Unique Event Videos for Your Next Video Marketing Campaigns

unique event videos for your next video marketing campaigns
Event videos can help you showcase the highlights of your event. Read our blog to explore some of the best event video examples to gain inspiration.

If you want to pull the heartstrings of your audience and captivate their senses, then creating a promotional video for your event is certainly a great idea.

According to studies, individuals are more responsive to video than text. As a result, it can be an efficient approach to convey your message in a matter of seconds.

According to BuzzFlick’s study, two-thirds of respondents (66%) prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching a short video. In comparison, 18% would prefer to read a text-based article, website, or social media post.

In terms of economics, 80% of video marketers report that video has increased sales, and 84% of individuals say they have purchased a product or service after seeing a video about it.

Trailers may be effective across all events kinds, from performance promotions to charity videos. We’ve gathered five examples to demonstrate how it’s done.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Compelling Event Videos Examples for Businesses

For years, brands have been using videos for marketing purposes. However, none of them had the idea that they could even create videos to talk about and promote the events taking place within the company.

But, with the evolution that is taking place in the digital marketing space, marketers are adopting this technique to give more value.

The following examples will help you to determine in many how many ways you can take advantage of event videos.

A Tempting Food Festival Promo Ad

This trade fair focuses on the Italian food business, with specialized manufacturers, wine importers, and professional kitchen suppliers exhibiting. The event organizers have developed a video summary of the last European Pizza & Pasta Show to promote the future event.

The video does an excellent job of conveying the ambiance and what attendees may expect at the next event. It features footage from the event’s European Pizza Acrobatics competition, bits of speakers enthusiastically discussing the sector, and, most importantly, plenty of pictures of delectable Italian cuisine.

This style of event teaser video is best suited for repeating events. Hire a videographer and provide them with a list of items to attempt to capture throughout your event. Consider what is most likely to draw an audience, such as well-known speakers, amusing competitions, or high-end merchandise. A Distinctive Explainer Video

Ecstatic dancing is certainly unfamiliar to those who are unfamiliar with the spiritual wellness area. As a result, URUBU School of Transformational Arts chose to explain everything in a video for its event.

In addition to providing information on ecstatic dancing and the significance of cacao in the Ecstatic Saturdays event listing, the event producer has created a video of people enjoying a previous event. The visuals are accompanied by text that explains what ecstatic dancing is.

This gives a background for newcomers so they know what to expect throughout the session. The event teaser video makes it appear like a lot of fun, which should put people at ease about participating.

Consider what drew you to this sort of event in the first place, then write down the components of your topic that you believe is the most useful. Try to record such unique characteristics on camera. Then, create a brief elevator pitch to overlay on top of the video so that guests completely comprehend the topic.

An All-inclusive Party Promo

While internet events were a great hit in 2020, the notion of partying with people from the comfort of your own home may still be novel to others. Secret Dance Addiction, on the other hand, is able to make its virtual Sweet Dreams PJ Party appear quite appealing owing to a highly entertaining video.

There is webcam footage of individuals partying at home and dancing with spatulas in the video, as well as plenty of flashing disco lights. This is an event for everyone; we see a mother dancing in the kitchen while feeding her kid and a man boogying with a pillow on his head. It appears stupid, carefree, and enjoyable, which is exactly the mood the makers are striving for.

Request permission from Livestream attendees to utilize footage of them in a future promotional video by having them sign a release form. Then, using editing software, combine all of your favorite footage. You want to convey that virtual gatherings have a terrific atmosphere, just like in-person events, so seek entertaining moments that will make people grin.

A Hilarious Music Video

This virtual event lasts an hour and comprises two pianists competing on keyboards, trading off between classic and modern tunes. The Duelling Piano Power Hour event clip from Sound Off Live showcases how this looks and feels in practice.

The music is mixed with moments from the virtual event, as well as displaying the sorts of songs to expect (as well as how skilled the musicians are). People are dancing and singing along and waving placards indicating where they are from, illustrating that this truly is a global event.

This sort of promotional video is perfect for artists since it allows them to show viewers why they should devote their evening to them. Make a one-minute video of yourself performing.

If you’ve previously organized virtual events, ask participants for permission to include their images in the video as “social proof.” Displaying other guests’ satisfaction is an excellent advertising approach that might inspire people to purchase tickets.

PS: If you’re interested in learning about the budget that you need to shoot a live-action video, then do give a read to our blog on video production costing.

A Heart-touching Charity Video

Creating a video for a charity event can be a visceral method to convey your message and make people realize how important their presence is.

The two-day Festival of Urgent Reinventions achieves this brilliantly with a short, snappy video depicting some of the world’s significant concerns today.

Images in the advertisement include Australian wildfires, Black Lives Matter riots, and fatigued physicians dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a simple video, yet it serves as an urgent call to action. Furthermore, the mix of images and words is really powerful.

When creating a charity video, it’s critical to demonstrate why your cause is worthy of attention. To keep things brief, consider your core points and delete any extraneous text or graphics.

Your goal should be to create a promotion that touches people’s hearts and piques their interest in what you’re doing.

Let’s Create Your First Event Video Together!

Video is an often ignored component of event content marketing, but statistics show that it is here to stay. If you want to increase brand recognition and impact event sales, the video should be a component of your promotional strategy. Are you unsure how to make your first event video?

We are here to help. We offer unique promotional video production solutions to fulfill your custom video marketing needs.

Get in touch with our video experts and learn how we can help you create outstanding event videos for your brand.

Event Video Ideas – FAQs

  1. What is an event video?

To put it in simple words, event videography is the art of capturing special and social and turning them into a video. The term event video is often used to showcase events like weddings and birthdays as well.

  1. How can a video promote an event?

Below we have listed some of the tips that will assist you in creating a video to promote your event:

  • Stay authentic and keep everything transparent
  • Narrate a story through your video
  • Capture the highlights of the event
  • Interview the attendees
  • Add a strong call-to-action
  • Keep your video short and sweet
  1. How long should be an event video?

An event video should be around 2 to 60 minutes.

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