A Short Guide On SaaS Videos

Guide on SaaS Videos
SaaS video marketing is essential for all SaaS businesses in the digital landscape. But what are Saas videos and how are they effective? Learn here.

Hey people! Have you ever noticed how videos are everywhere these days? Well, they’re not just for fun – they can be a game-changer for your SaaS companies (Software as a Service company). SaaS, by the way, means delivering apps over the internet. Simple, right?

Using videos could make your brand really stick in people’s minds. That is why SaaS video marketing is of utmost necessity when it comes to maintaining SaaS sales. Unlike other stuff, SaaS videos spill the beans about your product or service in a friendly, easy-to-understand way.

And get this: videos, especially SaaS explainer videos are gaining steam because they’re more spot-on than regular product videos. They’re not just cool; they’re super helpful for boosting your SaaS marketing. 

In fact, studies show that businesses using SaaS videos see a whopping 80% increase in customer engagement. So, ready to explore the world of SaaS video marketing? Let’s roll!

What Are SaaS Videos?

SaaS videos are very useful when it comes to simplifying SaaS products. Picture this: complex computer concepts, intricate processes, and advanced ideas simplified in a concise 2-minute video; that’s what SaaS videos are all about.

In the ever-evolving tech landscape, SaaS (Software as a Service) has revolutionized how we create and utilize software, and SaaS explainer videos make it even better. 

Mostly, SaaS videos are used for the marketing of SaaS products and boost their sales on the go. Besides it, one can also use them for brand awareness and to educate the target audience.

What Is SaaS Video Marketing?

One can refer to SaaS video marketing as the use of video content as a strategic tool for promoting and marketing Software as a Service (SaaS) products or solutions.

Video marketing for B2B SaaS not only allows companies to spotlight products, but it is also best when it comes to sharing educational content, boosting awareness, cultivating an audience, and, most importantly, driving lead generation.

One can use many formats of videos for SaaS video marketing. Ranging from SaaS explainer videos to whiteboard animated videos, and from product demo videos to 2D animation videos, SaaS companies have a plethora of options. Do you need a helping hand with your SaaS video marketing? Try BuzzFlick’s services and you’ll see your business boom like never before…

What Are The Types Of SaaS Videos?

SaaS video marketing provides a wide array of options when it comes to choosing video formats. You can opt for an engaging SaaS explainer video to break down complex concepts, a whiteboard animation to illustrate ideas dynamically, a product demo video to showcase your software in action, or a 2D animation to add a creative touch. 

The diverse range of formats allows SaaS companies to tailor their video content to different communication needs and preferences, ensuring effective communication with their audience through varied and visually appealing means. Here are some types of SaaS videos that are generally used by SaaS companies:

  • SaaS explainer videos
  • SaaS onboarding videos
  • SaaS product demo videos
  • SaaS corporate videos
  • SaaS product launch videos

SaaS Explainer Videos

SaaS explainer videos are great when it comes to defining your product or service in an easy-to-understand way. There are lots of SaaS companies using videos to promote their products. SaaS explainer videos examples will let you have an idea how they work. Here is an example of Slack’s SaaS explainer video you can go through:

SaaS Onboarding Videos

According to a Userpilot survey, about 46% of SaaS companies used onboarding videos in 2020. SaaS onboarding videos not only help SaaS businesses get their users started with their products but also skyrocket product adoption effortlessly. Here is an example of it:

SaaS product demo videos and video ads

If you want to discover the effectiveness of your SaaS products, opt for SaaS product demo videos and SaaS video ads. 

There are many inspiring SaaS product video ads examples which are brief, but they are powerfully showcasing the product’s key features and benefits through them. 

They are ideal for grabbing your target audience’s attention in the fast-paced digital landscape of today. Her is the best example of it:

SaaS corporate videos/ SaaS company culture videos

If you want your products to boom and sell like crazy, you have to connect with your audiences on a deeper level, and SaaS corporate or company culture videos are best for the said purpose. 

One can define the SaaS company, how it works, how its employees are, and what is their work culture through these videos effectively.  Here is the best example of it:

SaaS product launch videos/ SaaS promo videos

Are you launching your new SaaS product? Do you want to make it adaptable for people rapidly? You should create a buzz for it first through SaaS product launches or promo videos.

SaaS promo videos announce your presence to the world. These videos are designed to introduce your software to potential customers, so you need something attention-grabbing that leaves a lasting impression. Here is the best example of it:

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Why Is SaaS Video Marketing Effective?

Do you know why SaaS videos are super effective? If you opt for video marketing for SaaS, it will help sell your SaaS products more, and make people feel connected. Not only can you use videos with cool visuals to explain things, but also showcase your brand in a way that sticks in people’s minds online. 

Let’s dive into why SaaS videos are super effective when it comes to digital presence!

1. Optimize Sales For SaaS Products:

In SaaS, how quickly you sell is super important. SaaS videos help a lot by quickly explaining what you’re selling. They’re especially useful at the beginning of selling to catch the interest of customers.

2. Create an Emotional Bond With the Target Audience:

Videos are really good at making people feel connected fast. SaaS video marketing is a fun and educational way to build emotional connections. It helps set the right mood for the sales message and makes it easier for people to understand complicated SaaS products. So, videos make the whole process enjoyable and effective!

3. Visual representation of SaaS products and services:

Visuals play a crucial role in communication, particularly in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry. SaaS video marketing relies on engaging visuals to efficiently explain products and services. It is because visual content is processed more quickly than text and it enhances the effectiveness of conveying information in the SaaS industry.

4. Repurposing Pre-existing Content:

Breathing new life into existing content is essential for SaaS marketing strategy. An effective approach is repurposing high-performing blogs into engaging SaaS explainer videos. 

This not only adds value to the website for search engines but also boosts traffic and improves rankings. 

5. Capture Your Brand’s Essence:

Utilizing SaaS videos for brand awareness campaigns is essential. You can take an example of SaaS case study videos, in particular, that creatively showcase the benefits of the usage of SaaS products. 

These videos leave a lasting impression by conveying the brand story. Through this approach, businesses can enhance their brand awareness and make a memorable impact on their audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SaaS video?

A SaaS video particularly is all about a SaaS business, its products, and services. One of the most popular types of SaaS videos is SaaS explainer videos that explain SaaS products to help potential customers understand how a SaaS product works, and what value they will get by using it.

What is SaaS video production?

A wholesome process of creating videos for marketing software as a service (SaaS) company, their products, and services are called SaaS video production.

What are animated SaaS explainer videos?

Animated SaaS explainer videos are short, crisp, and creative ways to visually represent SaaS companies, and explain SaaS products along with their features. 

SaaS explainer videos that have graphics and animations accompanied by narrations can simplify complex, hard, and technical concepts and help users understand them easily. Looking forward for the best SaaS video production company? Reach out to BuzzFlick today and sell your innovative SaaS products through our incredible videos like crazy…

Wrap Up

To sum it up, SaaS videos are not just helpful in every aspect; they’re a game-changer for SaaS companies. You can leverage them in every aspect possible. 

From optimizing sales to creating emotional bonds with your audience, SaaS videos offer a fun and effective way to showcase your brand. The SaaS video marketing adds a visual appeal to your brand that leaves a lasting impression. 

So, jump into SaaS video marketing and see your brand awareness rise.

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