14 Types of Marketing Videos That Businesses Should Use

Does it feel like your marketing efforts are not working? Try video marketing! Read our list of the top 14 types of marketing videos that can help your brand!

Videos. Videos. Videos.

Who here doesn’t love watching videos in the free time? If videos weren’t that interesting, YouTube wouldn’t be the second-most visited website in 2022.

Videos, whether they’re animated or not, have a way of delivering a message that words can never surpass. Have you ever tried a new recipe without watching a video? No? Me neither!

The reason why marketing videos are so famous and preferred is that they are engaging and, most times, interesting.

Now, businesses promote their brands, bloggers review products, and CEOs share their wisdom, which helps people with their personal growth.

I mean, I don’t know what more to say here to convince you further – videos are amazing, concise, and easy to remember (if delivered the right way).

Okay, another reason you should invest in marketing explainer videos is that they can give your sales a direct boost. Imagine you own a makeup brand. If you make a video about “how lipsticks are made,” it could encourage your customers to buy more from you.

Marketing videos for businesses have proven to be fruitful over the last couple of years, and it looks like video marketing is the future of content marketing. And why wouldn’t it be? Reading can become a bit boring, but if there’s a video under a heading, it could become an interesting piece to read.

14 Types Of Marketing Videos You Should Try In 2023

Sometimes, when you think your content isn’t enough to generate leads, marketing videos are the way to go.

Videos capture the audience’s attention quicker than written words, articles, or blogs. Hence, creating professional and outclass videos is essential for your business to stay ahead of competitors.

Video production may seem like too much work, but the end result is worth the effort. I’ve listed the 14 best marketing videos you can use.

These are the type of videos that viewers love watching and engaging with, so I hope you’ll consider some of these.

  • 1) Subtle Branding Videos
  • 2) Product Or Service Videos
  • 3) Testimonials Videos
  • 4) Product Review Videos
  • 5) Spot Videos
  • 6) Brand-Related Videos
  • 7) Behind-The-Scenes Videos
  • 8) Awareness Videos
  • 9) Recruitment Videos
  • 10) Corporate Videos
  • 11) Guidance Videos For Customers
  • 12) Video Emails
  • 13) Vlogs
  • 14) User-Generated Content(UGC)

#1) Subtle Branding Videos

Subtle is the new cool trend.

Do you know what customers hate when they watch a video? The constant mention of the brand name in a video. Have you ever been annoyed by a hovering salesperson who follows you around the store to help you? That’s exactly how viewers feel when you mention your brand name too many times.

The best way to market your brand is subtly. I found that the video content types that Red Bull creates are a great example.

The first thing you might’ve noticed is how short and entertaining the video is. The 30-second video ad explains the product well and subtly mentions the brand as well.

I also believe that Red Bull has some of the best whiteboard video animation examples if you want that for your brand.

#2) Product Or Service Videos

Who isn’t aware of product or service explainer videos?

I’m sure most of you check out product videos before you buy an expensive product.

Whenever I decide on buying a new appliance, my first stop is to check YouTube. I search YouTube to understand what I’ll be receiving in exchange for my money.

Here’s one of the top product demo videos I found very convincing.

Okay, I’m guilty of liking animated videos, but I can’t help it! They’re just so colorful and attractive to watch.


Headspace is a very famous meditation app that helps users meditate using their smartphones. The idea is to help people achieve peace of mind, and I think the brand has one of the best animated commercials. The colors are soothing, the characters are cute, and the message is clear.

Additionally, if you’re about to launch a new product, you can always take inspiration from top product teaser videos. Teaser videos about new products encourage customers to look forward to the launch.

#3) Testimonials Videos

If you belong to the time when Orkut was a famous social media platform, then I think you can relate when I say that the first time I heard the word “testimonials” was from Orkut.

Back then, friends would write to each other testimonials on their Orkut pages to show appreciation for one another.

Now, testimonials are much more than just friends appreciating each other. Companies use testimonials to showcase what their happy customers and high-profile clients think about the brand’s offerings.

Testimonial videos have become increasingly popular because brands use them to prove their authenticity to the customers. Why? Of course, because of the brands that scam customers online.

Testimonial videos prove your worth and also create hype for your product or service, given the right script.

Let’s look at one of the best customer testimonial video examples:

In the video, Will Curran, president and founder of Endless Entertainment, talks about how much the HubSpot CRM has helped him make his business better.

What I love about the video is how he expresses his gratitude and the facial expression he uses.

#4) Product Review Videos

Right after I check out product demo videos, the next thing I do is watch some reviews about the product I’m about to buy.

Videos about product reviews are types of videos that can encourage customers to purchase, especially if they’re done right.

The review videos are basically casual videos that you can get from loyal customers, high-profile clients, or influencers. The trick is to remember to ask them to shoot a 15 to 30 seconds video of them talking about why they love your product.

As for influencers, the trend includes sending PR packages to famous social media influencers who have a significant following and asking them to post about your product. Why does it work? Because people follow and believe them, which is why their reviews influence their buying decision.

Here’s an effective example.

The product review is shot very nicely. It can also be categorized as one of the top explainer videos because the influencer explains every minute detail, which is what you expect from a product review video.

He starts from the packaging, compares the new version with the older ones, and then discusses every accessory that comes in the box. Later on, he also discusses the features he would love to see on the new version.

#5) Spot Videos

One of the all-time running and classic types of video is called “The Spot.” While there have been numerous types of videos, a spot video continues to be a favorite.

Spot videos are, basically, 15-30 seconds of videos. The type of videos you see on the TV (or used to, if you don’t want TV anymore.) These marketing videos aim to tell a short story and open with an engaging tone and content.

Brands can use these videos as TV commercials, YouTube ads, Facebook ads, trailers, etc. Basically, the versatile spot videos can be used anywhere on the internet.

Check out this spot video that Allstate created.

Notice how the video was engaging from the very beginning, and the enthusiasm continued to the end of the video. These kinds of marketing videos are my favorite (after animations).

#6) Brand-Related Videos

The main purpose of creating marketing videos is to promote your brand. Videos are used to talk about your brand, present a problem, and then discuss a solution to understand why they should consider buying your product or service.

The brand marketing videos can also be used as advertisements online or on TV; just make sure your motive is to attract attention to your products or services.

This short clip by Google is a great example of brand marketing videos and one of the friendliest corporate video examples.

The video emphasizes the employees, work culture, and why Google is amazing.

#7) Behind-The-Scenes Videos

Behind-the-scene (BTS) marketing videos are a great initiative to help customers relate with a business on a personal level.

Remember the “how a lipstick is made” example I used in the intro of this article? Behind-the-scene videos are somewhat similar to that. They emphasize on how a company operates, how specific products are created, and a glimpse of the brand image.

Some companies have managed to use BTS videos for corporate video marketing by showcasing their culture and work ethics.

Watch this video that Zappos created for their employee, Eileen Koutsulis. The inspiring video gives you insights into how the company operates and how much they value their employees.

These are the types of videos to make if you want to touch your customers’ hearts and encourage them to relate to you and your brand.

BTS videos can also prove beneficial to new and small businesses. How? Customers have a difficult time trusting a new brand, but you can have one of the best startup videos out there if you post a BTS video.

Here’s an example

BTS videos usually have a person who walks people through the process shown in the video. Another unique feature of a BTS video is there are fewer dialogues and more eye-catching content combined with attractive music.

#8) Awareness Videos

As a brand, you create videos to promote and advertise your brand; however, you’re responsible for a little more.

When you create marketing videos, you also need to make sure you’re accounting for the environment around you and create different types of videos for awareness.

When I say awareness, I mean talking about causes that matter and can change the world for the better. Awareness videos not only talk about social causes but also give your brand image a boost.

One of the most famous social causes was the movement against lab testing on innocent animals. Many brands were named and shamed for testing products on animals like rabbits, rats, frogs, etc.

While some brands got major hate for it, other brands took advantage of it and talked about how they condemn the act and stay away from hurting animals.

Here’s a video by a famous brand that we all know.

#9) Recruitment Videos

Recruitment videos are the types of marketing videos that reflect on the company, brand, work culture, and employees’ perspectives. You could say they’re a combination of a BTS video and testimonial marketing videos.

The videos aren’t meant for customers, but in fact, for possible new hires who can help grow the company. The videos emphasize on showing the company’s culture, and a lot of care and attention goes into creating this type of video. It showcases what the company stands for, its mission, value, how they keep their employees happy, and why they are happy.

These videos need to be the reason why a candidate would want to come to work for your company. No amount of pay or benefits can make them stay if the work environment is toxic.

Here a unique content example

The first thing I noticed about the video was the subtle tone of the voice actor and the humor he conveyed as he spoke.

Fiverr is a freelancing platform for people around the world, which means they don’t actually have an office; however, the video still delivers the message effectively. It shows how anyone with the right skillset can work at Fiverr.

#10) Corporate Videos

Corporate videos have two basic types: interviews and talk shows.

Such videos are shot off-location, where high-profile candidates are invited to have a one-on-one chat with the host. The topics are usually business or economy-related, so they might not appeal to most regular viewers.

So, who are these marketing videos targeted at then? Corporate videos are meant for B2B clients, where the buying cycle is extensive and requires more motivation because not every business would want to engage with yours.

Take a look at this corporate marketing video.

Slack is a famous messaging portal used in large and small organizations. Let’s face it; companies work on email and drives; so, they probably wouldn’t want to try Slack.

That’s what the video focuses on. It interviews different employees, encourages them to try Slack, and understands why they would love it. Truly one of the nicest-made marketing videos to attract B2B clients.

#11) Guidance Videos For Customers

The number one problem some customers face is when they try to understand a newly built website.

Some websites use unique navigation or an interesting interface, which can confuse customers and drive them away. That’s where customer guidance or support videos come in handy.

Here’s an example of such a marketing video.

These videos are also known as “How To” or tutorial videos because they guide customers through a specific process. The example I mentioned above shows how to use the famous SEO tool, Google AdWords.

#12) Video Emails

Another use effective marketing video is video emails; basically, videos that are emailed to customers.

Did you know? A video-based email increases click rates by 300%. And once a recipient opens their email, it means you’re halfway there.

However, focus on a few things; make sure your video is 2 minutes or shorter, briefly explains the subject of the video, and has a CTA button.

Okay, this isn’t a video, but it’s an example of how brands incorporate videos in their email marketing strategy.

And here are the kinds of videos you should be using.

#13) Vlogs

You’ve heard about blogs, but I’m talking about vlogs.

Blogs are written content pieces that are fun to read, but vlogs are videos that are even more effective as a video marketing strategy.

These kinds of marketing videos are meant to be used on social media. Why? Because vlogs are much more informal than corporate videos or video ads. The videos deliver a message about certain products or services, much like product reviews but with a little twist.

The little twist is how influencers and vloggers add some back story to how they came across the product and talk about their personal experiences. Vlogs are a specialty of YouTube celebrities.

Here’s a vlog from a famous YouTuber.

#14) User-Generated Content(UGC)

Why are you making videos? Videos add a sense of authenticity to your brand, from the perception of a potential customer.

But understand that consumers today have a basic understanding of marketing techniques. T

This means that when they see a brand calling itself “the best one out there,” they’re less likely to believe that and will often look at such a brand with skepticism.

User-generated marketing videos help eliminate any such skepticism revolving around your target audience. Approximately 60% of viewers believe that user-generated content is more authentic than any other content.

And it makes sense.

Rather than hearing about why your brand is different in a video made by the brand that stands to profit off of the belief, what if this message came from a consumer or a user of the brand or product?

The reason why UGC content is incredibly useful is that it’s not coming from a marketer but from a consumer that your viewers resonate with; it’s coming from people like them.

This adds a personal touch to your brand and shows that real people can feel the promise of your brand in real life; there is nothing more authentic than that!

Have a look at how demand for fries by Five Guys brought the fries back.

How is this a user-generated video? Five Guys didn’t make the video; in fact, a loyal customer made this video to show his love for the fast-food brand.

Who are you likely to believe? Is the brand marketing its product or a consumer guaranteeing the quality of a product through UGC?

I think you’ll agree that there’s nothing more authentic than User-Generated Content Videos!

In Conclusion

It’s 2021, and if you still haven’t incorporated marketing videos in your marketing strategy, then your brand won’t make an impression on your customers.

Marketing videos are like soft reminders that remind customers that your brand exists.

I’ve shared a list of the best type of video content, and I hope it helps. Good luck with your marketing strategy; I hope it buzzes. *wink*

Do you have more types of marketing videos that you like? Share with me, and I’ll love to discuss those with you!

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