as well?

Let BuzzFlick do this for you, we know the alchemy of integrating all the essential elements to your product animation video, and while you focus on other aspects of your brand – your video will do the job of getting your audience connected to your brand (emotionally & personally).

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