What Are Tech Video Best Practices?

what are tech video best practices
A technology-based company nowadays must acquire tech videos for their marketing and promotions. Learn what are the best practices to create them.

Are you a tech company? Do you want your tech products to sell more? Then it’s likely that finding ways to scale your tech sales and marketing is always on your mind. And that’s why you need a tech video to promote your company.

Whether you want your tech product’s demo or you want your existing customers to renew their subscription packages, you have to put lots of effort in order to attract an audience. But if you use tech videos to convey how valuable your products and services are and what you offer, you will get your job done really well.

Well, it is a fact that keeping your audience engaged and convincing them of the value of your products simultaneously is not easy at all. But have you ever tried including tech video production in your marketing strategy? It will be proven highly effective to highlight your USPs in a most engaging and memorable way.

Well, in this article, you’ll learn what is a tech video, or tech explainer video, what practices are best for creating them, and why they are important for your tech startup or company.

What Is A Tech Video?

A tech video is a short-form video content particularly used by technology companies to market their services and products and increase sales. Usually, animated tech videos are used to highlight, promote, and explain tech company, their products, and services in detail through the use of creative design elements in an efficient and compelling way.

What Is Tech Video Production?

The process of creating and producing video content to showcase tech products and services to prospective and existing customers is tech video production. In this era, the technology industry is significantly relying on technology explainer videos to communicate and market themselves.

Technology video production encompasses wide-ranging content. From educational, training, and instructional videos to demonstrational, promotional, and explainer videos you can showcase the distinctive offerings of your company in a compelling way.

But on average, tech companies hire an explainer video production company to cater to audiences on the homepage of their website, social media, and digital ads.

Qualities Of A Best Tech Video?

Many qualities make a tech video the best. Keep in mind the following few things:

Short and Crisp:

Do you know that tech topics are boring for the audience? Viewers will quickly skip to the next if your video is too long. That is why companies keep tech videos short and crisp, but it does not mean they are not engaging. The duration of tech videos is usually a maximum of around 2 to 3 minutes. Even, there are shorter 1-minute videos that are the most engaging ones. Try to cover your message within this limit.

There’s A clear CTA (Call-To-Action):

The purpose of a tech video is to present your technology company or its products in a simple and engaging manner. A good tech product video content explains everything to viewers clearly. Along with the primary message of the video, there is always a compelling, straightforward CTA i.e., a call to action so that one can get optimum out of the video by persuading the viewer to take the desired action.

Solves A Problem:

Every technology video can be a failure if the video does not focus on an audience’s specific pain point. Addressing the audience’s problems and offering solutions in the form of tech-based products is the virtue of effective technology video.

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How To Make Your Tech Videos Short and Snappy?

If you want to keep your tech videos short and snappy, keep in mind the following before creating them:

  • “What challenges are my audience currently encountering?”
  • “In what ways can our tech product effectively address these challenges?”
  • “What reasons make us a reliable choice for your tech solution?”

Before writing the script for your tech company videos, including tech explainer videos, go through these questions thoroughly and use your creativity to deliver to your audience what they are looking for.

Additional Tip: Beware

Tech videos tend to lose clarity frequently and fail to address the problems your audience is facing adequately. The solution is often presented in a glorified way which may cause the audience to lose interest in your content.

Although you can explain the product in detail, it becomes one-sided providing no value to your customer. This can result in ineffective communication, ultimately rendering your tech video production less successful. Stay sharp and prioritize addressing your audience’s issues to ensure your tech videos hit the mark.

Benefits Of A Tech Video For Your Business

A tech video can benefit your company in many ways. We are discussing a few of the key benefits in detail:

Boost Sales

Like every business, tech companies also want to boost their sales and most importantly faster. As technology evolves rapidly, the more early it sells, the more beneficial it will be. That is why tech companies want to speed up the process of converting website traffic into leads, and permanent customers. That’s how the ROI of a tech company is calculated.

That’s where tech videos jump in. They are now being used as a robust marketing and sales tool to sell tech products and services. Whether it is the initial stage of the sales funnel or the last, videos attract and retain customers and finally sell whatever you want more efficiently.

Strengthen Emotional Connections

Text-based content is not as effective as videos are. They are potent when it comes to evoking quick emotions. That is why most of the successful ad campaigns are video-based.The audience can consume the message more quickly if it is presented in video form and connects with the brand emotionally more easily.

Do you want to get a quick emotional response? Use videos. Do you want your brand or product to remain in people’s memories? Videos are a way to go. That is why tech company videos strengthen emotional connections in engaging, entertaining, educational, and impactful ways.

Visuals Showcase Your Tech Products Compellingly

Explaining tech products through words is difficult and tech explainer videos solve this issue in a matter of minutes. The visuals are very powerful and you cannot underestimate them when you want people to process the information rapidly.

This is why technology animations in video production are crucial now to include in the marketing strategy for tech companies. Tech videos showcase your tech startup or company, your products and services, and the benefits you provide with the help of captivating visuals and communicate your message much more effectively in a shorter time.

Revamp Your Existing Content

As search engines like Google suggest websites frequently update and revamp their content, repurposing the content is highly valuable to make it unique and stand out among competitors. Especially when it is the tech company’s website, content refreshing is of utmost necessity. Videos play a significant role if you want to give the content of your blog or service web page a unique, captivating, and creative edge.

A high-performing blog on your website can be converted into a tech video to explain the concept effortlessly. The ideas are immense. From a compelling animated tech explainer video to an educational or demonstrational video, you can use short videos to bring in more web traffic and witness a surge in conversion rate.

The audience finds it much easier to grasp the information presented in video form and consume it abruptly. Search engines rate these pages as highly valuable and also the website visitor will stay on your webpage longer than average.

Captures Your Brand Essence To Convey It Flawlessly

Tech videos are best if you want a dynamic brand awareness campaign. Tech videos are powerful tools to stand out among competitors and be unique in the digital realm. You can create corporate SaaS videos to aware people of your technology brand, products, or services.

Not only does it let you tell your brand’s story with a solid example and fresh perspective but also showcases your creative side to your audience. This will let your audience remember your name always and you get their loyalty effortlessly.

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Best Practices To Create A Tech Video

Knowing that tech video production is of utmost necessity and valuable for technology companies is not enough. You can include it in your marketing strategy but it should be a definitive strategy. A tech video production project can bring you closer to the ultimate goals if it is planned well.

A detailed plan, a clear line to action, and an accurate direction are all that you need. Also, if you are hiring a tech video production agency, you should provide a creative video production brief so that your videos shine in the end.

Here are the best practices to get started with the tech video marketing production successfully:

Outline Your Ultimate Goals

First of all,youhave to set clear goals for yourself and be ultra-clear about it. It should be always on your mind what you want to achieve with your videos while setting your goals. It’s as simple; you are confused about your goals and objectives equals a confusing tech video production and confused audience. To communicate effectively what you actually want in the best way is linked to setting up your goals clearly. Focus on it.

Specify Your Audience

Specifying who your video is targeting is of utmost necessity before you start your technology video production. You can define your target audience through a well-thought-out, and inclusive Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). It is the perfect way to rightfully address your audience with the videos that resonate with them.

Craft Your Message Finely

Your tech video production project can only be successful when you craft your message finely and with precision. Explain your message straightforwardly and explain why it is important what you are conveying.

Once you have created your message for your video, stick to it and avoid unnecessary additions. Intact to simplicity to communicate effectively what you want. 

Budget for Your Video Production

Budgeting is really important before your tech video production kicks off. So, while budget determination, don’t be too provident as the more wholeheartedly you invest in tech videos, the more ROI you’ll receive.

Partner With A Creative Video Production Agency

If you think that producing a tech video in-house can be time-consuming, partner with a tech explainer video production agency. A tech video production company with good communication, professionalism, and an impressive portfolio of interactive tech video projects is ideal.

When you hire a tech video company, question them about their expertise, their designers, animators, editors, and SaaS video marketing services as well to get an idea of how they work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tech video production?

Tech video production is the complete process of producing videos specifically for tech-related companies to market themselves. Tech videos are being acquired by the technology sector increasingly in recent times as a crucial strategy to showcase products and services to potential and existing customers.

What is tech video marketing?

The use of short-form and creative videos to market and promote tech companies, their products, and services on websites, social media, and through digital ads is tech video marketing. Tech video content marketing offers an array of instructional, demonstrational, promotional, and educational videos to highlight a company’s unique offerings.

What are tech explainer videos?

Tech explainer videos, as the name suggests explain tech companies, their products, and services to help potential and existing users understand how a tech company works and what value its products are offering.

And That’s It…

Let’s wrap our guide to best practices for a tech video here. We hope that you have an idea now of how valuable tech videos are and how to produce them for your tech company. Do let us know in the comments about your suggestions and queries so that we can guide you on further things as well.

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